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Video of Shane Sparks' Arrest

12/18/2009 5:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cameras were rolling when police arrested "America's Best Dance Crew" judge Shane Sparks this morning for alleged child molestation.

Shane Sparks: Click to watch
FOX 11 was there when Sparks, who was also a choreographer on "So You Think You Can Dance," was cuffed at his North Hollywood home and hauled off to Van Nuys jail -- where he's being held on $590,000 bail.

As TMZ first reported, Sparks is charged with 8 acts of alleged molestation with an underage girl.


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charlie vegas    

is it me or tmz has a hard on for black people. Every time i go to this website, it seems a black person is there breaking news. Kinda weird to me. And im not black fyi.

1769 days ago

Christian O    

just gross.... oh and why does some moron say that black people do this kind of stuff? rotten

1769 days ago


RACISM rears it's ugly head once again with some of these ignorant comments. How do you people even know this girl is telling the truth? So quick to judge, what ever happened to "Innocent until proven guilty"? I've seen this happen before with a dance instructor, he was eventually found NOT GUILTY after his career was ruined. If Shane is found guilty, then he did a horrible, awful thing, but let the justice system do it's job before you send out your hateful comments and condemn the man.

1769 days ago


Oh, and I'm so sure at 14 or 15 this girl was really feeling like she was meing molested by a twenty-somthing year old. I guess he didn't have enough money to pay her off to keep her from filing charges.

1769 days ago


So this was 10+ years ago? The girl was approx. 15 years old & he approx. 20. If he wasn't famous I really doubt that these charges would've popped up NOW. The law is the law but there is sooooooo much gray area on this one. Give or take a few weeks (maybe) and she could of been 16. Old enough to legally marry, have an abortion, drop out of school etc. Cases like this can be so messed up. BTDT! 12 years later we are married, with a mortgage and 2 kids.

(And yes, mom and dad came around and love him like their own now.)

1769 days ago

Bubba Gump    

charlie vegas - really? Do you not see pics of idiots from all races on here when they do something incredibly stupid? Sorry, but I think TMZ is an equal opportunity displayer of stupid actions.

I have a question though, despite thinking he should lose his nuts, what's the statute of limitations, if any, in such a case? Shouldn't there be a 2-3 year limit? Once again, I think he should lose his nuts so don't think I'm on his side.

1769 days ago


People, this isn't about race. Dude got head from a 10 year old. How does that have anything to do with race?

1769 days ago


I say; Can we screw his balls onto a skewer, then roast them over an open fire, hang them on the victim's Christmas tree, then drag him through the streets of his home town????

1769 days ago

dr cyclops    

damn these brothers just cant keep their woodies in their pants,,i wonder if the girl was black or white..hehe like the reference to wacko jacko har har har

1769 days ago

Black Power    

It's amazing how many people forget that this is about the molestation of an underaged girl and not about race. I don't care what color this guy is, all I know is that he got caught diddling a child and should be in jail for a long time. If this were my child or one of my neices he did this to, he would never make it to jail. I hope he gets what's coming to him.

1769 days ago


There is something strange here. The lapse in time, 15 years, is a great concern. The motivation behind the charges, is a concern, did they come from the girl herself or another party, etc. Also I would be interested in any statute of limitations that could be applicable in such a case.

1769 days ago


come on SHANE!!! I am a dancer so I'm alil upset to see such a talented person get caught up in a hot ass mess.He is an amazing teacher and very popular at The studio. His classes are always packed. I cant say it is true or not but just saying why wait so long ... is it cause he is famous and you want money? Also this just means this event has opened up the flood gates for now anyone to say that Shane did this to them. This happened like over ten years ago Such a shame... hopefully the charges aren't true cause the dance community will miss him!!!!!

1769 days ago


In California the statute of limitations on misdemeanor statutory rape is one year and is charged when the two people involved are less than three years apart in age at the time of the crime.

If the two people are more than three years apart at the time of the crime the charge becomes a felony and the statute of limitations increases to three years.


About 15 years has lapsed. Why is he being charged now?

1769 days ago


this is sooooo messed up..why dint these girls spk up thn 10 years ago n why talk now jus coz he is famous...he was 20 n stupid maybe..its still not excepted..agreed to it...but dint these girls in question know back thn wat is rape n molestation..godddd they were 15 even 5 year olds know...why they are talkin now..

1769 days ago

Black Power    

Statute of limitations? So just because this didn't come out years ago means the guy should get a pass? I'm sure a lot of you would think different if the child was a member of your own family. This guy did a horrible thing and if too much time has passed and jail time is out of the question, I hope people will give him the cold shoulder and never let him make another dime being a somewhat celebrity. But just by reading some of these comments, I'm sure he will be forgiven by a lot of you.

1769 days ago
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