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Tiger Woods Mistress Receiving Death Threats

12/14/2009 5:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods Mistress Receiving Death ThreatsRachel Uchitel has been getting numerous death threats, sources tell TMZ.

Uchitel -- the woman whose alleged affair ignited the Tiger Woods scandal -- has been getting cell phone calls from people threatening to kill her. A number of people got her cell phone number by looking at a 2001 photo making the rounds with an old cell phone number displayed -- a number that referred callers to her current cell phone.

We're told several callers have threatened to hunt Uchitel down in New York and get her.

People have also made threats on her Facebook page, which she has now shut down.

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No wonder he was so dominant. He took his work home with him. He was banging around some holes at home. That said, being a successful man, you will get hit on by many women. As a married man, it is your duty to conduct yourself in a way that honors your marriage.

1742 days ago



I usually don't think this crap is funny, but this is hilarious! I laughed all the way though it!! I wonder if Tiger has seen this!!

Posted at 5:20PM on Dec 14th 2009 by WillOTheWisp


It was funny, wasn't it?! Glad u had a few laughs!

1742 days ago


LOL #199

1742 days ago


I don't feel sorry for the skank. If she thought that admitting to an affair would make her a celebrity then she is dead wrong.

1742 days ago


Sounds like Rachel and her POS attorney are trying to drum up a little sympathy. If any threats are indeed being made they might want to notify the appropriate authorities instead of the media. I hope Rachel hooks up with 'Cheetah' and lives out her life being the cheated on spouse. Maybe then she'll figure out the pain and suffering she has allowed Woods to cause his family.

I hope Elin has legal grounds to sue the living sh_t out of Rachel and any others that have pursued Woods.

'Cheetah', Rachel, Allred, and all the other Ho's - F'in loosers the whole lot.

1742 days ago


Well, perhaps if she had kept her legs closed and her hands off another woman's husband this wouldn't be happening. I seriously home we aren't supposed to have sympathy for the home wrecking, black mailing tramp.

1742 days ago


and RFLMAO #202!

1742 days ago



In Florida, Tiger called his attorney and asked, 'Is It true theys suin them cigarette companies fer causin people to git cancer?'

'Yes, Tiger, sure is true,' responded the lawyer.

'And now someone is suin them fast food restaurants for makin them fat an cloggin their arteries with all them burgers
An fries, is that true, Mista Lawyer?'

'Sure is, Tiger.'

'And that lady sued McDonalds for millions when
she was gave that hot coffee that she ordered?'


'And that football player sued that university when he graduaided and still couldn't read?'

'That's right Tiger,' said the lawyer.'
'But why are you asking?'

'Well, I was thinkin.....

What I want to know is, Can I sue "Ambien for all them whores I slept with?'

1742 days ago


I don't feel sorry for this skank. When she laid down with a married man she should have thought of the consequences.

1742 days ago

The US hypocrisy continues    

Total sympathy ploy. I don't believe this at all. How easy would it be to dump her cell phone and get a new one with a silent number? Very easy, that's all she needs to do. The story is nonsense, merely a way to cast her in a sympathetic light and keep her name in the tabloids.

1742 days ago


Who cares.

1742 days ago



1742 days ago


Nobody in their right mind would send her death threats as she isn't important enough for a person to lose their freedom. I truly believe most of the death threats are non-factual and actually originate from the client and/or their attorney so they both can be perceived important in the greater scheme of things. Gloria Allred has become a bottom-feeding attorney who is beginning to shine as a Supreme Madam with all the whores she's represented in recent times.

1742 days ago


Are people less forgiving of Tiger than of Bill Clinton because Tiger's wife is beautiful?

1742 days ago


Few people keep the same cell phone number for eight years so maybe she is a legitimate hooker?!! She truly is a swine and the O'Grady Family are blessed she did not end up with their son (as unfortunate as it is he died) as she would have likely destroyed his life and, hopefully, she didn't end up with any of his money. Zebras do not change their stripes....

1742 days ago
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