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Octomom Double Fists While Hitting the Bottle

12/17/2009 2:13 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Demonstrating exactly how not to carry two young babies around, a distracted Octomom, Nadya Suleman, toted two of her spawn down a flight of brick stairs yesterday ... and decided to do it wearing footwear commonly known as "slippers."


The mother-of-many really needs to get a grip.


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Diane- you wouldn't be overwhelmed either if you had an army of nannies paid for by pimping out the kids.

1768 days ago


...but at least the kids have a good life...and a wacko, disgusting fame whore for a mother

1768 days ago

Lady Z    

This woman is a lying psycho pig. She cannot open her mouth without lies flying out. A short list of her many lies:

She lies about never having plastic surgery. That is a bold faced lie. She had a tummy tuck last summer plus all the garbage she has done to her face.
She lies about not "being on welfare".
She lies about being a college graduate.
She lies about never having worked as a stripper.
She lies about only being implated with 6 embroyos and that one split into two. This is a lie.
She has defrauded the State of California disability system and on and on and on.

She is also the most selfish, self centered clearly mentally ill person on the planet. This loser cannot tie her own shoes much less take care of this amount of children. I'll bet the older kids have a mouthful of cavities while this leech is busy buying herself MAC cosmetics, getting plastic surgery, shopping for $200.00 flats and getting manicures and pedicures. She adds nothing of value to society expect leech money out of the State of California for her selfish idiotic stupidity. She is clearly mentally ill but her parents must take most of the blame for raising this utter failure as a human being. I've seen interviews on TV with her mother and the moron mother lets her yell and scream at her and generally acts like she is afraid of her. This slob has never been told the word "no" in her life. She has always done just what ever she felt like doing and her parents enabled her. Now the State of California is doing the enabeling. Sadly, the children are the losers is this whole mess. I could care less what happens to this pig, but those children did not ask for this.

1768 days ago


For a woman who claims she's not interested in getting a man and has just about forgotten what it was like, she sure goes to a lot of effort to display her body. What kind of game is she playing? Look but don't touch?

1767 days ago


i think she looks great.

1767 days ago


anyone wanting to do something for a child in need should read this.

This is the most heartbreaking thing I've ever read.

1767 days ago


Can you spell Photo Op? She probably called the paps before showing up that way, because the Gosselins and others have been getting all the attention and she's lost everyone's interest.

1766 days ago


There is absolutely nothing wrong with the way she is carrying her children. Yes if she slips, they all go down, but that can be said about anyone holding a child. Way to find any possible way to pick on her.

1765 days ago


You don't think she knew this picture would be plastered everywhere when she dressed like this and did this? Please.

1765 days ago


Yeah ok people it looks like kool aid but did you ever think it could be pedialyte? Hell yeah she looks great after birthing her herd but Geez guys her PUNISHMENT is being alone. What man is going to want to be with her and...she has to be accountable for everything she teaches those kids thats on her conscience. She is a Narcissist ok yes but deep down inside she loves those children how can she not shes forced to be with them day in and day out thats her choice. Children are a blessing but i do not believe its gods given way to be artifically inseminated with many embryos. Kinda gross.

1763 days ago

Pat Tiffany    

I think she looks too good, if she weren't getting help, she wouldn't look so good. Also, why is she dressed for winter, and one of the babies is dressed for summer? She knows she's being photographed,any idiot can see that. Of course money can buy you the privaledge of getting what you need. AAll the people who have donated to her,see what you bought? A mother who spends her money on nannies,lengerie, makeup, and obviously a physical trainer. Money well spent?

1763 days ago
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