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Tiger Woods Mistress #1 -- Bagged in Florida

12/14/2009 7:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel -- Tiger Woods alleged mistress #1 -- is back in Florida today, shopping for groceries just miles from where Tiger's private yacht is docked up.



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when did i miss the boat?    

Let me say that this addiction between Tiger and R.U is playing out. He is in Florida. She is blocks away. Are you kidding me? Tiger has learned nothing. The world knows he is a womanizing pig! These 2 are magnets and they keep coming back for more. Elin you deserve so much better!

1775 days ago


zzz: thanks for that info. I totally agree that he is in an active addiction. He may have to lose EVERY thing - fam., career, money - just like some alcoholics do before they bottom out. This is a very sad thing. I'm pretty sure I was married to one of these type of addicts but he never admitted to anything and I couldn't take it anymore. It sure is an interesting study though. A very empty life it must be.

1775 days ago

Obama is Gay    

#12 smokem - You are an Idiot, The Keys are to a VW or Audi

1774 days ago


This chick is doing everything she can to stay in the limelight and xtend her 15 minutes of fame. Knowing where Tiger is and then flying to be within 20 miles of his location says she wants the attention BADLY. Why on Earth should a slut who sleeps with a married man/men retain a lawyer anyways, there's nothing appealing about a woman who stabs another woman in the back.

1774 days ago


You can tell the hooker loves all the attention. She has been with Tiger at his 44 million Jupiter Island home. They deserve each other, she is the worst of the lot. She'll ruin him. The sooner the better.

1774 days ago

TMZ's Sensationalism    

I usually do not comment on this site but I feel the need. Most of you people are idiots for not reading the crap completely that TMZ writes and forming hasty conclusions. I don't agree with what happen between Rachel and Tiger, but for God's sake stop position your opinionated comments full of assumptions. I work not too far from where Tiger's boat is moored and I shop at the same grocery store Rachel is walking out of. Why is it that everyone thinks she's in Palm Beach County for Tiger. Her family lines and history has been her longer than Tiger and this is the time of year when most seasonal residence return for the holiday, hence the reason you see lots of paper in her basket (don't some of you stock up). And as for Tiger, his boat is at that particular location because there are not too many marinas within a 100 mile stretch where Tiger is building his house (20 plus miles from where the boat is dock and 15 plus miles from the store Rachel is shopping at) Martin County to Broward County.

I don't agree with the affair that occurred but at least I except the fact that Tiger and Rachel are adults and choose to do what they did and it's not everyone's place to keep call her the an 'whore' and treat her like some backwoods "white trash" as most of you have decided to call her.

Maybe you all should look at it the other way. Is Tiger moving closer to Palm Beach (his new house under construction) so that he can enjoy the frills of running around and about Palm Beach and West Palm Beach, both of which offer a large quantity of bars (including the Blue Martini that he used as his stomping ground in Orlando)were the staff and patrons are very attractive? Thinks about it. The pleasure and joy of a night life, high society are and etc. only 30 mins away from the a compound built to keep the wife and kids occupied. Leave Rachel alone and let her enjoy her family and home as she tries to get away from the media circus just as Tiger and everyone else before them have.

1774 days ago


The reason I write so much about sex addiction is I had a personal relationship with someone online for a few years with a sex addiction which was sporadic but on more than I care to remember. I wanted to help this guy and so I read so many books on sex addiction I can hardly count them all.
I was very motivated to learn all about it and really thought I could help him. I read books out there for sex therapists and that is when it got depressing. You will find its a very serious problem. Very serious.

What happened to me was I just became an enabler in the mission to try to help someone. Even though I learned a lot about it, if you are sexually interacting with someone and also trying to help them you just get sick with co dependency yourself. It happened to me. Thankfully I never met this guy and did not get exposed to HIV, and that was a fear if I ever met him. I don't know all he did and did not know if he had HIV, but I just worried about that.

I talked to a number of doctors trying to learn about it and all of them told me to get as far away from him as possible. Well, there was one who thought I might be able to get him some help.But the rest told me what a monster sex addiction is and how I would just get harmed trying to help someone.

I could not see how much of an enabler I was until I was long out of the situation. The people who help them can't be friends, sex partners etc. They have to be real professionals that can really have strict rules with these people because even with the doctors they try to sexualize things. Really i write stuff on this board to share with people what I learned by my personal experience and all the books I read. I'm not a doctor so if someone has these issues they should seek out trained addiction specialists.

Some doctors don't believe in sex addiction as an illness and some just think people are sexually compulsive and have some other diagnosis. But I beleive in sexual addiction as an illness. It acts just like drug addiction and the persons thinking is "addict thinking" and if you learn how addict thinking works and you are involved with a sex addict you can see they are thinking just like a drug addict or a alcoholic. But just because you can identify it and might know about the illness, you still need to change the way you relate to the person, and you would need therapy to help you think in a healthy way again yourself.

What helped me too was a long period of abstinence along with getting closer to Christ and just spending a lot of time purifying my mind and spirit. I think anyone involved with a sex addict should have a long abstinence and work on spiritual developement and that will help you a lot to heal from it. I feel its gone from my life now. But I can recall being embroiled in it and I have empathy for other people.

I learned a lot about addiction of all kinds, but I think the most valuable thing I learned was about myself was as an enabler. Most enablers don't ever learn about their role and go on and blame the addict for all the terrible things they had to go through with him or her. Most enablers think they are innocent saints that did everything they could to help their addict and are angry at the addict for the relationship experience. They will tell you long stories about how they did everything to help so and so, but they wouldn't stop drinking, using drugs, being a sex addict.

But they are missing a piece when they don't learn about co dependency and enabling. If you learn about your role as an enabler you can learn how the things you did actually kept the addict addicted and also at times made them worse. The addict gets dependent on you because you do help them at times, and you do love them and care for them when no one else wants to be around them, but you also nag them, yell at them, threaten them and tell they how much of an addict they are. You can also partispate in sexual things with a sex addict that are not healthy and that is enabling. They change you with manipulations too and that is why you might do (or say in my case since it was online only) things that don't agree with your own sexual morals. You have to take responsibility for the things you did that enabled the addiction to continue.

Every enabler does those things but not everyone with a sex addict partispates,sometimes sex addicts just act it out with people who are not the spouse or gf. But if you start hearing a story from a co dependent/enabler they are most likely going to leave those negative things they did out because they think it was the all the addicts fault. But they actually made the person more of an addict and kept them in an addictive process with the kind of "help" they tried to provide.

They will be at risk of being an enabler with another addict if they can't learn how to stop being a co dependent. Its very hard and you must get professional addiction help for these relations

1774 days ago

Rent A Yenta    

"72. He is not a tiger anymore, now he is a Cheet-ah" which makes the women his Cheet-Hos?

1774 days ago


i wonder why all of these white women love black men so much...whats wrong with white men with money...not being funny, just a know like why wouldnt these nasty girls,(another example is the kardashians)go for white basketball/football players or something??? what is it about a black man???

also, i bet if tigers kids looked like him, that would give him some incentive to stay home...a father seeing his face reflected in his child's face is meaningful...

also, i wonder why nobody is coming up pregnant. i think tiger is nasty and that he is having sex in these women's poop holes...which is gross...please god make all of them wash their hands frequently, using good technique...

1773 days ago


why are so few white women race proud...why are so few white women interested in white men?? are white men really that bad??

1773 days ago

don't judge    

Don't judge a woman you don't know. She has been through more than challenges than most of you will ever experience. Look past these stupid media stories that are written by people who not even know her. She is a real person with a big heart who is dealing with life in her own way.

1769 days ago
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