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Tiger Woods Mistress Receiving Death Threats

12/14/2009 5:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods Mistress Receiving Death ThreatsRachel Uchitel has been getting numerous death threats, sources tell TMZ.

Uchitel -- the woman whose alleged affair ignited the Tiger Woods scandal -- has been getting cell phone calls from people threatening to kill her. A number of people got her cell phone number by looking at a 2001 photo making the rounds with an old cell phone number displayed -- a number that referred callers to her current cell phone.

We're told several callers have threatened to hunt Uchitel down in New York and get her.

People have also made threats on her Facebook page, which she has now shut down.

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Ummm, and we're supposed to feel - sorry for her? Concerned? Yawn.

1782 days ago


Promises, promises... yet they never follow through. No one cares, no one feels bad for her. She is a homewrecker. The sad thing is if she died there would be another slutbag waiting to take her man stealing place. No I don't want her to die but I want her to go away, she is everything that is wrong with America!

1782 days ago


Come on,

Being "interested" is one thing. This is far more than just an "interest" (and you should be well aware of that fact by now). This is week 3 and we are still talking bout it. Why is that? And if its because of Tiger's "squeaky" clean image, why must the media CONTINUE and CONTINUE to bash the situation? The man cheated (like majority of husbands in America), is this news because the media wants to continue to throw salt on Tiger's family's open wound? This obsession is getting ridiculous...

Get your head out of your ass, get over YOURSELF and wake up!!

Cest Moi,

Where was the three weeks of coverage when the BELOVED Michael Jordan cheated on his wife of 20+ years? Was America overly interested in this story? Oh wait...I'm sorry, almost forgot...Juanita is Black!! Who cares if a black superstar athlete cheats on his wife of 20+ years if his wife is black? But Tiger cheating on his white wife of 5 years...oh lets CALL THE PRESSES!!! Now THATS a story worthy of 3+ weeks of attention!!

Give me a break!! If you truly in your hearts believe that the OBSESSION of this story has NOTHING AT ALL to do with the fact that Tiger is married to a white woman, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you...

1782 days ago


Thats awesome

1782 days ago

Cest Moi    

Did Michael Jordan's news story include over a dozen women? In a few year's time?

It seems to matter to you ahelluva lot more than me the colour of these people's skin.

Singers/Rock Stars are infamous for this - no one cried for Valerie Bertanelli when Richie Sambora's "crimes" came out, or Heather Locklear, or the fight over George Harrison's first wife, who left him for Eric Clapton. All white women. The list goes on and on. Your claim that "Black" men cheating on a "black" woman is not news worthy has no merit. In fact, it really has nothing at all to do with this story. Why do YOU take exception to an ethnically mixed person, who calls himself mostly Thai,being with a white woman? Had the women he had cheated on Elin with been black, would that have somehow made it "better" in your eyes?

There are many "angles" a person can take when looking at this. The one each of us CHOOSES to take is usually very telling of our own personal perspectives, insecurites and biases.

Be careful - YOUR biases and insecurities are showing!!

1782 days ago


She looks just like Steven Tyler with these glasses on!!!!

1782 days ago


First off, who the hell is Valerie Bertanelli and Richie Sambora? LOL!! Second of all, to you, Tiger may be Thai, but in America's eyes, he is known as a Black man. It doesn't matter what sport Tiger plays or who he marries, he will always be BLACK. Get that through your thick skull you silly, naive person. It's obvious that what I posted went right over your head. I said that if Tiger's wife was Black, people wouldn't be so obsessed over this scandal. What does the people who you named (who are clearly NOT black) have to do with that? STAY FOCOUSED!!!

Better yet, nevermind. There's an old saying...never argue with a fool because from a distance, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.

And with that....I rest my case. Good day to you!

1782 days ago


Some of the black women on this blog are ridiculous. Then again, they may not be black women at all. Could be anybody posing in order to incite hatred.

Regarding this slut who is getting death threats; go away and the public will soon forget you. Once this settles down, you will spend the rest of your life being known as a celebrity whore homewrecker whose name is too disgusting to even mention in decebt company.

1782 days ago


People can be so self righteous and crazy. Yeah shes so wrong for what she did, however, that doesn't mean she deserves death threats and all this hate. We don't even know the ppl involved, we just think we do because one of them is a celebrity golfer... It really is none of our business... so sad really, that society cares so much...

1782 days ago


What mistress number is she? I forgot.

1782 days ago

Cest Moi    


I stand my statement. Good luck to you - I am sure you need it!

1782 days ago


Hi #23,

I don't think #11 point was that Tiger Woods is a black man..and I totally agree that he should not have to identify himself as black because after all he does have mixed heritage. But the point is that society labels/perceieves him as black because of the way he looks. Regardless of what race he really is, when white peole look at him they see a black man. My children's father is white and I am black and mexican and my children look identical to my next door neighbor's kids whose parents are BOTH black but have lighter skin and straghter hair. My husband grew up in a very affluent white community and I grew up among both affluent blacks nd whites and have lived in three different countries. So I may not be the typical black woman either. Despite all my education, my mixed heritage and who I am married to, when society looks at my children, they see two black kids. So I try to teach my kids that they do not have to identify with just blacks but they need to understand that you will be treated differently (sometimes) because when society looks at you they only see the outside and not who you really are. I do not want to delude my children into thinking they can say they are not black and can expect white privelge. I think this what has happened to Tiger. He may identify more with whites and knows he definitely measures up but to them, he is still an outsider.

1781 days ago


Decent people can't stand looking at this homewrecking old whore. I hope Elin will divorce Tiger and take all his money. What he did to her was beyond cruelty. Can't understand he left his gorgeous, sweet wife for this old fugly hooker (Joy Behar was right about Rachel, she's an old fugly hooker)

1781 days ago



1781 days ago


Wilt Chamberlain new better. He was the athlete of the decade in the 60's. He never married. And claimed to have bedded 20,000 women. If that was Tiger's goal in life then he shouldn't have ever married. Same goes for celebrities like Jack Nicholson who never married again once he became a rich and famous celebrity and got to father 7 children with many beautiful women.

1781 days ago
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