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Tiger Woods Mistress #4 -- Intoxicating Behavior

12/15/2009 2:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has finally obtained photos of the mysterious 4th Tiger Woods affairess -- Julie Postle -- and judging by her hair, skin color and liberal use of the tongue, she definitely seems to be Tiger's type.

Postle -- a VIP host at Roxy nightlcub in Orlando -- claims to have had a two year affair with the golfer during his marriage to Elin Nordegren.

And as we first reported, Postle also claims Tiger used to tell her that his marriage to Elin was purely "for publicity."


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Blah blah blah.

bebeme, stop spamming!

1775 days ago


I just got back from the grocery store. Who wants a fresh hot green tea?

1775 days ago


And Phil Nike wants to call him the Man of the Century...sticking with this goof is a sure way for Nike to see its sales cut in the future wearing Nike stuff could get your butt kicked in public by the wrong people. No self respecting person will wear Nike stuff, given it now stands for philandering (MJ/Tiger) their last two big names both are horrible human beings.

Kind of like when goofs ran around with Vick Jerseys at the height of his dog doo stuff.

Its getting uglier by the Ho report. And this latest one with the photos aint the kind the Tig wants his daughter to grow up and see her daddy in action with.

Shameful the whole chirade...Nike, shame on you too.

1775 days ago


The bottom line is willing and ready tramps and whores are on every corner in every city waiting to pounce. I can't get over the fact that they are trying to be the victims. This does not excuse Tiger ...he got what he deserved from his wife.

1775 days ago


Dar TMZ: The watermarks on your photos are really, really annoying. I realize that you're trying to protect your "exclusive" images, but these gigantor watermarks are unbelievably distracting, annoying, and overdone. Please think of your readers! Thank you.

1775 days ago


I want some that! She HOTT

1775 days ago


I have a hard time believing this one is telling the truth. She's, ummmmm....not so pretty, Yeah, that's what I will say...Not so pretty!

1775 days ago


Another exile from planet H2O2,
sunshine + H2O = climate.

1775 days ago

The US hypocrisy continues    

Why is she licking another woman's breast and allowing yet another woman to inspect her butt crack? VIP hostess = code word for hooker. Tiger definitely goes for a particular sort of skank, doesn't he? These blonde, bimbo, whorey types really make his putter go hard and unleash his inner beast.

1775 days ago


I do not believe this....TMZ referring to someone's skin color in a derogatory manner. TMZ who is always accusing everyone else of being racist!!!!!!!!!

1775 days ago


Kimberly ... what? How did TMZ refer to the ho's skin color in a derogatory manner ? They're just saying, Tige prefers white girls. That's not derogatory.

1775 days ago


Hey everyone.. I personally know Julie Postle aka Downtown Julie Purple as she calls herself and all these pictures have been provided to TMZ by her. She obviously wants to be depicted as a slut or crazy party girl. Anastasia, your right on point honey she isn't very pretty and a bit over weight in person, all of her photos have either been photoshopped or airbrushed. I have known Julie for a few years now and she has always tried to get her 15 min of fame and make a quick buck. She moved from Orlando to Texas to live with her BF. She totally fabricated this story, if you ask her to prove, she wont be able to because it's a lie. I find this to be hilarious, I can't wait to see her and hang out with her again.

1775 days ago


why bash tiger because these filthy, white whores are ready and willing to spread their legs to a married (scratch that) ANY man?

1775 days ago


I do not believe this....TMZ referring to someone's skin color in a derogatory manner. TMZ who is always accusing everyone else of being racist!!!!!!!!!
very sweet kiss

Mypepitup, Pepitup, Jobscollection

1775 days ago

who dat    

My info is more interesting than what TMZ posts about the subject matter.

Brian says Tiger called himself "Mr. Brightside" in reference to a Killers' song about a jealous lover, and the golfer would call up Julie Postle "incessantly."

"One time, her phone rang, and it said a weird name on it - 'Mr. Brightside,'" Kimbrough recalled. "And I was like, 'What the hell is this?' She smiled."

"She just said it was Tiger but didn't answer it. But she played me the voice mail. It said, 'Hey, it's Tiger, just seeing how you're doing. Give me a call.'"

Why'd Kimbrough stay with Postle, if she was fooling around with Woods?

"She was hot," he said.

1775 days ago
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