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Tiger Woods Mistress #1 -- Bagged in Florida

12/14/2009 7:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel -- Tiger Woods alleged mistress #1 -- is back in Florida today, shopping for groceries just miles from where Tiger's private yacht is docked up.



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No fair, TMZ.
Rachel is visiting her family in Floriday.
You are stopping short to leave people "dreaming" what is going on!

1776 days ago


These whores don't realize that America hates home wreckers and that is why they will never get the fame that they seek. If she thinks that she might get a reality show out of this then she is dumber than she looks.

1776 days ago


This whorebag is dowdy looking. with HUGE feet. Tiger's wife is way better looking. Elin is much nicer-looking than ugly Tiger. i bet she could get a leading actor white man...

1776 days ago

Feds Under Suspicion    

rac-HELL, tear off that dress, spread your legs and smile for the camera. You're not wearing underwear I hope.

1776 days ago

Jerry Williams    

I didn't know they still made Fresca.

1776 days ago


I think Rachel is in love with Tiger. Is she the one who was trying to get knocked up?

1776 days ago

Mike Licht    

1776 days ago


Rachel is black and Tiger is black. Tiger is cheating with women who look like himself. Why did he marry a white woman? None of these girls are nearly as pretty as Elin! Maybe, he is itimidated by his wife's beauty and can only feel adequate with women who at his own ugly level!

1776 days ago


Is this double life worth losing around $40M in easy endorsement income a year? I say no. But, man, Tiger's life is crazy. To me, no amount of rear is worth $40M.

1776 days ago

Feds Under Suspicion    

rac-HELL, bring Tiger back to the NYC club scene and pick me up for a quickie threesome. Hurry up rac-HELL. I'm horny. LICK, LICK

1776 days ago


re: Jamie grubbs Looks to me like she and Tiger look alot alike. Eyes and mouth very similar. TMZ should check into what Earl was up to years back.

1776 days ago


for people who are upset this person might be with Tiger woods now

He is a sex addict. There is no relationship there really, just intensity. If she wants to have a normal relationship she will have to have him stop being sexually addicted to her. This probably will never happen and she will always be a trigger for his addiction. If you notice he liked skanks. This means he is stimulated by skanks and they are part of his addiction.

She would have to dress in respectable clothes, not partake of any unusal sex, go to therapy for herself not always relying on her sexuality to relate to him. She is probably so screwed up sexually herself from her life in Vegas, that she can't fathom being normal anymore. She probably has no sexual boundries anymore and partispates in things that are unhealthy for a monogomus couple.He doesn't want to be normal if he is with this person.

She is an enabler due to her lifestyle alone in Vegas. I feel sorry for anyone who tries to do therapy on Tiger Woods and this woman as a couple. I am sure the sex therapy people know this woman is never going to work for him for recovery. If he gets it.
Selecting her shows how far away from hittng bottom he really is. He thinks he can continue a lot of things that get him off as an addict. He probably will be able to do all kinds of things with her.

Sex addicts need to learn to have good sexual boundries, and learn to relate to women intimately as human beings and not as objects for them to get off on. Sex addicts spend a tremendous amount of time in sexual fantasies and preparing for the next sexual escapade. No one can control the mind of another person. She is not educated about what she is dealing with. She will do all kinds of freaky things sexually to try to keep him from straying because of her professional background. What that will do is just backfire on her. He will just be a sick sex addict she is trying to control with sexual favors. But she will not have any control over him.

He has so far to go in treatment that no one is going to work with him anytime soon. Elin is so smart to get out. Sexual addiction is a monster and you can tell by his press how big the monster is in his life. Addiction is so complicated and people who are not trained can never navigate the insanity that addiction produces. It never makes any sense and the things you try to do are always in attempt to control the addict.

His addiction could be deadly, with him and his sexual partners ending up with HIV. This is not a relationship or financial plaything, he is very sick. His sickness needs to be controlled by professionals that understand how dangerous his behavior is. His life seems to be full of enablers,this Rachel, and probably the team who manages him. Not everyone lives forever like Majic Johnson has with AIDS, most people get really sick and end up dying. If he was broke he might have some normal friends who would do an intervention. But no one wants to get fired and lose the gravy train.

If someone had aids, they might hook up with him really secretly and never tell since they wouldn't want people in on it bc they have hiv. He is a danger to himself and others with his sickness. He shows no evidence of really having any insight into what he is doing. If he did, he would be in locked down rehab for many months and not be with anyone from the past, except a spouse if they wanted to stay. Most spouses can't hack it and they have been so betrayed and the addict is so freaky sexually now its not worth it.

Rachel is in for a total nightmare. No one is going to give a flying F what happens to her either, which is going to make life really miserable. I expect HIV to hit these people and no amount of money will stop AIDS. No one shoud be jealous of this situation. Be thankful it's not your life.

1776 days ago


is this Tiger's way of seeking privacy for his family...running off to Palm Beach were coincidentally slut #1 is at. Shame the hell on you Tiger, I wish you never got paid a penny for hitting a tiny ball in a hole. You are stupider than a box of rocks for running of to meet whore #1...and yes, U Can Tell you really are just a whore.

1776 days ago


#36 you got that wrong.. Dave is wanted at the Fock and

1776 days ago
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