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Chris Henry's Fiancee -- No Visible Injuries

12/16/2009 8:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Cops tells TMZ Tonga was questioned at the scene and then released. We're told she was never taken into custody.

Chris Henry's fiancee, Loleini Tonga, had no visible injuries ... law enforcement tells TMZ.

A law enforcement official in North Carolina tells us they "observed no visible injuries" on Tonga at the scene of the accident.

Cops said there was a "domestic situation" just before Henry fell out of the back of the truck. Authorities are investigating whether Henry jumped off the truck or whether he was thrown.

The official says they are investigating the possibility the Cincinnati Bengal was thrown from the truck after Tonga swerved back and forth.

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It's quite interesting how people of another race can attempt to analyze another race. A color they never have or never will be. Issues come in all colors it's just we can't talk as much about some as OTHERS? Why is it that the white person is never CONSIDERED to occupy self hate, if they date outside of their race. I find find it quite interesting that there is minimal sympathy for a life in lieu of cross color dating? I know for a fact that many women pursue the man, before he responds...It's really pitiful that blogging isn't used for more positive thinking and as an opportunity to share a decent opinion whether you agree or disagree. I'm so happy everytime I read this type of garbage that we all are different. Prayers and thoughts to the family of Chris Henry and the city of Cinncinati.

1749 days ago


My condolences go out to his family and his team. I find it so disgusting that people would even be discussing race, and black men dating outside their race at a time like this. I dont really understand what this has to do with anything, and for the people talking about men going outside their race, you dont choose who u love, love has NO COLOUR!

1749 days ago

katherine mckee    

Of course the woman didn't have any injuries, she fled the scene before she got the s--t kicked out of her. I've been there. Same old scenario. A fight ensues, abuser feels he's loosing control, uses force like the coward that he is,and this time he lost. Bet he'll never abuse another woman now.

1749 days ago

katherine mckee    

Who cares what color who is. He's obviously black. She's WHATEVER. I can't really tell. SO WHAT????? The man was a wife beater. Ask any victim and I bet they tell you exactly what I'm telling you now. No more name calling,hair pulling, slapping, stomach punching, wrongly accusing, threatening, bullying, from Chris Henry.

1749 days ago


Everybody here bringing up race are the most ignorant people!! ...there's gotta be personal issues w/you to think this is the issue in this situation or even an issue @ all!

1749 days ago


on December 17th, 2009 at 2:57 pm

I know this is not a black thing, but I do feel sorry for there family. there is sadness everywhere but our black men seems like they get into more problems all these NFL stars, I could name a lot, getting shot at the club, hanging around the wrong people .quincey carter, micheal vick.sean taylor,Maurice Clarett tigerwoods. oj, what is wrong with our black men. I dont want to say that they are all thugs or that they didnt have a strong father in the house, but what is the problem???
I have heard black men say that they want a pretty baby light baby with good hair, what is that all about.. is your mother not beautiful.. everyone wants to be light skin with good hair.. I am an there is no difference, I would love to date a white man because most of the brothers dont know who are where's they come from they seem like they are lost..

1749 days ago

Tina Cart    

My comment: First of all, if it had been reversed he'd have been taken into custody on the spot. Just like Tiger's witch that got away with assault with a deadly weapon it seems... Which reminds me, why all the hullabaloo that Tiger was seeing hoochie mamas outside the marriage? For Geez sakes, what billionaire marries a freaking live-in babysitter - er excuse me "au pair!?" She was the ORIGNAL gold digger, it seems... But she's a saint because she plunked out two babies for her share of his wealth... Oh yeah and ugly "Tonga" - they keep saying they "raised three kids together" - were they his or not? If not, how many dads involved?

1749 days ago


R.I.P.....So sad...so young..... life is too short..planning a wedding...fighting...and I bet she never thought she would not see him again...my heart goes out to her and their family..May God Bless you all!

1749 days ago

Tina Cart    

This is so sad for his family and I'm so sorry for them, but we'll only hear about what a poor victim she was...

1749 days ago



Its full of self hate and not being accept.


1748 days ago


Somewhere on a boat Tiger is grateful his bitch did not wack him while he was down, unconsciuos in his own pool of blood from the first hit.

1748 days ago


I see everyone on here talking about black, white, pink, yellow whatever. Half the people on this planet are mixed even the ones who think their not. you guys need to get all this subliminal racism out of your systems this isn't a dog and pony show, there is no purebred, your free to be with whosoever you please. This tragedy has nothing to do with race every couple goes through these things its just that it went to the extreme in this case. I know she probably feels like her world is over knowing that she was even remotely responsible for what happened but thats life. R.I.P. Chris Henry hopefully the world will take something from this. The ignorance has to stop, there is only one race......

1748 days ago


Just curious was she at the scene or not. Something just still don;t add up for me.

1748 days ago


Um, not every man is looking to marry his mother, nor is every girl looking to marry her dad.

Asking if these men think their mothers are beautiful is the dumbest piece of "logic" I've ever heard. Whether it's self-hate or not, some of you people are talking like idiots.

1746 days ago
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