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Court to Courtney: Stay Away From Frances

12/16/2009 2:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Courtney Love has not only lost legal control over her daughter-- Frances Bean Cobain -- TMZ has learned a judge has now issued a restraining order, prohibiting Courtney from having any direct or indirect contact with the 17-year-old.

Court to Courtney: Stay Away From Frances

Sources tell us the temporary restraining order was signed under seal.

As TMZ first reported, lawyers for the guardianship went into court last Friday, where a judge created a temporary guardianship on behalf of Frances Bean. The legal guardians are Wendy O'Connor, Kurt Cobain's mom, and Kimberly Dawn Cobain, Kurt's sister.

A hearing to make the restraining order permanent is set for January 5.


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pink wig    

Frances dont look back you have done the right thing
:) Stay away from Hollywood your better than that
and your fame hungry mom

1750 days ago


I agree shes 17 when she turns 18 she can do whatever she wants..shes almost an adult let the girl be will ya? let her have a choice if she wants to see her mom or not.. its kinda to late to be dealing with this stuff now anyways shes almost 18 hello? after she turns 18 shes gonna do what she wants anyways. let the young lady be and let her stay with her mom..shes been there for 17 years WTF? why have her go away and move somewhere else...where her home is where her mom is..

1750 days ago


Watch it, Frances. Your mother is a husband murdering harpy, and will kill you if she thinks you are going to seize the assets she killed your father for. Make your moves quickly and do not let her anywhere near you. If you value your personal safety, keep your doors and windows locked.
WHy so sudden, Frances, poor child? Did you find out the horrible truth? That your mother killed your father to get all that Nirvana money, which is still pouring in from royalties?

1749 days ago


People should show some compassion for Courtney, and sometimes things just don't work out as planned. I see a lot of judgment, speculation, and presumption here. It is a private matter between Francis and Courtney. Because of her celebrity, she has a target on her back. People should focus on fixing what is wrong with *their* lives before focusing on anyone else.

There are those who *do* support Courtney, and will continue to do so. She has been through hell. All will survive.

1748 days ago


To everyone that keeps saying she's 17 and they should just let her stay with her mother; she is the one who chose to leave her mother. She is also the one who initiated getting the restraining order. Frances is not being kept from her mother against her will. Yes, it's against Courtney's will, but not Frances'.

1747 days ago

Hank Harrison    

You can't imagine what good news this is for me and my wing of the family... and yes it is about money. CL ripped Bean off all along. Bean only now realsizes it and finally sees what a nut job her mom has become. We do not want money, we just want her to come ride one or two of our 42 horses. I am 70 now and I want to meet my granddaughter at least once before i kick the bucket. I want a chance to let her know we love her.

Hank Harrison and Catriona Watson

1632 days ago


Good... Stupid bitch shouldnt have anything to do with Fances anyway... She killed Kurt and I really wouldnt put it past her to do the same to Frances when she turns 18 and gets the Cobain Estate inheritance that she gets on Aug, 10th 2010!! Finally a judge saw through Courtneys bull**** and did something about. If Frances is smart enough she would just stay away from her clearly NOT sane mother... Just my opinion tho

1617 days ago


Wath have Courtney done who is so bad to her daugther tath she have to stay away, im sure drugusers can be better parents then people who are sober.If it is antbodys fault it the chilprotecters in tath district if Frances had suffered they should have tken her away for a long time ago.Courtney send Frances to live with Drew Barrymore when things was difficult she alsow hired nannies.If she love her daghter and dont let her issues on her she is a deam much better mother than i had.I dont think she Frances been dealted bad cars i rather think Courtney was.

1440 days ago


Thank GOD!!!

1286 days ago
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