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Toby Keith Adds Racist Slant to Nobel Party

12/14/2009 7:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Remember 30 seconds ago, when we published that awesome Nobel Peace Prize party footage??? Well, it's ruined now ... thanks to a moment where Toby Keith made a gesture deemed offensive to Asians.

Toby Keith: Click to watch
During "Rapper's Delight," Toby slants his eyes when Will Smith raps the line "to the black, to the white, the red, and the brown, the purple and yellow."

As you can guess, the gesture occurred right when the word "yellow" was uttered -- roughly 1:25 into the footage.

Way to ruin the Nobel Peace Prize party, Toby.


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I watched the video over and over and didn't see any such thing. Race baiting is racist.

1682 days ago


Tobey Keith is nothing but a dumb, stupid, white trash redneck! What else would you expect.

1682 days ago

Mike Tyson    

That deal was looking a bit racist alright...but not because of Toby Keith.

1682 days ago


I am not a country music fan, so I am not defending Toby Keith but it didn't look like anything to me. It looked more like he was rubbing his eye. It isn't like he pulled a Miley.

1682 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Carrie Prejean should send Tiger a fruit basket for taking all the attention away from her.

1682 days ago

Patrick Clarkson    

it looks like a cowboy.interested in cowboy?come here

1682 days ago

Ice Water    

More than being racist its just plain hokey, red neck and about 35 years late. I mean, that's what kids did on the playground in 1975. What a geek. Big dumb red neck Okie.

1682 days ago


Give us a break TMZ...we know why you want to diss Toby Keith. Because he doesn't fall into line with your political agenda. Get over it. No one can say anything anymore. It's ridiculous!!!!!!!!

1682 days ago


When is redneck Toby gonna open up a can of wupass On the ethan Hawke dude who talked sh#$@t about nim in RS rock mag.

1682 days ago


Pulling your eyes to the side is no worse then calling someone yellow.Chinese people do have different eyelids whats the big deal.Embrace it!

1682 days ago

dan kellison    

It's not like rap is real music, complain to the singer who thinks purple is the alternative color of a misbehavin' woman.

1682 days ago


What is Mr. "We'll put a boot in your ass" doing at a Nobel PEACE Prize party. His brand of blind war mongering jingoism got us into invading Iraq and Afghanistan. Instead of targeting just the terrorists fist pumping redneck jag offs like Tobey cheered on as W led us into doing the big dumb expensive thing. F**k him and all his red state, red neck, country music loving, inbred friends.

1682 days ago

Better Than You    

It was RACIAL, but in no way RACIST.

1682 days ago


If anyone here actually knew anything about Toby Keith, then they would know he is a Democrat. He leans center right when it comes to supporting the military and the war efforts, but otherwise he is Democrat through and through. Sorry to burst the ole "right wing nut job" stigma you put on him. Democrats can poke fun at people, too, ya know! I think doing the squinty-eye thing is kinda juvenile at any age, though.

1682 days ago


Toby Keith has always been an ignorant f--k of a human being. This is just one more example. Why was he even there?

1682 days ago
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