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Tiger Woods Loses Another Endorsement

12/13/2009 5:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger WoodsTiger Woods has been dropped as a spokesman by Accenture, a global management services company that featured Woods very prominently in its ads.

The company released a statement that reads in part: "Given the circumstances of the last two weeks, after careful consideration and analysis, the company has determined that he is no longer the right representative for its advertising. Accenture said that it wishes only the best for Tiger Woods and his family."

Gillette announced earlier this weekend they were phasing Woods out of its ad campaigns. Nike, on the other hand, is standing by their multimillion-dollar man.

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Cosby, MLK, Kobe, OJ, Clinton, Edwards, Kennedy (all of em), Jesse, Sir Charles, MJ,Tyson,Clemens---all philandering bad daddies, some with love childs.

Its hideous. Please no more "father of the year" "lifetime acheivement awards" for these louses. Give them the emmy's and hall of fames, but on a human level, these people were/are horrible human beings. They may entertain, govern, or direct us, but they are horrible human beings...all of them listed here.

Do note color is not an issue----houndogging is. Freaking houndogs, some also sociopaths, most just "me so horny" types.

1772 days ago


Well it's about time someone comes out swinging besides Elin. All the women so far seem to have nothing but great things to say about him even though he acted like a complete PIG! When will someone have the cajones to come out and say what a !@#$ he is! Seriously. But no, everyone wants $ from him. The women all are hoping maybe he'll leave his wife for them so they can get $$$!! Even the sponsors and golf people just want him b/c of the $ he generates. I'm glad some of his sponsors are seeing him for what he is.

1772 days ago


You people are making such a big deal like Tiger Woods is the only guy in U.S. that ever cheated on his wife. If you go to some other escort site like http://www.myredbook.com/ for example, there are allots of married guys cheating on their wives. I have criticize them on the forum and they said the reasons why they cheated on them is because they wife no longer interested in sex after having several kids. So, all you ladies that is bashing Tiger Woods, you might want to keep a close watch of your husband or boyfriend, you just never know they are cheating on you.

1772 days ago


I am a business person. I will hit Nike where it hurts. I will no longer purchase anything Nike related if they continue to support such a sneaky liar.

1772 days ago


@151 Sarah,

Yeah, that is true. Can't forget the unreal surroundings such huge fame would bring. And put a line in front of a drug addict...

1772 days ago

Lorraine Isaac    

Sponsors should reconsider. The man is a fake. He is not the wholesome person he has, or the public has portrayed him to be. He knows the pedestal he was put on and relished every minute, but just like "the average man", he let the wrong "Head" do the thinking. He admitted infidelity. It doesn't matter if 2 out of the 10 mistress's are telling the truth. He disrespected his wife
and ultimately disrupted the lives of his children. It wasn't an "oop's" I messed up. Had he not got caught, he'd still be screwing around. I don't feel sorry for him. I feel bad for Elin, (whom Tiger pursued), who stood by and supported him, and gave him 2 beautiful children, and who Tiger Woods made a fool of.

1772 days ago


Apparently, his face doesn’t represent a “close shave” as well as it does a “direct hit!”

1772 days ago


1772 days ago

Liam O Brien    

Football is followed by 3 billion people worldwide. Golf is a pip squeak sport by comparison. Tiger is the world's No 1 golfer and his golf talent is real. But Tiger's commercial image was all fraud. Tiger betrayed his wife, his children, and the public who supported him, while he collected $90 million per year from sponsors, under his squeaky-clean image. In America profit comes first, people come second and Tiger's sponsors milked the profit trough for all its worth. My advice to Elin stay the two years, collect that $50 million plus, then dump him. Get yourself checked for STD. How can Elin believe Tiger, after years of deliberate deception and betrayal? I believe Tiger is a control freak, power and money rules his personality. His statements of remorse are a sham. The shiny righteous facade of Tiger Woods has rotted away to reveal a can of worms. Tiger is only sorry he got caught,never judge a book by its cover. Bye Bye Tiger...

1772 days ago


It is a business world out there. Like it or not. Marketing dollars! Even these gossip media, they are trying to get marketing $$$ by destroying Tiger's life.

1772 days ago


I will NOT BUY NIKE PRODUCTS as long as Tiger endorses them as well as all the other companies that support this sex addict. Hope YOU caught a disease you freak! YOU ARE A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT to us all, Tiger! Married to a very beautiful woman and you couldn't keep your weenie in your pants! You deserve to watch your ex wife marry someone else as well as taking your kids with her. You may be a pedophile as well with your history....Elin, take the kids and run!

1772 days ago


You mean to tell me that michael phelps, can smoke weed and be seenw ith a joint, and manage to keep his image and endorsements, but tiger cheats on his wife and endorsements are being pulled from underneath him...maybe a color thing huh?

1772 days ago


Is Michael Phelps married?

1772 days ago


Good for Accenture! Finally a sponsor who has the guts to do what's right.
Their money probably paid for a lot of these women.

1772 days ago

The Voice    

And when they return, I hope he put a surcharge on their asses. That's why I wear Nike... Just Do it!!

1771 days ago
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