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Chris Henry's Fiancee -- No Visible Injuries

12/16/2009 8:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Cops tells TMZ Tonga was questioned at the scene and then released. We're told she was never taken into custody.

Chris Henry's fiancee, Loleini Tonga, had no visible injuries ... law enforcement tells TMZ.

A law enforcement official in North Carolina tells us they "observed no visible injuries" on Tonga at the scene of the accident.

Cops said there was a "domestic situation" just before Henry fell out of the back of the truck. Authorities are investigating whether Henry jumped off the truck or whether he was thrown.

The official says they are investigating the possibility the Cincinnati Bengal was thrown from the truck after Tonga swerved back and forth.

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Okay... I'm a Cincy girl... Even though he has made mistakes in his life the last couple of years he has managed to keep his nose clean... He is a tremendous athlete with talent and abilities that he wasn't even aware of.. However, the bengals seen that or they would have never taken hime back... This is a tragic accident and my thoughts and prayers are with his family right now! The rest of you jerk's that are saying these horibble things should be ashamed of yourselfs.. This is a young man, with babies...

1773 days ago


I hate to say it but the confused men go for these non-black chicks outside their race, and if you notice, it almost ALWAYS ends badly: (O.J., Steve McNair, Tiger, Kobe (didn't end badly but you all know what happened). They're the only ones you hear about and if you're easily influenced, it's easy to see how you can ASSUME most famous men date outside their race. If you actually took the time to research the issue, you'd see that there are many, many more who are happily married to, or involved with, black women. There is no self hate with these mentally stable brothers. I love being black and wouldn't have it any other way, regardless of people swearing everyone wants to be white. It is only the FEW confused self hating "brothers" who want to be white. And that's why they have so many other issues eventually.

1773 days ago


black men do that because they think it makes them better in society but it dont it makes them stupid and a curse to the laws of nature within i also think black men still want black woman it is white woman who dont want white man cause they just always seem to be around to suck some black man d^*k

1773 days ago


you notice, it almost ALWAYS ends badly: (O.J., Steve McNair, Tiger, Kobe

None of these are alike. One is a murderer and one got murdered. the other 2 are philanderers.

You could make a list of Shaquille Oneal, Bill Cosby, Rae Carruth, and Fred Lane. (2 philanderes, 1 murderer, and 1 murdered).

names change but the game is still the same. people cheat and get cheated on. some get killed while others do the killing.

1773 days ago


she is polynesian not white. I can understand why some would bring up successful black men and athletes with white women after tiger. Sammy sosa is disgraceful, and those like him. Bad role models.

1773 days ago


black men love black woman it is white woman who dont want white man she always available to home wreck the black family she is always willing to do more such as do nasty degradable things with black men anal oral things black woman just getting accustomed to where is the white man to pick up his woman or are you sending her in to do a inside job on the black race or is the white man off fudge packing another man while his woman noising in black folks life white people wanna be black even when they men gay they act like black woman but white woman nor man can ever replace black woman i tell you its a identity crisis in america

1773 days ago

Don Garcia    

As far as the Dominicans baseball players goes, it is the white women who prefer them and the darker they are the more the white women want them. But of course the Dominicans only want white American wives. You see, this is the mind set that is prevalent amongst the groups that were slaved, in fact, the Dominicans have a term for it called Mejorar La Raza. It means to only marry white people to improve the race that explains why you will never see a Dominican rich, baseball player with a Dominican woman.

1773 days ago


real high class people

1773 days ago


None of these are alike. One is a murderer and one got murdered. the other 2 are philanderers.

It's not a question of being alike (by the way, we can't overlook the fact that Kobe may or may not be a rapist. I always keep a "what-if" attitude when people pay to make a problem go away). It's the fact that these men are

A. seeking to be something they are not
B. not in touch with their racial identity
C. either have issues that lead to further problems or attract unstable people to them.

Why would a person not identify with a mate that resembles their mother? Especially among these guys who do nothing but brag all day long about "how much they love their mama". They love her so much, but wouldn't be caught dead with a woman who resembles her. It disgusts me. Not the concept of dating outside of the race, but the discrimination some of these guys demonstrate against their own race. Some of these confused cats won't even look at a woman if she is a shade too dark. That is self hate to the fullest. Like I said, fortunately, it's not all of them. There are way more pro athletes involved with beautiful black women, of all shades, than those seeking exclusively outside their race.

1773 days ago


I think it's racist to expect someone to date or marry a person of their same color. Come on people, it's the 21st century! I'm white and I married a caramel-skinned Puerto Rican, does that make me a loser or a bad person? I don't think so. I married him because he's super cool and fun to be with, we get along extremely well, and we share a lot of goals, not because he's hispanic. I'd hate to think of missing out on this wonderful experience because people expected me to marry a white guy.

1773 days ago


Does anynone know if there's a twelve step program for Site Addiction of Bloggers Addiction? Maybe I can get a crazy check.

1773 days ago


Racism is alive and well in the great USA. All you have to do is read these comments and see it's so. Yet most of you people that are bothered by black folks are the first to accuse blacks of playing the race card when they are discriminated against. You call them liars as if racism does not exist. Well it does and all you have to do is read pretty much any story on a person of colour and you don't have to go much more that 7 - 8 comments in before some makes a derogatory remark. America has double standards for whites and people of colour. If this site is a cross section of the American publis then God help us all.

1772 days ago


about dating other than black..well sometimes black woman just dont cut it anymore we need excitement ..maybe its attitude ..spanish woman are the new black.... (rip bless his family)

1772 days ago


To respond to the "stay inside your race" comments about black man dating outside their race...seems like an antiquated view. Who says people should date in side their race? Usually racist older people who grew up in a different time. Its tragedy enought that a young man had to die. So what if his wife didn't appear to be black? How do you know it had anything to do with self hate? I'm a black guy, I've dated all races of women. It had nothing to do with me being attracted to one race over the other or trying to cope with being black. For me it's nothing to have to cope for. I'm black,I like being black, so what if I've dated some white women or hispanic women. Why should any race have a monopoly on women of that race, or men. How about the guy had a connection with his girl and they hit it off. All the race bating is stupid.

1772 days ago


Well, here we go again.. Some of these atheltics will never learn. It will be a long time before she get a good nights sleep.

1772 days ago
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