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Chris Henry 911 Call -- He's Beating on the Truck

12/17/2009 3:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who was driving behind Chris Henry during the pickup truck incident called 911 -- and told the operator he was beating on the back window of the truck.

 Chris Henry 911 Call -- He's Beating on the Truck

The caller also describes the Cincinnati Bengals star as "shirtless" and said his arm was in a cast.

A second person called 911 after Chris fell from the back of the truck -- saying "there's a man is in the road ... he looks dead ... there's no movement."

Chris died early this morning as a result of his injuries.

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Paulie Wants a Cracker    

OK Ghetto Love Fighters, this really needs to stop. Only stupid people fight like this. He and her both acted irrationally. You can't be aggressive with your spouse just because they acted badly or hurt your feelings. Even if you walk in your house and find your man screwing another woman, you have no right to place your hands or do harm. It's how you fight/argue that shows what level you are on. He should of never jumped in the truck and she should of never drove to a speed or wreckless to cause him his life. Think about it, she could of just kept all the doors/windows locked and up, drove super slow and found a public area to get help but we pretty much know that she drove fast enough and wreckless enough to cause him to fly out the truck and hit his head. Did she zig zag the car to throw him out, I wouldn't be shocked but that isn't something we know. Did she just not think and tried to drive to safety in a state of panic? That we don't know but I bet you if my husband had did that, no matter how scared and upset I was I wouldn't ever drive fast or wreckless. This is straight ghetto love, violence and anger is the core of this love. I think both had issues but god bless him, he didn't deserve to die. I don't know why she didn't drive slow, unless she wanted to throw him off the truck at all cost??

1772 days ago


For those saying she could have drove safely some place, obviously have no idea that the back window on a pickup truck slides over to one side. If he could have slide it open, then he could have strangled her, or knocked her out.

1772 days ago


Why didn't she call 911 after he fell out of the truck? I wonder if she had been drinking.

1772 days ago


Can Ocho Cinco finally use this as his reason to quit the clowning? Ocho continues to make people think of black athletes as nothing but modern day Step N Fetch Its with his clown routine. Nothing funny about a teamate dieing in a tragic way.

No more clowning Ocho---show some respect for your teammates, the game, and yourself and your Race. Not a single white guy does the clown and dance routines. So use this tragedy as a reason to just stop it Ocho. Commissioner Goodell, please stop him. He's disgracing his Race with each clown act.

1772 days ago


Yeah he was probably so violent that she decided to spread her legs wide open and have three kids with him even before he married her. She could have at least called the police and let them know that he had fallen off the truck, she knew damn well he was hurt.

1772 days ago


98. Why didn't she call

911 after he fell out of the truck? I wonder if she had been drinking.

Posted at 5:50PM on Dec 17th 2009 by AZ

Right, excuse me Ma'am, I know you had a man in the back of your pickup, after he ran up and climb up on tailgate, then he was beating on your back window, can we take a breathalizer, because we want to know why you did not just shot the idiot out your back window. you have to be drunk.
All joking aside, in Mecklinburg County, if you are even at the scene of an accident, they will test you for alcohol. She was tested without a doubt. One other thing, when she rushed out of the house, running away from him, I am not sure if she remember to take her cell phone, and since it was her father's pickup, she might not have known if he had one stashed. Everyone else was calling 911. Her parents called before she even tried to sneak out of the driveway in her father's truck. She did not flee the accident. She stopped immediately. If you check the first tmz picture you can see the truck, and how she did not even pull it off the road.

1772 days ago


I look at it like this. The caller said Chris was beating on the back window. Which more than likely means he was trying to get her to stop. First of all how could she not know he was in the truck? Chris was shirtless and banging on the back window. My guess...trying to get her to stop.

Soon as Chris fell out of the back of the truck. She should have stopped and called for help. Which is why this lady is going to jail. You cannot drive away from an accident....especially one where the other person involved is now dead.

The lawyers are going to have a field day with this one. There is no way in hell she will be able to explain not knowing Chris was on back of the truck. Poor kids...lost their daddy and now about to lose their mom too. All this at a time when families are supposed to be coming together.

1772 days ago

Sad sad    

The one thing I find odd is he had a cast on. How the heck did he get himself into the back of the truck with 1 arm??????????

1772 days ago


The DA of Mecklenburg County, Gilcrest has not charged her yet, and will not.
Her parents called 911 telling them of the fight.
She snuck out the back door, and got in her father's pickup, and drove off, but Chris Henry ran after her, jumped the back of the pickup, and climbed in the back.
They are witnesses, and 911 calls from people who witnessed this, especially him banging on the back window of the truck.

With all of that information, he cannot charge her. It was an accident or self-defense.

1772 days ago


103. The one thing I find odd is he had a cast on. How the heck did he get himself into the back of the truck with 1 arm??????????

Posted at 6:10PM on Dec 17th 2009 by Sad sad
I have seen a mad rabid fox break through a wood fence
if u are mad and crazy enough u can do anything
remember those stories about Mama picking up car to save baby

1772 days ago


You are instructed to LEAVE any domestic altercation.

That is what this young lady did. He chose to, as he has many times before, make an ignorant decision. He jumped into the back of the truck acting like a pure lunatic.

I would have thrown his ass out knowing I would get by with it. Just as she will because she did nothing wrong. She was in fear of her life and took action.

Live with it people.

That's why there are laws in the land to protect us from crazed nuts. We have THE RIGHT to protect ourselves. She took advantage of that right, in this case.

She will have no trouble finding proper and valuable representation should she need it... but she will not. She was acting in self-defense and it's a wonderful thing. She did everything exactly right!

1772 days ago


#101 - Why do the reports state that he was found? And where did you read that her parents called 911? Not saying they didn't, but I haven't read that anywhere. Does anyone know where the kids were while all this was going on?

1772 days ago


Who would be so STUPID as to jump into a moving truck and act like an ass by pounding on the window???? That is sooooooo idiotic!!!

1772 days ago


She's not afraid of Him and don't fool yourself. She has 3 kids by him and is engaged to be married. I am sure his rage issues did not start that day so she fully knew what she was getting into. She sacrificed her health and security for that cashola. Where were the kids while they are acting plum stupid?

1772 days ago


Why was there no call from the lady while this dude is in a rage in the back of the truck???? A domestic dispute call. I would have called when he jumped in the truck after me. Then to just keep driving no call then. When was domestic dispute call finally recieved from her????

1772 days ago
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