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'Idol' Champ

Affected by

Tiger Woods Syndrome

12/16/2009 1:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods Syndrome: An epidemic sweeping the nation -- in which paranoid wives constantly worry that their "nice guy" husbands are secretly cheating on them every time they leave the house ... and now, TWS has infiltrated the home of an "American Idol" winner.

Kris Allen: Click to watch
Kris Allen is just one of the many people affected by TWS -- last night, the "American Idol" runner-up winner told us his wife's been all over him since "reading all this stuff about Tiger."

Kris claims the paranoia is even causing his wife to have "bad dreams."

Unfortunately, there is no known cure for TWS.


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geez, lots of freaks commenting here. (one comment says here that he compared himself to Micheal Jackson... he just said that he was one of his idols ---- we see you psycho glamberts throughout the comments)

Love Kris! He could have lie here but said the truth!! Wow that his wife's having nightmares about this. She shouldn't worry though, he's the nicest guy and has integrity and strong values

1773 days ago

Oprah hater    

The only thing his wife has to worry about is his love of men. It certainly would be with another woman!!!

1773 days ago


Kris Allen's wife is right to worry about him cheating- he's on the down low with Mr. AMA Nasty himself! Can't wait for TMZ to bust him Haha

1773 days ago


Kris Allen's wife doesn't need to worry about GIRLS. Just sayin'

1773 days ago


Kris Allen is gorgeous and very talented. The right guy won. At least he doesn't have to resort to prime time pantomime sex acts to get in the news.

1773 days ago


Don't worry Mrs. Allen. Kris isn't a low-life.

1773 days ago


Not only is Tiger a jerk--he's also an idiot.
How can anyone have sex with that many women and not use a rubber?
He's a walking AIDS time bomb!!

1773 days ago


Im not insecure, I don't accuse my husband of cheating on me when he leaves home (or travels), but after the whole TW thing blew up, I started haveing bad dreams too. They're gone now...but maybe that's because I can trust my husband.

#1, you're an idiot.

And #11, great comment.

1773 days ago


Kris isn't a low-life, but he's only human.
He's sweet and talented, but not perfect.
He grew up a little too sheltered when it comes to sexuality.
But it's not other *women* she needs to worry about.

1773 days ago

Deep Digger    

time has changed. obama delivered.

divorce rate is 50%, cheating rate more than that.

there are not many women as pretty as elin. there are not many men as ugly and dull as tiger. sure, tiger can shower hos with $60K, but there are plenty of hos for $100.

a guy becomes more attractive when he gets married since it says he is ready to settle.

so, if your man does not cheat, either he is lying or he is not a good catch or he does not have $100.

if that's the case, it is time to look for a bad boy. he will rock you in bed along with 5 other hos.

don't be mad, get even. just don't make babies.

1773 days ago


Kris really is a nice guy. He is cute as can be and his wife is adorable. They make a beautiful couple. Musically, Kris is doing so well with his single, Live Like We're Dying, climbing the charts right now. I don't think either of them have anything to worry about.

1773 days ago

Just sayin'    

He is a hottie. I can see why see would be worried. Keep him away from me!

1773 days ago


Us Weekly reports a source saying of Woods and Uchitel: "They are not over." The source added that "Tiger was texting her, trying to find time to get together again. He wasn't even fazed!"

1773 days ago


Wahts this runner up crap TMZ? Adam (homo boy) Lambert only screamed every song & is trying to be the homosexual Madonna now to keep it going.

1772 days ago


well it's not women his wifey should be worried about him cheatin with. that's all imma say.

1772 days ago
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