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Michael Lohan's Ex Busted -- Just for Kicks

12/17/2009 2:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan's ex-girlfriend -- the one who got him arrested Monday -- has now been busted herself ... for allegedly kicking him in the head with her shoe ... this according to a police report obtained by TMZ.

According to the doc
, Michael Lohan and Erin Muller pulled into the driveway of his mom's home on November 14. Michael apparently thought she was too "drunk and high" to drive and that triggered an argument. Michael says he then got out of the car and tried to keep her from driving.

Lindsay Lohan
's dad says when he opened her door, Erin intentionally kicked him in the head.

Remember, Erin got Michael arrested Monday for violating a restraining order.

Mr. Lohan -- who knows a thing or two about revenge and jail -- filed a criminal complaint of his own, and Erin turned herself in today.


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These people have money, constant public exposure, seemingly a lot more than most and absolutely NO CLASS!!!! What is wrong with people like this??? Trailer trash personified!

1739 days ago


Why were they even together in the first place, and at his MOM's house nonetheless.

1739 days ago


how the f... did someone sitting in the drivers seat kick him in the head when he opened the door?

I mean I could see her punching him where he inserts Jon G. the human sized d-bag but kicking him in the head? oh and she is so wasted she can't drive but pulls a jackie chan..

am I reading this wrong?

1739 days ago


The Lohans are truly America's trashiest family.

No wonder their daughter Lindsay is a washed up coke whore who now does porn photoshots/video.

1739 days ago

Nancy "O"    

Okay, wait,wait, calm down...can't TMZ bloggers just get along?

The problem was that as a result of Michael's court ordered "Re=education" in AA and prison...he really, really knows how to discern that his girlfriend is too drunk to drive. He knows the signs! He was with her,; she was drunk and as a result of his probation restrictions, he was sober. Yeah, right!

She should have nailed his numb-brained nurs. Problem solved!

1739 days ago


hot messes

1739 days ago


Do people really wonder why Li-lo is the way she is? Look at her role model father for example. Nice work, Dad.

1739 days ago


Stop posting things about Michael Lohan! You're only giving him the attention he wants and that's why he does such low down, dirty things to his family and the people around him. NO MORE MICHAEL LOHAN NEWS!! COME ON PEOPLE!!!

1739 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Given Michael's propensity to violence and abuse, I have to wonder if she was defending herself against an aggressive person? Given that she had to supposedly kick him in the head, I'm betting that this was not the start of the incident and this was purely defensive! But even with that, what kind of idiot would involve themselves with anyone connected to the Lohans? Sounds like an idiot and a master douchebag hooking up, with the associated problems quickly following. At least she's finally figured it out and got a RO against him, like that would do any good with a vindictive psychopath like him.

1739 days ago

for now    

15 sad sad , nancy o

do you idiots beat up your mommies?

1738 days ago
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