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Tiger No Longer the Face of Watch Company

12/18/2009 5:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It was only a matter of time: Swiss watch company Tag Heuer has announced they won't be using Tiger Woods' tarnished image in any of their upcoming advertisements in the U.S.

Tiger Woods No Longer the Face of Watch Company

The CEO of the company told the Swiss paper Le Matin today, "We recognize Tiger Woods as a great sportsman but we have to take account of the sensitivity of some consumers in relation to recent events."

Translation: Just because Tiger ran through cocktail waitresses like clockwork, doesn't make him a good spokesman for a watch company.

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So tiger is taking a sabbatical eating cereal and watching cartoons while we hound the news about what he's doing with life - He obviously never should have gotten married - he's not tuned up for that sort of committment - his life is golf and cheap floozies - that's who he is - He played out a role to get great press and advertisers - he made his billions and Whoops! Got caught being who he really is - I feel Elin got a raw deal - but she got two beautiful children and will get lots of $$$ along with the heartache - Tiger will be free to chase yet more waitresses and ho's and play golf - it's really all he's wired for - I don't respect the man at all now cause he lied to us but to me he's just dirt - Good looking dirt but dirt none the less - likely why only the low life ho's were so enchanted with him, he could not attract a quality woman - His troubles are only starting now - the IRS will be after him - along with many civil and divorce suits - So the piece of tail only got more expensive - Was it worth it? Ask him in a few years I bet he says not -

1734 days ago


TH isnt just any watch company. Its one of THE best. Just about a week after the Tiger Incident, I noticed billboards were suddenly replaced with a blonde model posing with the latest from Tag H. I was like oh boy, that deal is done. Sure 'nough! And I'm glad.

1734 days ago


hahahaha all Tiger Woods' official sponsors are leaving him....just one will stay....you know which one? And why??? NIKE. Because their slogan is "JUST DO IT"!

hahahahahah arent I funny today!!!

1734 days ago


I read that Tiger Woods was going to have a lonely Christmas. What a pity. He's got nobody to blame but himself. He brought all this on himself.

1734 days ago

Chester the CPA    

Plenty of people wear Tags on occasion, it is a good golf watch, especially The Link Series. The watch was originally the choice of a lot of Scuba Divers. Now TAG has ventured out to the Fashion High End market, those who want to look sporty but don't have the talent!.. who wears Movado's and a lot of other watches out there.
Anyone who can afford them. As a Chronometer Tag is AVERAGE. but the atch costs considerably less then the ROLEX. Tiger used to be a big advertiser for ROLEX when he first jumped onto the golf scene.But eventually he an Rolex split...Heuer was glad they got Tiger and have been supporting him for almost a decade. Don't think this flap is enough to get them out of supporting TW.
Tiger will get a divorce, pay Elin off and come back to win a major tournament again. The sponsors will eventually flow back into his court. He will remain a single playboy and once he wins another golf tournament, our short memories will kick in. Most men could care less he cheated on his wife. In fact, most of them would have done the same thing if not worse.

Tiger has a long career ahead of him. He has too much talent to just disappear. The man has amassed a billion dollar fortune, he can do whatever he wants and the world is his stage.

Look at the other celebrities we've worshipped over the years who remain in our favor. The list is too long but we all know who they are.

1734 days ago


iam selling my tags now and returning the 2 i bought for christmas..ill buy nike watches..do they make watches..tired of all these holier than though people..the ceo of tag probably has had affairs..

1734 days ago


Elin got him this gig anyway. Wish Nike would wake up but then again they are not ethical.

1734 days ago


Tiger is already a has been. He won't be the golfer he once was. I don't think it would be funny at all if ceo's get caught up in scandals.

1734 days ago


PERHAPS I MISSED IT BUT, I haven't heard any TV or radio hosts, and guests, predict Tiger may not be up to his game if, and when, he decides to golf again. I would think he will be quite nervous and self-conscience about facing his audience. All this negative publicity is bound to have a serious effect on his golfing skills. Perhaps he needs to stay away and hold on to his reputation as the best athlete in a decade and, more. What a shame for ruining all that he has worked so hard for. "Now you have it, now you don't." I truly hope his future is not as bleak as it appears. Good Luck, Tiger!

1734 days ago


Oh and by the way, to the person who wrote most men could care less that Tiger cheated on his wife. Here is a thought for you. Most women do care that he cheated on his wife. And I think right about now Tiger is doubting himself big time. So he can do what he wants, but his son and daughter won't respect him and no amount of money can take away that shame or pain.

1734 days ago


Always a late night Christmas favorite of Tiger's?
"Christmas with Your Wife?"

1734 days ago


Not ONE brown-skinned girl in this collection of women. Not one Asian, Hispanic, Black, or mixed girl ..... just blondes.

Remember your roots, Tiger!

1734 days ago


now it is time for everybody to boycot NIKE until they drop him too! he should volonteer to be in condoms ads, the nasty bastard he is.

1734 days ago


i'm glad. i never liked him anyway. he's a good golfer but that was it for me. he's proven to be as low as they come and i feel for his poor wife and her two babies. he doesn't deserve any sympathy at all. if there's a "team elin", i'm on it.

1731 days ago

Chester the CPA    

Told you you and your facts were wrong..

Look at the HOME page of the TAG HEUR WEBSITE!!



1731 days ago
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