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Garth Brooks Sues: Hospital Made $500,000 Error

12/16/2009 2:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Garth Brooks Sues: Hospital Made $500,000 ErrorGarth Brooks is waging a bitter legal war against a hospital in his hometown, demanding the Oklahoma hospital return a $500,000 donation he made because it never named a building after his mother.

It's all over a deal Garth claims he made with Integris Canadian Valley Regional hospital in Yukon, Oklahoma about four years ago. In his lawsuit, filed in state court in Oklahoma, Garth claims his donation was supposed to go towards a new hospital building that would be named after his mother Colleen -- who died from cancer in 1999.

But the building never got built -- despite a $27 million renovation and expansion project last year -- and Garth wants his money back claiming the hospital breached the donation contract.

The hospital claims it's all a giant misunderstanding and hopes the dispute will reach a "swift and amicable end."


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I am not a Country and Western fan, but the deal here is he donated the money to be earmarked for a commemoration to his mother. He has every RIGHT to have the money be spent as earmarked. Those who are disagreeing are either very ignorant or have no idea what donating means. Those who receive donations MUST use the money for the use it was intended, or for what it was fund raised for or they are liable.

1686 days ago


I am on Garth's side! My father died of cancer after a long and grueling illness. The hospital that treated him sponsored a large ornate Requiem Mass (Mass for the Dead) yet my father was NOT Catholic. Then a month later they approached my mother and asked her to sponsor a "Wing" for the hospital in his name, saying it would give my deceased father much pleasure! My mother declined. Hospitals large and small pull such scams all the time. Garth paid $500,000 to have naming rights to honor his mother. How much more of the 27 Million dollars did the hospital get as donation once the Hospital let out the word the donations were for something in memory of Garth's mother? Hospitals, even those that claim to be run by Charitable organizations for the most part are much like the "Wolf" in the Red Riding Hood fable.

1686 days ago


hey ME - why don't you ask his exwife and kids just how "good" of a person he is - this hospital thing doesn't mean squat to anyone - I'm just glad to vent - I couldn't stand him before everything went down - just proves me right as far as I'm concerned

1686 days ago


When I saw the headline: "Hospital Made $500,000 Error,"[/i] I thought that the hospital had made a SURGICAL error and turned poor Garth Brooks into a Tommy Girl.

1686 days ago


Team Garth!! Time to out these hospitals who use donations for other reasons than what it is earmarked for. Caught Garth's show in Vegas (which was AWESOME) last week and saw Mel Tillis there sitting close to us.

1686 days ago


I grew up in Yukon and that is a really small hospital mostly made of up mostly of family physicians offices. I doubt they even have that kind of money to give him back, especially after four years. And by the way, most of the people in Yukon have always thought that he's a jerk, and this just adds fuel to the fire.

1686 days ago


Comment #9: Thank you... nicely said. What a excellent way of remembering a loved one who had died of Cancer.

1686 days ago


I can't believe everyone saying those awful things about Garth Brooks.. Noone knows what the real story is. I know he adored his Mom. And he went into retirement to help raise & be there while his daughters were growing up. That to me makes him a great man & Dad. Alot of celebs wouldn't give up the big bucks to watch there kids grow up. A fan of Garth always & forever!!

1686 days ago


.........and whatever insults and observations I had about Toby Keith, they also apply to Garth Brooks...........

Now back to the Nashville News. Oops, sorry, there never is any news in Nashville. My error.

1686 days ago


You fools think hospitals are benevolent places. You need to think that because it's too scary to consider that hospitals and doctors are not benevolent and responsible with pure impulses. Wake up and grow up, people.

1686 days ago


Hospital staff would be thinking, "$500,000? If we have to come up with a new name and logo, install a new name in three places on the outside of the building, change all the stationary and put new words and logos on all the vehicles, that will use up at least $50,000, which is 1/10th of the total. Why the hell do that when the $50,000 is much better spent on actual cancer issues?"

Garth Brooks = inconsiderate imbecile.

1686 days ago


"Ya, I want to donate $6 million dollars to cancer research and if I do I want you to use part of the money to build a highway from Alaska to Brazil and name it after my Brazilian grandfather who died of cancer and liked fishing in Alaska sometimes. Ya, stop cancer, ya, ya, let's do good things, ya. Can I have some chocolate milk now?"

1686 days ago


If he donated money for a specific reason that's what it should have been used for. Just because he has money doesn't make him solely responsible for the hospital in his home town. Doesn't make him responsible for anything. If I make a charitable donation then it should go for that purpose and not in someone's pocket. Garth Brooks did something to help, without looking for press, the hospital took the money and didn't come through...Garth should get the money back.

1686 days ago


Garth Brooks should be injected with cancer and then he can ask himself if the money should go to pointless frivolity or to helping deal with cancer.

1686 days ago


Hold it! Both Garth Brooks and Toby Keith are from Oklahoma and make their living out of the Nashville machine. Both make major screwups this week. Looks like Oklahoma picked the wrong week to stop sniffing pig turds.

1686 days ago
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