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Jon Gosselin Shot Down in Court over Gunplay

12/17/2009 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just one day after Jon Gosselin popped off a .38 on his Pennsylvania property, a judge has already ordered him to holster the weapon.

The PA judge presiding over the Gosselins' divorce laid down the law today, prohibiting Jon from packing heat anywhere near the home he used to happily share with Kate "Bout not to be a Gosselin" Gosselin.

If only Jon had a silencer.


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TMZ you always fail to state the obvious. He can no longer talk to the media so he has to do whatever he can to keep the paps coming back.

1779 days ago


That is not A .38. Looks more like a .32. It's not a .45 or a 9mm.

1779 days ago


Whenever I see Jon I can't help but think of Britney Spears when she spiraled out of control before everyones eyes. This guy is not stable and needs to lose custody of the kids.

1779 days ago


jon is such a moron. as soon as i saw that pic i wondered why he would be shooting around his property WITH 8 KIDS around?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! isn't he there for VISITATION??? so go play with your kids d bag!

1779 days ago


I hope Jon don't do anything stupid..I do know that kate sheeple on Radar have got to be the silliest bunch of gals..After Kate divorce she needs a good ole MAN from time to time..Maybe after all of this her sheeple fans will survive without kate& take care of their own family if they still got any family left...

1779 days ago


F that judge, Jon should appeal the order as un-Constitutional and go home and shoot, shoot, shoot while it's waiting for appeal-His right to have arms, his right to utilize his land as he wishes...the judge is a sissy, one of those freaks who thinks guns go off by themselves. Jackass.
If you're in the country, you shoot, you hear shooting in the neighborhood, it is what it is....and if meak, wanna be city slicker Kate doesn't like it, she should stay in liberal Maryland where only the criminals have guns.

1779 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

shalone, you sound so stupid using the word sheeple.

Get a life, stop stalking people at Radar. The finger you point, you have 4 pointing back at yourself. YOU look the silly one here. You are so obsessed with them.

Yo TMZ we have a Coo Coo on Aisle 5, who is ranting and rambling and needs her evening meds and her "stare at shiny objects time".

1779 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Jayla, give it a rest.

The court has the interest of the kids and their safety, that over rides constitutional right! We all have freedom of speech but a court steps in if a parent is verbally abusing a child, so if there is legit concern, which obviously some thing must have been proven, for the court to honor NO GUN on the marital property.

Now the JUDGE is a true child advocate! I only wish Judge Judy could have gone off on Jon! I would have watched that.

1779 days ago


ew and then some. or should it be beyond ew by now?

1779 days ago


44. #34 irresponsible - TMZ is hinting that Jon needs a silencer for his big fat d-bag mouth.

Ya got no sense dude.

Posted at 3:25PM on Dec 17th 2009 by irresponsible doofus
What sense does that make considering he has already been silenced by a court DAYS ago. So hmmm ya "doofus" a silencer for his mouth isn't needed and doesn't make much sense.

"Ya got no sense dude" -Ebonics?

1779 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Stella, your posts make you look clinical! Do you drool and rock back and forth too?

Are you Sybil?

1779 days ago


Judge probably thought it was in Jon's best interest. First of all he is soooo stupid he might accidently hurt himself. Second he is sooo stupid he might turn it on himself on purpose...he really has nothing left to live for now, does he? Just sayin'......

1779 days ago


Kate should ask for full custody of those kids because he is abusive. When the twins were outside one day, Mady said to him "I like when mommy plays with me", he said to her "that's it" and told her to leave the table and then he told Cara to leave also and made her cry too. Why? because Mady told the truth? He just doesn't care about their feelings. This is not how a father should act around his kids. Now with a gun in his possession, do you think they are going to be safe around him?

1779 days ago

Patrick Joseph    

Looks like a Glock to me, so how come they say he was shooting a .38, dumb ass anti-gun media don't know jack about guns.

1779 days ago


I hope he is practicing to put a cap in that gold digging bitch. She has it coming for all the years of torture he endured being married to her. Maybe he should upgrade to a 40 cal. SW with Glaser slugs before he takes care of Kate.

1777 days ago
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