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Small Town Bar Sued Over Rock & Grohl Music

12/14/2009 7:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kid Rock and Dave Grohl are the new Taylor Swift and Gwen Stefani -- because now the fellas are following in their feminine counterpart's footsteps by suing a small town bar for allegedly jacking their tunes.

The two rockers dropped a serious copyright infringement lawsuit on a Canton, Ohio watering hole -- Mallonn's Grill & Bar -- because the drinking establishment allegedly didn't have the licensing it needed to play their music.

Now the two musicians want the bar to cough up money for damages and stop playing their music immediately.

Swift, Stefani and even Bon Jovi have filed similar suits against other bars across the country within the last month.


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what assclowns... don't they realize the people in the bar are trhe ones who will buy their crap music after hearing it in the bars. stories like this should make people never want to hear their crap. boycott them

1669 days ago


What a joke.

A few years ago Grohl "dumped" om Metallica for doing the same thing he is doing.

If I remember correctly he said something like" they make 5 million dollars and they want more?". That always impressed me that he was "pro fan".

Get a real job Dave.

1669 days ago

republican mensa    

The whole music industry is getting out of hand sheryl crow and will I am went before congress to ask for radio station to pay to play their music I say screw them all...they obviously don't want fans or anyone to listen to their music so I guess they can sit in their million dollar homes and ask themselves when was the day music died....

1669 days ago


This is stupid, I thought these a holes played music for the fans, and for the love of music. But they are being sooo petty just like Swift, Stefani, and Jovi. I mean they make plenty of money and get plenty of awards, but they want bars to have a freaking license to play their music?! They are TOTAL sellouts

1669 days ago


You people need to understand it is not Dave Grohl it is not Bon Jovi it is not any other band suing these bars. It is their publishing companies (ASCAP, BMI, and etc) suing in their names. Now if these bars would just pay the licensing fee which is somewhere around $1500 for every band under that company it would have no problem. And please dont give me that crap about funds. I can almost guarantee you that these bars have been given a chance to make things right but they refused for whatever reason. I remember reading about something like this last year.

1669 days ago


These people are a pathetic excuse for human beings, including Taylor Swift. If they wanna sue over something so pathetic everyone should forget about them all together.

1669 days ago


How do they find out that a "watering hole" plays theyre music?

1669 days ago


These bars should have known that they have a jukebox playing songs. They are required by law to pay a fee either monthly or yearly because these songs are coprighted so record companies can pay royalties to their musicians or song writers. I know it sucks, but it is the law. I used to work in a bar and grill. Owner had to pay his fee according to the law.

1669 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

I understand why the artists and labels were mad at all the free music swapping--if you can get it for free, why pay? But this is ridiculous. This is what should be done with music--play it and enjoy it. And I'd say those bar patrons are more likely to own it than a dorm full of college students burnin' each other's CDs.

1669 days ago


Like any of these clowns are going to actually get any money from this anyway. The label keeps it all. Aside from the absurdity of a bunch of drug-trafficking musicians telling us WE'RE the criminals, ripping apart classic tunes and gluing them all back into one doesn't make you an artist, Rock.

1669 days ago

Michael Jackman    

I exp. that from that KID, but not from Dave Grohl!!
so if my band played a song from foo fighters, and Dave wuz there
would he make me PAY to play?????? DUSH-BAG!! HELLO McFly!!!!
we own you!!!! with out us you would not be!!!!
you would still be in bars just like me playing someones songs!!
so do you need to do this? NO! let it go!! do not be a luzzer!!!
just for you dave, I will not play any music from you anymore.
I am sorry for you man, this is indeed crap!

1669 days ago


Remember when it was an honor for a bar to play your music? Someone might like it and go buy your album? Become a fan and even buy a couple tickets to come to your show?

1669 days ago


All bars that play music over a jukebox or have bands play there need to have a license to play the music. It covers everything pretty much. It is a legitimate income stream for the artists as well. I'm a bit surprised that Dave Grohl would make a fuss since he's not opposed to song downloads, however, that has to do with fans, not bar owner's using their music to make money themselves. The bar has to stop being a cheapskate, because not only are the Foo Fighters not getting paid, neither are all the "little guy" artists whose music is getting played. In effect, we should be extolling Dave and Kid for sticking up for the rest of the little guys trying to make it in the music industry! ihatedavegrohl dot com.

1669 days ago


Every time I see one of these selfish artists suing someone for playing their music I make a note to not buy their music(you'd think they'd be grateful, because I usually only hear music for the first time at a club, since I have no time to listen otherwise). I thought they wanted radio stations and all to play it so people would hear it, like it, and buy it. Same with clubs/restaurants/bars. If they're so greedy and can turn on their fans like this, I can be stubborn enough to find other *artists* to listen to. Screw them. And they have no one to blame but their own greedy little selves.

1669 days ago


wow, what a bunch of stick-it-to-the-man, anti-establishment, counterculture renegades...pretty soon there won't be any clubs for bands to play in, and no radio stations that will play new music. Good goin' Dave...stick it to the man!

1668 days ago
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