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Kidman: Don't Blindside Me with Scientology

12/15/2009 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Kidman refused to answer a Scientology question during an interview for a BBC show -- if you love awkward moments, you should probably watch this clip.

Kidman, who was promoting "Nine" on "The Andrew Marr Show," was asked about her ex-husband Tom Cruise's religion -- which Marr said some people called a "bullying cult." His words, not ours.

Surprisingly, Kidman wasn't game for that Q and immediately shut him down.


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Marr's the one who has the deservedly awkward moment... Nic kept her composure and knocked him back.

1770 days ago

Todd Lee    

#1 - Scientology is for weak-minded people and I personally can't believe that so many actors are involved in it. *OH THE ALIENS ARE COMING**

#2 - I can understand her not answering because shes there for 1 reason and thats to promote her crappy looking movie. So i can understand.

#3 - What the hell has happened to Nicole Kidman, she used to be so beautiful but i guess too much plastic surgery will you look worse then before you went under the knife, huh?

1770 days ago



1770 days ago


She's a class act. We don't know anything about her relationship with her older children because she seldom talks about it. Doesn't prove there isn't a relationship, we just don't know. That's got to be a difficult situation with Tom, I'm sure it's just better for her to not rock the boat.

1770 days ago


Haha, good job Kidman! The reporter did go too far, since she came there to talk about the movie. She was quick. :)

1770 days ago


Botox Queen!

1770 days ago


Two ways to look at that response. First, she is just being a decent person by not commenting on an ex-husband's beliefs when they have no real effect on her personal life, and especially her movie.

Second, the more sinister interpretation could be that Scientology is well know for ruthlessly going after anyone that speaks badly of them. With so many Scientologists in Hollywood it is safer to say nothing at all on the subject as you could risk your career by doing so.

1770 days ago


If she talks abut the cult that she escaped, they will come after her kids and Tom will have to label her an SP....Don't think she wants to bother with the scientolo-bullying and drama. They'll just make life difficult for her family and her kids' dad.

1770 days ago

Woody McBreairty    

Nicole doesn't want to talk about anything meaningful, only hersilly movie, or be asked any questions that might allude to what many people consider her sham marriage to Tom Cruise. I'm willing to bet she knows alot of his secrets and if she opened the closet, skeletons would fall out for days...

1770 days ago


I am so distracted by her face! Too much botox and fillers, her face barely moves at all. It looks really gross.

1770 days ago


So I guess they can't talk about her plastic surguries, why she can't carry a movie, why she hasn't had a hit in years, yet still keeps getting jobs and why she has as much ability to move her face and show as much emotional range as a log.

1770 days ago

TOO BAD SO SAD :-p    

She looks terrible these days, & downright CREEPY in that still-shot.

1770 days ago


I definitely understand why Nicile didn't want to talk about Sientology at that time, but why is it that no one ever wants to talk about Scientology?

1770 days ago


Good for her for not talking about it anymore.

She was with her older children for Thanksgiving, her kids have asked to stay out of the public eye and both her and Tom both make sure that they are all seen in private. Just becauwe cameras aren't there doesn't mean it doesnt happen!

We never see her in the bathroom either does that mean she doesn't go?

1770 days ago


Tom, the prince of Scientology probably has some sort of secret choke hold on her concerning their adopted children, that she never seems see! Scientology is very cult like in that respect concerning parents divorcing and the children not being part of the 'leaving' parents life. Creeepy and you know they have the Hollywood bucks to hire just the right lawyers to keep the strays in line.

1770 days ago
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