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Michael Jackson's Executors -- Pay Us Now!

12/15/2009 9:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's estate has not paid the Special Administrators a penny, but the day has now come -- at least according to new court docs filed by John Branca and John McClain.

The two men -- now officially the Executors of Michael Jackson's estate, are asking for 70% of the fees they have earned, pending court approval of the full amount.

The papers do not specify the amount Branca and McClain want. They do say that they want the statutory amount of executor fees for the first $25 million of the estate -- that fee comes to $188,000. But the estate is valued far in excess of $25 mil and the two Executors would be entitled to a portion of that as well. In addition, Branca and McClain also want fees "for their extraordinary services," though that amount is not specified.

According to the new documents, fees some of the law firms connected with the estate are asking for are huge. For example, the law firm of Greenberg Traurig wants $1,547,064.50. The firm of Hoffman, Sabban & Watenmaker wants $957,644. The firm of Kinsella, Weitzman, Iser, Kump & Aldisert wants $420,062.50.


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Deb: direct lalaland's comments to your local police. TMZ, by law, must provide the authorities with this person's IP if requested to do so. They can't hide their IP address. This is porn/filth on a public website (which is also accessible to children) and is illegal.

1737 days ago



Give the pedophile accusation of Michael Jackson a rest!!!

The KING is dead and was aquitted of all charges against him!!!

Let him R.I.P.!!!


(( LOVE HUG ))

1737 days ago


Maybe Harvey didn't want a nice pic of Michael on here and changed it. Happened before.

1737 days ago

Dip Sh*t    

Yeah well how come the "Executors" have kept their amount private, yet they can splash all over the news how much Katherine Jackson gets from her own sons estate?

I would like to know how much the whole bill is, since they are claiming 70% of it. They shouldn't have a problem disclosing this now should they?

1737 days ago


133. finally an mj story i was getting tired of that tiger woods bull**it. tmz it's time to move on from tiger

Posted at 11:10PM on Dec 15th 2009 by get us more mj!!!!!!!


I agree!!! Tiger was not the first and certainly won't be the last that committed adultery!!!

Somebody in this world is committing adultery right now as I type!!!

Hey TMZ!!

Please provide credible update on the murder investigation of Michael Joseph Jackon, "The King of Pop"!!!

1737 days ago


It didn't take but a few comments to bring out the "MJ shouldn't ever have to pay anything to anyone (including the people who are slated to protect the estate)" crew.

Guess everyone should just render services out of the goodness of their hearts or because it's such a freakin' honor.

Earth to goonies: People need to support their families, feed their kids, live in the real world. Unlike MJ, everyone else is required to pay their bills.

1737 days ago


Nice to see 'balls' and 'chef Kooky' again. Now where's PUPPI????
Used to love his/her comments.

1737 days ago


WHY DID YOU CHANGE THE PHOTO????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

1737 days ago


126. just look at that picture he is the ugliest dead person i have ever seen. ugly alive and ugly dead

Posted at 10:31PM on Dec 15th 2009 by la la land

Damn you TMZ for banning my post. I guess the truth hurts doesn't it? Everytime someone makes a comment towards the haters, you guys always ban them but no sooner something negavtive comes out, it's Posted right away. You guys are nothing but losers. And Harvey Levine can suck a fart out of my ass. I hate your ass with a passion, you jealous MJ hater. You are probably just mad because you couldn't have MJ for yourself.

Anyway, moving onto the comment this loser made. If you really want to see the ugliest person, just look in the mirror. You really have nerve you loser. With your multiple personalities. cloning and going up under various names. How may personlities do you have? I sure hope your shrink has the best medication to treat you because you don't deserve to be around normal people. And that comment about black women being ugly. You must have been rejected by one to say something like that.

The only type of person who would stoop that low is someone from the backwoods or the trailer park who draws welfare and food stamps and drink cheap beer everyday. But I know you can't help it since you are the product of what happens when two siblings sleep together. What are you having for Christmas dinner? Possum, racoon, rats, any other kind of roadkill. why don't you just lay off already? You are never gonna change the minds of us MJ fans. So go on and f#ck you mother, sister, aunt, etc. and enjoy living in your trailer park. Oh, I almost forgot, the monthly payment for the trailer is due and I hear that if you don't oay it, you will be out in the cold. Damn, you guys can't afford $35.00 a month. Oh I forgot, your incestrous family spends all the welfare money on heroin and any other drugs they can get their hands on.

1737 days ago

so wrong    

Despite al the 12 year old BS nonsense on this post, are there any attorneys on this story tonight?

If so, I'm wondering why Branca and McClain (executors) only have temporary administration over Jackson's Estate, which is to expire on Jan 4, 2010. Also, there is a hearing scheduled for Revocation of Will (below) what does this mean, who has the authority to REVOKE a WILL?

01/28/2010 at 08:30 am in department 5 at 111 North Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Revocation of Will

1737 days ago





(( LOVE HUG ))

1737 days ago


Does anyone else wonder why noone is reporting on Murray? It makes me sick to know he is practicing medicine after giving any human being a lethal injetion of medicine.

1737 days ago


I think that the executors are doing a decent job and should be receiving pay for the job they're doing. However, who decided what their rate of pay would be? Who issues the payments? And will they forever be on the payroll because Michael's estate will forever continue to make money? I hope McClain and Branca have Michael and his children's best interests at heart. Although these men had made names for themselves prior to taking on Michael, it was their association with Michael Jackson that sealed their fortunes (in perhaps more ways than one unfortunately). I hope they are in grateful acknowledgment of that fact and preserve Michael's dignity and legacy appropriately.

1737 days ago


18. I hope this is a technicality and not anyone trying to sidestep Team Branca. Branca and McClain have done a FABULOUS job so far working this estate. They are worth every penny they are asking for!

Let's hope Judge Beckloff takes care of this right away. 70% of fees they have earned to date is much better than asking 100% of it as they go along. Good for them and so glad their integrity shows.


Posted at 8:12PM on Dec 15th 2009 by Cali MJ Fan


I Totally Agree!! The Executors are doing a fine job imo, and have earned their way. katherine is not taking care of MJ's kids for free, so the executors should not have to work for free either. If it wasn't for John Branca, there might not be much of an estate for MJ3 to rightfully inherit one day.

1737 days ago
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