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Erin Andrews' Peeping Tom Officially Cops Plea

12/15/2009 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The man accused of secretly videotaping Erin Andrews naked in multiple hotel rooms has just pled guilty to one count of interstate stalking.

Before Michael David Barrett pled guilty, Erin stood up and addressed the judge, saying, "I have nightmares about the sexual predator. I hope he never sees the light of day so no one else has to deal with this."

Barrett's sentencing is scheduled for February 22. Erin said to the judge, "He put the videos on the Internet for the world to see. I have been humiliated and embarrassed."

Erin also said since the tapes were released, she's been subjected to "crude comments ... and fans [at sporting events] say obscene things to me."

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they're lucky tiger's taken them out of the spotlight.

1770 days ago


Much like Tiger, the guy is a misogynist. But then, there's misogyny in government. See? http://www.familylawcourts.com/badcop.html

1770 days ago


Damn I thought I was a loser.

1770 days ago


since he didn't get to cop a feel, at least he cops a plea.

btw, a misogynist is someone who HATES women - tiger obviously is the opposite of that. and the courts are misandrist - ask any divorced man.

1770 days ago


#4 - You are a sick person.

1770 days ago

Roger Carter    

Awww! Poor poor Erin. Ask her much much $ she's raked in from all the free publicity. Boo hoo, pictures of her overrated backside made it on the internet. Like anyone really cares. The guy needs psych help, not hard time. Or give him both, but get him some help.

Erin needs to grow up and shut the hell up. Whiny bitch.

1770 days ago


Fans never yelled obscene things at her before the tape came out???

1770 days ago


This woman was taped without her consent,in the nude in the privacy of her hotel room....and then this was put on the internet for the world to see and someone is going to say she should stop whining and she has enjoyed the extra publicity!

The next time you are at a hotel..think what it would be like to have your privacy invaded and be taped nude and put on the internet and you didn't ask for any of it to happen to you!
Think about what you say,really think!

1770 days ago


Are there any pictures of the device he used so that other people can be on the lookout for the devices on peepholes to avoid this madness or did this guy physically stand there and film??

1770 days ago


This man deserves the maximum penalty.

1770 days ago


This guy is an ass and should be locked away. Why should anyone man or woman be subjected to this kind of behavior, treatment, invasion of privacy, and mental stress? Why? I hope this judge is not a wimpy idiot who acts as if this is nothing!

1770 days ago

who dat    

"The light of day". She has a flair for the dramatic. She showed up to extend her 15 minutes. Tick...tick...tick

1770 days ago


This woman's rights were violated. She was video taped without her consent and it was posted online for anyone to see. Allowing this man to cop a plea is disgusting and plain wrong! I hope the judge sets aside the plea agreement and punishes this dirt bag to the full extent of the law. There are cases that are worth prosecuting and this is one of them. With technology making it so easy to invade people's privacy, people who do this kind of thing have to be shown that there will be serious consequences for their actions. Wrong, wrong, wrong on the prosecution for allowing him to cop a deal and wrong on any judge that would allow it, especially since she has come out against it. Since when doesn't it matter what the victim in these cases feels about a plea? This woman's privacy has been invaded and she has been humiliated by this dirt bag!

1770 days ago

rob from KC    

where #18..... sign pervert

1770 days ago


Yo Matt - thinking Tiger's behavior shows he loves women? Wow. How old are you? Twelve? Tiger's behavior is lashing out at women. Some will say, "and himself."

1770 days ago
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