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Jon Gosselin Shot Down in Court over Gunplay

12/17/2009 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just one day after Jon Gosselin popped off a .38 on his Pennsylvania property, a judge has already ordered him to holster the weapon.

The PA judge presiding over the Gosselins' divorce laid down the law today, prohibiting Jon from packing heat anywhere near the home he used to happily share with Kate "Bout not to be a Gosselin" Gosselin.

If only Jon had a silencer.


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another sign that he is a very fit parent having a weapon in the house of his 8 children...why doesnt he keep it in his other place with his silly gf...

1778 days ago


some of you people are nuts. First there is nothing wrong on what he was doing other than he is a d-bag. I have 35 guns and a 5 year old. does this mean I am going to go on some rampage and kill everyone? no.
Are my guns locked in a safe? yes.
Does my 5 year old have access to the safe? not unless she can crack a safe.

Is Jon a d-bag? YES
Because Jon is a d-bag and owns a gun mean he is going to kill Kate? umm no.

If Jon had a good lawyer would this not have been a issue? YES.

Jons lawyers suck and the courts have no right on blocking a firearm in a house he half owns. He has a d-bag lawyer o match his d-bag image. If he appealed this it would be tossed out.

Jon hasn't committed any CRIME other than being a d-bag.

1778 days ago

TMZ hits a new low    

Well as I live and breathe! The douche resurfaces, doing redneck gun activities. Naturally.

1778 days ago


That is not a 38, it is a 9MM

1778 days ago


TMZ Quote
"If only Jon had a silencer".

TMZ are you hinting that Jon should buy a silencer and shoot Kate?

1778 days ago

1 Daddy    

The .38 Super has gained distinction as the caliber of choice for many top pistol match competitors; it remains one of the dominant calibers in IPSC competition. All you asses assumed TMZ meant 38 Special, but it could very well be a 38 Super Automatic, which is a semi auto gun. TMZ knows their guns, after all, Harv's been taking bullets in the butt for years.

1778 days ago


He was trained to shoot by Sum Yung Gy. English translation he is a tool.

1778 days ago

luv my TMZ    

#34 irresponsible - TMZ is hinting that Jon needs a silencer for his big fat d-bag mouth.

Ya got no sense dude.

1778 days ago

Richard Summers    

An auto that shoots .38's?, no such thing. .38 (special) is a rimmed cartridge that is shot from a revolver.

1778 days ago


Jon needs to practice his shooting for his new career in Armed Robbery. That's probably the only way he can make money since he is too lazy/stupid to get a real job.

1778 days ago


Harevy & TMZ Staff...

What are you saying or impying when you print this on your site here?
"Quote" "If only Jon had a silencer"

1778 days ago

Lulu Says    

Poor guy, he lost his wife, his gun and now his hair...
Check out these pics here...

1778 days ago


This was all for attention, just like the Hailey story. She has to make money with the stupid new boyfriend story. They are playing everyone. Jon will be in contempt of court if he speaks to the media, so he has to stir something up. We have the right to own guns, we do not have the right to shoot around our children so we can attract attention.This has nothing to do with anything except a fame seeking failure with no one to blame but himself.

1778 days ago



1778 days ago


I like your style too, jeezlouise

1778 days ago
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