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Toby Keith Adds Racist Slant to Nobel Party

12/14/2009 7:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Remember 30 seconds ago, when we published that awesome Nobel Peace Prize party footage??? Well, it's ruined now ... thanks to a moment where Toby Keith made a gesture deemed offensive to Asians.

Toby Keith: Click to watch
During "Rapper's Delight," Toby slants his eyes when Will Smith raps the line "to the black, to the white, the red, and the brown, the purple and yellow."

As you can guess, the gesture occurred right when the word "yellow" was uttered -- roughly 1:25 into the footage.

Way to ruin the Nobel Peace Prize party, Toby.


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Yes and they all look like hairy armed Arab hair faced European hair shaving Babylonian Indian Killing hairdo's to me. So what? What's wrong with having small eyes? People of Arabic descent will have an affinity for big eyes and Arabic features. That is how they came to look like they do. I don't find anyone in the picture attractive. Who cares what they prefer and if they express it. You need to learn how to express yourself too. Hahahaha. I can say that since I don't have body hair and don't have to shave my face. I think Miley has a bigger moustache than me, I am jearous. Excuse my poor Engrish. I don't want to be like any of you two faced wierdo's or like anyone in the picture. Don't any of you really know who you are? My ancestors are deer chasers and they are not sheep chasing, goat herding, cow molesting Judeo, Muslim, Christians. I am the least Arab or European person in the world, thank God. You all look like Arabs to me, even when you shave or get laser hair removal you are acknowledging that you prefer to be like me. Hahahahahaha. This modern day Babylonian Culture sucks and all of you suck the big hairy redneck butt face.

1703 days ago


Big F'n deal. Get over all this Politically Correct garbage!

1738 days ago


Tiger did indeed molest the children!

1738 days ago


silly southerners.

1738 days ago


Where's the Jersey Shore crew? thought you said 2:30 PT

1738 days ago


Really, who cares, hes a white country singer who was trying to be cool, and just fit in in front of Will

1738 days ago


stop being uber sensitive who cares...

1738 days ago

The Deal!    


1738 days ago


I dunno. TK looked out-of-place there. And the food's no good at his steakhouse. He should just stick to singing boy-girl songs and leave it at that.

1738 days ago

Cassie :)    

who are the "purple" race suposed to be?

i know who the black, white, brown, red, and yellow are meant, but purple? or was it just thrown in for fun? LOL.

enlighten me.

1738 days ago


I noticed it right away, too. LOL. But remember, this is the guy who says he's going to put his rather large footwear in a rather unsavory place while being patriotic. You can't tell me this is a shocker.

1738 days ago


Who really cares about this inbred-trailer park redneck hick.

1738 days ago


I agree with everyone above ..... WHO CARES !!!????
this video is still sooo funny!

1738 days ago


Why the hell is Toby Keith on stage with rappers in the first place? Why the hell is this a big deal?? He looks uncomfortable up there and looks like he was just trying to fit in by doing some hand movements to the song. Quit making a big deal over stupid stuff.

1738 days ago


who cares? here's Harvey Levin's protoge (thinks he can rap) youll see him sometimes on the show

1738 days ago
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