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Tiger Woods Wife -- Swede Revenge

12/12/2009 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Elin NordegrenTiger Woods' wife-for now, Elin Nordegren, bought a six-bedroom house in Sweden on December 1. The burning question -- does Tiger Woods get a bedroom?

Elin sealed the deal and plunked down a reported $2.2 million. It's on a little island near Stockholm that is only accessible by boat.

A representative of the Residential Association says negotiations on the home probably started when the house went on the market back in August -- months before Tiger's "infidelity" came to light.


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Balls has no Balls    

That`s why she got Tiger`s yacht,to get to her house!Love it!

1744 days ago

Joe Allard    

Wow! I am disgustingly amazed at some of the comments here on both sides of the issue. I am disturbed by what a disgusting society we live in, here in the States. I am not much into religion or the Bible, but I do believe that we Americans are no better than those depicted in Sodom and Gomorrah, at the time of their demise. Little wonder why we are so hated in the World. I am so glad that I am in the Winter of my life. However, I do worry about what life will be like in twenty years for my six year old Granddaughter?!?

1744 days ago


Bet she had an idea of his activities and suggested a home for privacy. He says "sure honey". Now she has a nice place to go. And nope, no room for Tiger. Good for you Elin.

1744 days ago

Dill Weed    

Tiger got off easier than Steve McNair.


Troo dat.

Dill Weed

1744 days ago


It is shocking to see how many stupid comments there are here.
First and foremost, her name is Elin, not kelin, not Erin. And the island is not deserted, many people live there, especially during the summer and Tiger and Elin had apparently been looking for a house in the Swedish archipelago for a long time.

TMZ, you have got this story wrong! Maybe you should contact the Swedish media, they actually seem to get some facts right.

Swedish celebrities have also written some about how Elin is as a person, people who know her, and you are giving an unfair picture of how she really is and what she did before she met Tiger. She was "not just" a nanny

1744 days ago


Amazing golfer, lover and all around amazing energy.
Am I the only one that has this thought about possible steroids? If I was one of his golfer competitors, I'd check that out. What a lowlife to destroy and lie for years to everyone who respected him. Including all those women. You know that he gave all of them BS about how terrible his home life was. Thousands of lies to everyone for years! Pathetic! Psychotic! Steroids?!

1744 days ago


1. Tiger's wife is nothing more than Tiger's wife. Before she married Tiger she was a nanny (i.e. a maid that cares for babies).

#62 - She was also a swimsuit model in Sweden.

You make her sound like some uneducated loser that's lucky to be married to a skanky gross serial cheater who humiliated her and very easily could have given her AIDS or herpes. She's gorgeous and could have easily married another wealthy man that isn't a POS skanky gross serial cheater.

1744 days ago


Gotta admire this woman...she has never sought the lime light , she is beautiful what the F*** was the narcassist thinking? your an a hole tigs hope you rot in your money pit

1744 days ago

Interracial facial    

If she started house shopping in August, then the marriage was doomed from way back perhaps before Woods lost his dad. If Tiger's gonna play the field in his time away from golf, he needs to get over his blonde fetish. The flaxen haired may look nice, but they are not necessarily the warmest people, the best lovers or mates.

1744 days ago


Tell her to bring me with her that will really piss him off

1743 days ago



1743 days ago


It is almost farcical to read some of the comments suggesting Elin is a gold digger. To be perfectly honest, Elin comes from an educated and classy background, with her mother being an ex government official, and she behaves with honor and dignity. She’s been supportive to Tiger and a good mother. NOTHING she's done suggests she's after his money. If anything, it is likely she will PAY for the privilege to get as far as she possibly can from her low-life husband.

Tiger, on the other hand, has acted with NO dignity, and has proven to be exactly the low-class African American who was once refused entry to numerous golf courses by the average American country club member who often used the N-word. Sadly enough, Tiger himself proved them to be spot on accurate; no class, no moral, no dignity, nothing but plain old trash. In the case of Elin, I am confident the marriage was a well thought out attempt to introduce a little class to Tigers otherwise nothing-but-lies life.

And someone suggested Elin is doing the digging?

I guess the saddest part of this story is that there are now a couple of million country club members lining up with a grin on their face telling you "I told you so!”

1743 days ago


Bye Tiger! Time to get another woman, and not the ones that bailed on you. You make too much Bank to hang with low class females.

1742 days ago


Being from minnesota where 40% of the people are swedes Tiger messed with the wrong girl, they are great people down to earth hard working no nonsense and full of pride. Shes gone best of luck to you Elin!

1741 days ago


Wilt Chamberlain new better. He was the athlete of the decade in the 60's. He never married. And claimed to have bedded 20,000 women. If that was Tiger's goal in life then he shouldn't have ever married. Same goes for celebrities like Jack Nicholson who never married again once he became a rich and famous celebrity and got to father 7 children with many beautiful women.

1740 days ago
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