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Jon & Kate -- The Arbitrator's Verdict is In

12/16/2009 2:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin and soon-to-be-ex Kate Gosselin now know who's going to get what in their divorce. TMZ has learned the arbitrator in their divorce case has made his decision on the subject of dividing money and other property and it has been forwarded to the divorce judge.

Jon & Kate -- The Arbitrator's Verdict is In

Sources say the final divorce decree is now "imminent." The specifics of the arbitrator's decision remain confidential.

We're told both Jon and Kate have consented to taking the final step -- after the arbitrator's ruling -- telling the divorce judge to sign the papers and officially end their marriage.


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DON'T CARE, DON'T CARE, DON'T CARE!!!!When will we finally be rid of this trash once and for all, NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN???? Saw on the web the other day that TLC was doing something where Kate was at a restaurant for 3 days doing some pilot. WHAT FOR??? She doesn't cook her own food anyway? She has people that do that for her. She has only cooked or really just threw stuff on paper plates for the kids whenever I saw them eat before. HOPE TLC GETS A CLUE AND REALIZES THAT NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THIS SKANK ANYMORE!

1771 days ago


I have never watched the stupid show about the idiots with 8 kids. I have had the misfortune of catching an "interview" with this Kate person- WOW! Shes a self absorbed, cow. How does she even manage to take care of the kids while concentrating so much of her energy on talking about herself and her bad marriage? I cant listen to her voice another minute. Shes like Charlie Browns Mom, Mwha Wha Wha Wha Wha Wha Wha.......... So annoying. And entitled, she really believes she is an entertaining person that deserves a variety show. Television producers are grasping for content.

1771 days ago


No you will know when the radar goons are here right after the newsflash that there has been an escape from the mental institution they have been held in. Watch it they will be really mad because there has been nowhere to post for a couple of days!

1771 days ago

Miss Bu    

LMAO @ #6 We must really get to you!!! You must have a guilty conscious if you have to think of us wherever you go.

1771 days ago


Rumors has it that RADAR shutting down..OH! GOD the sheepe zombies of kate will go crazy when their beloved site RADAR do shut down & their not in control like they are on RADAR..Kate could care less about the sheepe zombies she gone on w/her life...

1771 days ago

Mike Tyson    

These 2 are so friggin worthless it's pathetic. All those kids need to be in foster homes.

1771 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

somt the really need to get a life if you are spending your time cyber stalking people who post at Radar.

THE hate Kate bloggers need to get off their every growing butts as well and go parent their own kids, go earn money for their own families and stop obsessing over hating a mother of 8 children!

If they (Kate Haters), are not obsessing over Kate and hating on her (in the name of their stupid child advocacy they claim when they hate on the 8 children's mommy, yeah, really classy child advocates (insert eye roll)), such hypocritical biddies who have no life.

If the Kate haters spent the time and energy they do daily on hating Kate and instead put that into a job, imagine the opportunities, college ed money and money for their families they would have saved up. But nope, instead they rob themselves and their families, wasting their days and precious moments spending quality time with their kids, to blog on their hate Kate blogs and track everything GOSSELIN on the net to go get their daily dose of Hate Kate in.

You have no right pointing at a mom of 8 kids and hating on her with your mental illness and psychosis issues, until you take a look at your own behavior online. Do you teach your kids to hate like you hate on another mother? Do you neglect your children and your family duties and finances, so you can hate on this mother you are so obsessed with?

Your hate is consuming your life, and it robs only you and your family. Plus just makes you hate Katers look MOST INSANE, like you are.

Get a shrink and go get your own life to consume your energy and time with, more productive of you if you would and better parenting to role model to your children healthier activities with them, then sitting on your duffers hating on Kate Gosselin and sock puppeting under multiple names on TMZ so you feel better about yourself, while you hate on Kate.

Are you really proud of your own behavior or has your mental illness become so shaming that you hide your consumed hatred from your family and friends? I bet you don't let your co-workers or family know how you are spending your time.

