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'Rage' to Radio Show: Eff Your 'No Eff' Rule

12/17/2009 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rage Against the Machine incited mass panic at a British radio show this morning -- when the lead singer unleashed a string of f-bombs during a live on-air performance.

Rage Against the machine -- click to hear

It all went down on UK's Radio Five Live's Breakfast Show during a performance of "Killing in the Name" -- after the band was asked to cut the curse words from the song. According to the DJ, the band obliged before the performance -- but apparently had a change of heart once they went on the air.

After a series of f-bombs, a female DJ can be heard scrambling to cut the audio -- saying, "Get rid of it!" Obviously, Rage was not allowed back on the air.


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Exactly Dave,

Nothing says "badass" like 40-somethings still pretending to have that teenage angst and rebellious attitude towards authority. They look and sound stupid at this age. Shouldn't they be at a PTA meeting or something?

1773 days ago


to Carl... i dont get into commenting fights, but just wanted to note... if you think the "tea bag idiots" are "right-wing nutjubs," then you don't know anything about the tea parties at all. First of all, tea party supporters subscribe to heavily Libertarian ideals (quite the opposite of the current Neoconservativism that runs the Republican party today) and, second, they hate right-wing nutjobs just as much as you do.

1773 days ago


RATM was cool when I was 15 and had about as much sense as a shoe, but looking back on them and their music now, they suck serious dog penis.

They were dorky, loser liberal toolbags in college that were tired of getting picked on by the good looking white fratboys.

1773 days ago


Wow, thanks TMZ. I was able to forget that I had ever thought these fake treehuggin' wannabes were cool. But you forced me to remember that I actually owned a few of their CD's back in the day.

Thank God I grew up!!!

1773 days ago


I'm sure the money they'll make from selling this song will all be going to charity right???
These guys have always been hypocrites. If you're so angry at the world you should have done something else other then being a musician. You take all the perks of fame but yet still want everyone to listen to what you have to say. They're no better then the "rebels" in Cuba that they seem so fond of. The rebels saying they were doing it for the "people" but in reality they did it for themselves and held all the people down. Death to the hypocrites of the world.

1773 days ago


Liberals are so freakin' stupid. They need to pick an identity and stick with it. I thought they were supposed to be warm, open arms for all points of view, nonviolent, peace lovers. Yet you got these dumbasses here, and the Slip Knot freaks, that totally contradict their entire platform. But leave it to Socialist sucking leftest crazies not to have a clue what the hell they support.

1773 days ago


Good grief, these oldass hypocrites look like they should be doing Viagra ads instead of still playing their idiotic, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past their prime, songs.

1773 days ago


lol!!!! wow, remember back when you thought these fools were cool, even though you didn't have a clue what they were ranting about? Well they've now become the "capitalist pig machine" they used to despise.

Liberal hypocrisy at it's finest!!!!

1773 days ago


Oh come on! How can they do "Killing In The Name" without unleashing the requisite F-bombs???? It just wouldn't be right! It's a matter of artistic integrity. :)

I love RATM! They need to make a major comeback.

1773 days ago


Apparently you haters expect RATM to perform and record but not make any money. You're probably the same idiots who illegally download all of your music, thus ripping off the artists.

1773 days ago


27. Apparently you haters expect RATM to perform and record but not make any money. You're probably the same idiots who illegally download all of your music, thus ripping off the artists.

Posted at 5:17PM on Dec 17th 2009 by t


You are the poster child for liberal hypocrisy. Their whole supposed "beef" was with greedy wealthy people. You know, just like how your dumbass President wants to punish the rich now and give their money to the lazy and undeserving. Share the wealth man, it's the liberal way!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1773 days ago


Fight the power maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!

I'll be so glad when these 40 year old rebels finally get put out to pasture. If you're Raging Against the Machine so hard, give away the millions the machine made for you. Idiots.

1773 days ago

Have no shame    

Wow!! I was completely with them on their fight to get to the top of the British charts for Xmas. They wanted to beat the Simon Cowell reality stars topping the charts at the moment. But this was completely idiotic. This will do nothing to help their cause. I thought these guys stood for something. Now I see that they are just egotistical a**holes.
But who cares. Subo or Robbie Williams will top the charts for Xmas. Way to go for your cause...MORONS!!!

1773 days ago


Way to go! F*** the idiots at that radio station. Jim Morrison refused to edit 'Light My Fire' when he sang it live. Way to be in elite company RATM!!!

1773 days ago


Damn. The right wing retards can't keep anything from hurting your little brains can it. It's music retards. I know there are no right wing musicians, artists, intellectuals, or academics. Nothing but war hawk cowards and incestuous alcoholics.
And to the moron that RATM support the democrats, way to show you no absolutely nothing about RATM... Go climb back on your moms and sisters inbred trash.

1773 days ago
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