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Chris Henry 911 Call -- He's Beating on the Truck

12/17/2009 3:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who was driving behind Chris Henry during the pickup truck incident called 911 -- and told the operator he was beating on the back window of the truck.

 Chris Henry 911 Call -- He's Beating on the Truck

The caller also describes the Cincinnati Bengals star as "shirtless" and said his arm was in a cast.

A second person called 911 after Chris fell from the back of the truck -- saying "there's a man is in the road ... he looks dead ... there's no movement."

Chris died early this morning as a result of his injuries.

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dr cyclops    

maybe tmz can set that to a catchy christmas tune..like umm rudolf the red nose reinderr .or prancing through the snow heh heh nice poem bro

1780 days ago



1780 days ago


M writes: "The woman needs to do a lot of jail time for this."

WTF would she be doing jail time for? Trying to escape an enraged lunatic? Dude chased her, jumped in the back of her truck, was beating on the windows and it's her fault??? You're f-ed up buddy. Violent dudes often come to violent ends - this outcome is no surprise really.

No sympathy at all for this idiot - he CHOSE to escalate the situation and he'd be alive today if he'd just let her go in the first place.

1780 days ago

johnnie walker    

She will do jail for that...I would not be surprised, given that North Carolina has the death penalty in place, she might be up for that too.
This can be easy a 1st degree murder

1779 days ago


It doesn't sound like a loss at all.

You have to be pretty crazy and narcissistic to escalate a fight like that. Isn't it common sense that when there is a fight with your partner and they walk away, drive away, or leave that you don't follow because they feel threatened? He sounds like an abuser. What woman is going to stop when a man jumps in her car and is banging on the window after a fight? Why would anyone think he WOULDN'T assault her? That's very threatening behavior. I sure wouldn't stop. What the fight was about and her personality don't matter because she tried to DEFUSE the situation and he went crazy. She is guilty of nothing and probably better off. Men need to stop blaming women when they lose their tempers and go too far in domestic situations like this.

1779 days ago


According to this article at the Suntimes his girlfriend wasn't the one that initially called 911. It was from a woman that was behind the truck -

"The first is from a woman who was behind the pickup truck he fell out of, sustaining fatal injuries.

"It's got a black man on it with no shirt on, and he's got his arm in a cast and black pants on," she told a dispatcher. "He's beating on the back of this truck window. ... I don't know if he's trying to break in or something. It just looks crazy. It's a girl driving it."

The next call comes a minute later, from an man who sees Henry "laying in the road" and "definitely unconscious." - http://blogs.suntimes.com/sportsprose/2009/12/police_release_chris_henry_911.html

1779 days ago


Again, my condolences to the family & not to be funny or anything but if he had that BENGALS HELMET on, he'd still be alive. SO SAADDD!!

1779 days ago


Anyone else have issue with the lazy sounding 911 operators?

1779 days ago


We don't know the whole story yet but according to this article his fiancee is known for domestic violence -

"A source close to the situation has exclusively told Bossip that Henry’s fiancée, Loleini Tonga has a history of domestic violence and a severe drinking problem. The source states, “I knew the next time Chris would get in trouble it would be because of that girl. She drinks all the time, they get into fights, and she has even bragged about getting into disputes with former boyfriends.”


1779 days ago


Chris had a troubled past, but the last several months he had really turned things around. Everyone here in Cincinnati is saddened by the news and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and Bengals Nation!! Who Dey

1779 days ago


Who owned the truck? Was it his? Was it stolen?

When people are given opportunities in life and they either misuse or are unappreciative of those opportunites there usually is a bad ending. The news reports he was let go from his footbal team due to 5 arrests prior to being brought back to football against the coaches recommendation. Maybe they should not have brought him back. Another example of transgressions being overlooked for business bottom line. Caliper of human beings no longer important.
Did the driver deliberately hard-stop or swerve to dislodge the man? Will the driver be prosecuted? Will his estate still be paid the contract $$ - who is entitled to it? He and driver were not yet married.

Should have given that football opportunity to someone more deserving and carried himself with dignity and skill on and OFF the field. Sports teams need to clean up their act and sign players who have clean records and keep them clean. Playing the game well shouldn't be all that matters when you have a ton of garbage happening outside of the game.

1779 days ago



Here's a theory for you...Maybe, since we all know they were in Charlotte planning their wedding, maybe, while discussing the wedding party or guests or something, he said he didn't agree with someone she wanted in or at the wedding. So, maybe she's overly dramatic or sensitive, and she takes off because her feelings are hurt. He, being the kind, caring person people from Cincinnati know, went after her because he didn't want her to be upset. He is worried about her, so he doesn't realize what a stupid, dangerous mistake he is making by jumping into a moving truck. As you can see in some of the pictures of the scene, the roads there are windy. He could have lost his balance and fallen out. His fiance most likely wasn't driving carefully because of the drama, so he could have fallen out as a result of her driving. In any case, he fell out and subsequently died.

There are a million different scenarios that could have happened, and not a single one of you on here knows which is true. So, maybe you should stop talking down about someone who will never again see the light of another beautiful day, never again be able to see his children, friends, and family and never again be able to teach people the lessons that took him so long to learn. Chris Henry was a flawed individual who overcame great obstacles to become a greatly admired person. Maybe you should look up the definition of forgiveness, say a prayer, and hope that God can forgive you, because some of you on here are the most flawed people I've ever seen.

Rest in Peace, Chris...you are already greatly missed.

1779 days ago


skankshebe No.14 Please crawl back under your rock.

1779 days ago


what the hell is wrong with that second 911 operator. what the hell does she want a full body check before she sends and ambulance? My God, she's awful. should be fired. when someone is laying in the road and appears to be "not breathing" for God's sake send help ASAP.

1779 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

In all honesty it doesn't matter how he was acting. Say she was trying to get away from him because of fighting and he jumped in the truck. She could of drove slow to safety without a doubt, windows locked she would of been ok. I think we all get it, she was driving fast and wreckless..took a sharp turn or drove the car in a zig zag. She wanted him out of that truck and she got him out. At the end of the day even if she felt scared she had no right to drive fast or crazy. I'm sorry but she is guilty of causing his death. In no way was it self defense, like I said she could of drove slow....this is ghetto love and she killed him.

1779 days ago
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