GO BE THE DIFFERENCE, THE CHANGE in your own families lives, and stop the mental illness you Kate Haters have obsessed with hating on Kate on your hate Kate blogs.

You have no room to point a finger at Kate Gosselin, when you, yourself don't display stellar parenting and spend your time hating and obsessed. Go clean your house, go play with your kids, or go get part time jobs to help your husbands out with the family finances so maybe you could build up a pool of money to take your family on vacations and give them the opportunities that they could have if their Mothers and Wives would go focus on their own families and not on Kate and hers.

You all don't even get or see how ridiculous your comments are or your own behavior, yet you point a finger at this Mom of 8? Go look in the mirror, get on the treadmill and get fit like Kate is, go do the errands and grocery shopping, go get jobs, go play with your kids, because if you have time to spend hating on Kate, you are only robbing you and consuming your life with nonsense, when you could instead be contributing to your family and being a difference to a friend, neighbor or loved one.

It is wasted time you will NEVER get back.

Clock is ticking, go make the most of it, so that you don't have regrets for your own behavior and parenting or lack of contributing to your families. If you gave to your family, what you spend hating on Kate, just imagine the time, energy and money with opportunities you would be giving to those you love. Don't take anything more away from your family, so you can justify and waste anymore of your life hating on Kate Gosselin.

She doesn't care, she probably laughs at those who waste their lives hating on her, and you all will just tune in and increase the viewing and ratings of her new show, just so you can go blog and get your hate Kate fix every day. You make her more successful, while you decrease your own value and that of your family.

MOST INSANE isn't it! THINK about what you are doing. IT IS MENTALLY ILL and makes you look like the horrible parent, not Kate. Take care of your own health, your own kids, your own household and family income, stop focusing on Kate's.

Do it for you and your family, go sit on the floor and play with your kids today, don't rob them of that time together so you can hate on Kate.

It is just ridiculous. The day you Kate Haters get a terminal diagnosis and realize your time on Earth is limited, the day you find out you cannot have kids and see mothers who have been blessed with kids wasting precious moments online hating on another mother?

You probably won't get what I am saying, until you see that your every day could be the last day you take a breath today. If you have good health, go enj

1771 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

BeccaLyn, pretty name, but wow, do you have an ugly personality.

1771 days ago


Gosh the bats from the "most insane" website must have been sleeping on TMZ waiting for a post like this. It's sad a marriage has ended - children are hurting. Best of luck to Kate and the kids, Jon you have made your bed.

1771 days ago


I wonder how Jon is going to afford paying child support? I read today he is broke, someone should have told him that "what goes around comes around"... what a fool this man is.

1771 days ago


You are child advocates? Who would get such joy out of the childrens fathers demise(who they love)or make comments that you hope he kills himself. YEA RIGHT, YOU ARE A HUGE CHILD ADVOCATE! PLEASE DONT ADVOCATE FOR ANY OTHER CHILDREN!!! They might need their dads.

1771 days ago

FiFi LaRue    

RE:22. I Luv that You showed Her True Ugly Face!
Jon is gorgeous no matter what!!!!

Posted at 12:53PM on Dec 16th 2009 by Team jon


Hes fat, pimply, fat, stupid, obese,liar, thief, ugly. I guess you're probably used to people like that, thats why you find him, (Yuck bleckkkkk), attractive.

1771 days ago


GET YOUR OWN LIFE Are you from radar? hehehe Good thing you are limited on Radar to how much you can post otherwise your diahhera of the mouth would be posted there too. Hate sight? So you love Jon? CAN YOU SPELL HYPOCRITE? Probably not

1771 days ago


@26 it not only the kate haters it jon haters as well needs to do all the things you posted about the kate haters,so think before u pass judgement on any haters....kate is just as bad as jon,both of them are GREEDY!and it the children paying for their living & the price of 2 moron parents..

1771 days ago


Someone needs to tell GET YOUR OWN LIFE when you post that long nobody reades it so dont think you made any headway.

1771 days ago
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