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Sarah Palin's McCain Cover Up

12/16/2009 5:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

For the first time ever, Sarah Palin used her head to make a searing political comment -- a frontal attack on Sen. John McCain.


The failed Vice Presidential nominee took time off from shilling her book to vacation with her son Trig, daughter Piper and opposite sex spouse Todd, in President Barack Obama's birth state of Hawaii on Tuesday.

But during beach time, Sarah chose to wear a visor from her campaign -- a visor that was emblazoned with the former presidential candidate's name ... that is, until Palin redacted McCain's name with a black marker.


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Molon Labe    

Not necessarily BHO's birth state....

Why won't he permit the release of his REAL Birth Certificate?

BTW -- It would not be premature to refer to BHO as our FAILED President.

1709 days ago


24. I would seriously doubt Sarah scribbled on her hat. I would blame little Piper who is pen happy. When her mother was signing books, the daughter would add her signature to the delight of customers. Bet she sleeps with a pen. Ticks me off she isn't showing off that smokin' bod. If Manchelle can wear cheap shorts and K-Mart top getting off Airforce 1, you can darn sure wear hot one piece.

Um, Im not really sure how old her daughter is..don't really care, but that is blacked out with a marker and it looks like it was done neatly..not by a kid who is pen happy. Sarah Palin needs to grow up and go away, she wouldn't even be photographed if it weren't for John McCain!

1709 days ago


For the Palin-dummies::

1. President Obama was born in Hawaii. Hawaii is an American state.

2. Sarah Palin, who has the emotional maturity of a 14 year old
child, is not in President Obama's league.

3. President Obama is cleaning up the mess left by Bush/Cheney, and
it is coming along fine. No other president could do a better job.
Considering the mess left by Bush/Cheney.

1709 days ago

who dat    

I'm surprised there hasn't been more talk about the affair or the time Sarah Pailin F'd Todd's business partner in the late 90's. (allegedly of course) The story goes Todd was in a partnership in a snowmobile business of some sort. Sarah nailed the partner of his. Supposedly this ended the business. THIS IS ALL ALLEGEDLY OF COURSE.

1709 days ago

Joe Smo    

Piss off Harvey! Leave the woman alone. She can't even go on vacation without being harassed.

1709 days ago


48. TMZ has nothing better to report besides Tiger Wood's mistresses and "failed vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin," like she had anything to do with McCain's lack of campaining skills, in fact she drew more people to his campaign then even he did....

Posted at 4:05PM on Dec 16th 2009 by Todd

But the only people she drew were stupid people. Kind of like the show "Jackass" draws people.

1709 days ago


How immature and petty is that?! Sarah Palin is a diva. I cannot wait until all of her scandals are exposed and the world discovers the real Sarah Palin.

1709 days ago

Tired of the BS    


1709 days ago

Jackie O    

Woo, Go Rogue Palin. Way to stick it to the old fart.

1709 days ago


Alot of bitter little republicans posting today. Obama is working out just fine, thanks. It takes awhile to fix 8 years of republican screw ups, so, just sit down, shut up and let smart people lead. You guys had your chance and failed miserably!

9/11 happened on Bush's watch. He was hired/elected to protect America for his entire term, not most of it. He failed to protect America. If McCain/Palin had won the election there would be a huge mushroom cloud over America right now.

1709 days ago


Gosh, you'd think after ripping off the hair dresser in Salt Lake City ( not paying for services rendered) that hse could afford a new hat or visor. How tacky. Sarah will never have the money to get the one thing she needs most--CLASS.

1709 days ago

m algore    

so hows that failed presidency of obozo hopey changey working for ya?

1709 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Can someone explain why Piper does not go to school??

Seems she will grow up to be just as ignorant and stupid as her mother.

I bet Sasha and Malia Obama went to school today. I bet they go all the time. Piper Palin?? I guess backwoods, redneck hillbilly kids don't need no schoolin' - you betcha!!

The Obama's value education - the Palin's, not so much. Todd barely graduated high school and it took Sarah 5 1/2 years, 5 schools and a whole lot of D's to barely get an undergraduate degree - yeah, her followers are about as bright as she is.

And enough with the "Bush kept us safe for 8 years" crap. Seems we weren't too safe on 9/11/01, right?? They WERE WARNED in August, 2001 and the warnings were IGNORED!!!

1709 days ago


Sarah is an uncouth, silly shrew whose has an ego the size of Alaska. She is a republiCANT.

1709 days ago


Since I don't know where to put it:

TMZ - I notice Michael Jackson is no longer a "hot search" and his name is no longer in the box with topics and names, not even in small print. Yet, the three top "most commented" stories are about him. Do you just want us to stop being interested in MJ?

1709 days ago
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