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Tiger's Alleged Mistress -- Too Bad for TV

12/18/2009 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods probably didn't pick his alleged mistresses for their intellectual prowess. Exhibit A: the outtakes from Jamie Jungers' commercial shoot.

Jamie Jungers: Click to watch
Cashing in on scandal AND reading complete sentences ... isn't as easy as it looks!


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This one is the WORST of them all.

1733 days ago


What a genius!!
He definitely didn't pick her up for her intelligence...

1733 days ago



1733 days ago


Hell hath no fury like a SKANK scorned!!!!

1733 days ago


can anyone spell BIMBO

1733 days ago


f@@k me backwards this cannot be happening people!!!! trash would be royalty to this.

1733 days ago


She's no Einstein but i bet she gives great head!

1733 days ago

Bash a Pap    


1733 days ago


A California Blond no doubt!

1733 days ago



1733 days ago

who dat    

It doesn't take brains to play the "whistle". btw- she is puffy in the face with a double chin.

1733 days ago


Is anyone that surprised she can't read for heaven sakes, she is a BLONDE after all!!!!!!!! A dirty blonde at that...... isn't her 15 minutes up? I like how these bimbets are still yapping making themselves look worse and worse each day while Tiger is out of the spotlight looking better and better!!!!! The more these girls keep opening up their trap the more they keep digging a skanky hole by looking really horrendous.

1733 days ago


Poor Baby, It must be awful to have to go through life with only to functioning brain cells and a vagina :( Seems the vagian was doing all her thinking for her

1733 days ago


Congrats. You all at TMz, Inside Edition, the news and every other media outlet have done your jobs and you have done it well. You all, through your constant reports have managed to help end (possibly) a marriage. It's funny too. You all thought that you were just printing "news", but the fact is, you weren't just hurting Tiger. You were hurting his wife and most importantly, his children. But you couldn't see that because as far as you all were concerned, it was all about YOU. Your inability to see beyond your wants and needs help to crumble this relationship. Yeah, Tiger did cheat on his wife, but what business of that is ours? And I noticed that all of the people who were running him down and doing these "investigating" had one thing in common. They were all White. There were NO Hispanics, Asians, Blacks or American Indians running around helping Tiger to rip apart his marriage. It's a sad commentary on what Tiger did. The fact that he wasn't man enough to divorce his wife and not disrespect her. But having everyone else pile on shows just how sick White people can be. Just no regard for his wife and kids. And they all report others' bad behavior as if THEY and THEY only have carde blance on good behavior. When I look at they behavior I didn't see any reporting. I just saw a bunch of Vulcures preying on carrion. And what else is sad is that they are like sharks. When they smell blood they go into a frenzy and won't stop until they have devoured every last bit of meat. And then.....after they feel that there is nothing left they will then come to minorities and other whites and ask the same question they always do. "Shall we forgive him?" As if Tiger did something to them to which he should ask forgiveness. I get to frigging sick and tired of their holier than thou attitude.

1733 days ago


She must realize her 15 minutes of fame are almost over. So she's taking advantage until she fades into obscurity. I guess this is one of them tiger never paid off.

1733 days ago
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