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Sarah Palin's McCain Cover Up

12/16/2009 5:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

For the first time ever, Sarah Palin used her head to make a searing political comment -- a frontal attack on Sen. John McCain.


The failed Vice Presidential nominee took time off from shilling her book to vacation with her son Trig, daughter Piper and opposite sex spouse Todd, in President Barack Obama's birth state of Hawaii on Tuesday.

But during beach time, Sarah chose to wear a visor from her campaign -- a visor that was emblazoned with the former presidential candidate's name ... that is, until Palin redacted McCain's name with a black marker.


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Hows obama working out for ya? Its funny left wing moonbats push so hard for Obama, then they disappear and stop following politics after the election. Heres a news flash for you, Obama could be the worst president ever, hes on par with Jimmy Carter.

We could only be so lucky if the west coast were to fall into the ocean.

1769 days ago


Earth to Ms. Palin,

You can still clearly see that the visor says McCain. Do a better job of blackening it out, next time. Kinda like those months of the year when Alaska is under a total blackout...

1769 days ago


To: Right is Right

Go die in a ditch. Thanks.

1769 days ago


It's funny how people are complaining about Obama failing in office.

When everything that Palin has been involved in in her entire live she has failed. Failed sportscaster, failed mayor, failed governor, failed parent, failed VP candidate.

That's it america, go for the bronze! Who cares if your ideas actually stand a chance at working if you just wink a little!

1769 days ago


TMZ your liberal, shallow mindedness is showing, badly.

1769 days ago


President Barack Obama's birth state of Hawaii? how about president Barack Obama's state where they hide his true identity.....the man was born in Africa! he is as corrupt as his associates and the Chicago mafia

1769 days ago


ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Sarah!!

Check out the TOP 10 2010 NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS HERE!!!!

1769 days ago


Facinating story on Palin and that Hussein Obama was born In hawaii and not his native country of Kenya...Maybe TMZ can run a story about the photo evidence of the birth certificate...

1769 days ago

Karen Debarre    

Oh, TMZ. You opened the Palinbot hornet's next. All the hee haw loons that graddy-ated in 8th grade are weely mad! TMZ, I hope those loons make you mad enough to send your relentless, stealth team to provide america the truth on who Trig's BIRTH mother REALLY is.

Also, contact the hairdresser that Palin just stiffed and who miss "folksy" basically ignored on her recent FLYING book tour (did you REALLY think she would drive around on a bus? She doesn't want to travel through the south on a bus!)

1769 days ago


MightyMad, you are a loser. Don't be mad because all of your liberal buddies will be out of a job next November. Obama sucks--he takes no responsibility and keeps blaming everyone else for his problems in office. You're a bunch of losers, and I'm done with you.rr

1769 days ago


Mr. Jones--you are death walking. A ditch wouldn't even be good enough for you. Maybe you should go to Africa too?

1769 days ago


Actually McCain is thinking for a change lately, he wasn't when chose the Wasilla Hillbilly for a running mate.
GWB/Cheney are the ones that got this country is such a disgraceful mess in the first place.

1769 days ago


Tacky and petty behavior. She just took in 7 million on her book deal and couldn't afford a different visor ? Rigght.. this was a shabby slam at John McCain , who has always acted like a gentleman . Maybe her head has become too big for the visors sold in Hawaii . And until Obama's long form birth certificate finally surfaces, his country of birth will be in doubt .

1769 days ago


She is such an immature baby! If she didn't like McCain’s policies to begin with she shouldn't have accepted his offer to run as VP! She should just go crawl back under a rock because she most certainly isn't a celebrity....

1769 days ago

Karen Debarre    

Palinbots, please buy Sarah's new GOLD coin. She needs to $$$ to fix her wrinkly, flabby knees. Also, EX Governor DUDE Todd needs a spray tan. Please give, and give often! Give up your daily trips to WalMart and the Piggly Wiggly! Give your $$$ to folksy Sarah instead, and to you betcha!

1769 days ago
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