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Elin Nordegren -- Strong and Silent

12/15/2009 3:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Elin Nordegren withstood a barrage of harsh questions by a paparazzo (not ours) on her way out of a Thai restaurant near her home in Windermere today.

Elin Nordegren: Click to watch
Elin was holding her baby as the photog unrelentingly questioned her about Tiger Woods' affairs, mistresses, divorce options ... before someone finally said, "How about something nice like, 'how are you holding up?"


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17. #8-Peter...
It's Not a "Victim" Card....
The fact that you do not wish To acknowledge it, does not make it any less true or any less the African American Reality....Sorry.

Oh and guess what...."JIM CROW" Did exist.
We Were Denied access to public bathrooms and restaurants as recently as 1965.
Black people Gained the "Right to Vote" 44 years ago in 1965,
And Slavery "DID" happen.

or is that a "race card" issue also?

Posted at 1:37PM on Dec 15th 2009 by KCB*********

Get Over it.

1775 days ago

Jan Wegner    

Its a crime to behave like this in front of two innocent kids. It make me sick.

This journalist should be in jail. Its disgusting!

1775 days ago


She should know better to leave Tiger alone!!!

1775 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

TMZ, I never bash you but come on. That was so unfair and hateful towards Elin. That woman was right when she said "how about asking how she is holding up"? Plus she had her baby with her, you stupid pap.....go back to England and get your teeth fix, don't ask such vile questions. Ignore her Elin, she is a brit what do you expect from a toothless woman

1775 days ago


18. OMG she's so pretty. 1,000 nip-tucks couldn't get me close to this gorgeous.

Posted at 1:40PM on Dec 15th 2009 by Rachel Uchitel



1775 days ago

love her!    

Maybe she wasn't responding to the dumb pap because her name is pronounced EEE-Lyn not Ellen...I wouldn't acknowledge the paps either. Keep you head held high you are a very good mother and you were a wonderful wife. Tigers sexual addiction does not have anything to do with anything you did. Stay strong Elin

1775 days ago


Just do it! Elin.

Get yourself and your children away from all those cheater supporters and agents who profit on it, knew and have lied to you forever. The longer you stay, the more they will threaten you and the press will beat you out of custody. You didn't hit tiger but the press buys it for their advertising income.

Get yourself the best custody atty in Florida now and don't tell tiger or his agents. Just do it!! For the kids sake.

1775 days ago


We dont know what was going on behind closed doors.
She didnt seem to be around him much. Where was Elin, doing the poolman?
Maybe this wasnt the first time she used the golf club on Tiger, he sure knew to run for cover.

Bottom line, she married the guy for money.
The porn star put her bachelor party video online right after the party.
There was a story about him with a woman publicized a fews ago.
She knew he was a player before she married him.
She had to know what was going on

1775 days ago

London not England    

#37-Jamal (LOL What a name)
and #36 X*********X

I'll save the "Poor, Poor Me".. For MRS.Viking Bitch....

She needs it MUCH more than me! LOL..........

And since you all have made a "lifestyle" out of shoving the mistakes you've made in the not-to-distant past up your Ass, there's no need of reminding you of it...You know I'm right, that's why you deny it so vehemently.

I'm just glad you CAN'T GET AWAY WITH IT NOW! :-)

1775 days ago

oh yeah    

money surely give you strengh

1775 days ago


Why would you put that babbling English women on your site, what a vulture. Leave the girl alone!!!! and as for Michael, comment 7, is there no way TMZ can filter a moron like that out. Is it really necessary to stoop so low people????

1775 days ago

Don Garcia    

KCB=Puerto Rican troll descended from slaves. Ignorant, poor-as-dirt, jealous because there are no Puerto Rican celebrities worth talking about.

1775 days ago

London not England    


you're such a foolish BITCH....really.

he's right.....

but save it for Mrs. Woods. She can "GET OVER IT" TOO....

1775 days ago

London not England    

#56-Frank Sweet

WHOOOA....SOMEONE HAS ISSUE WITH PUERTO RICANS...what's the steal your white woman or something?!?!?! LOL!!!!

Sir, I am Faaaaaar from Latin, Puerto Rican, Mexican, or otherwise...
Not that there's nothing wrong with them...but sorry, try again stupid.
What's the matter? They got a bigger D!CK than you? Obviously...

1775 days ago


KCB....angry much? BTW, I have yet to hear one Jewish person crying for benefits and affirmative action for the Holocaust. I'll bet you're some 20 something that wasn't even around when Jim Crow laws ended (do you even know when that was?) And like a majority of other black people, you probably voted on Obama simply because of his skin color and don't have a damn clue what issues he supports. Loser....But, please keep posting - your comments are making me laugh.

1775 days ago
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