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Michael Jackson's FBI File to be Released

12/19/2009 1:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Federal Bureau of Investigation will release 333 pages of Michael Jackson's formerly-classified file on Monday morning. Can we interest you in a little light reading?

The documents will relate to his 1993 and 2004 child molestation cases -- as well as any case Michael Jackson was the victim of ... including threats and extortion attempts. Nothing about Dr. Conrad Murray or Michael's death will be in the files.

Our guess -- the extortion attempts will be the most interesting.

The FBI did a similar thing back in October concerning files involving Anna Nicole Smith and a possible plot to kill the son of her 89-year-old husband, J. Howard Marshall II.


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I'm here .

1733 days ago


Michael Jackson is INNOCENT.

1733 days ago


The Little Foxes...Pt. 2
Where to start with this one? FBI Files, Politics, State of the Nation and love of country all in one thread! And what does all of this have to do with our precious Michael? Everything! Michael was a force of nature; a genius wunderkind who was also very human. However, there's something about him that brings out all kinds. Controversy. It may be the title of a Prince song which he attributed to himself, but I think it more aptly describes Michael. With Prince, you always knew what you were getting: A genius musician, with a flair for fashion and understatement--verbally, that is. On the other hand, Michael, was offstage a shy, demure, misunderstood being, while onstage he was a force to be reckoned with, a tidal wave of emotions (just check out his face and body language on most of the concert pix--awesome!) in dazzling, almost frightening force. I think the problem is, most people couldn't reconcile the 2 and what's more, they probably aren't even sure why they were caught up in "Hurricane MJ." Hence, you have many folks from all walks of life and backgrounds attempting to deal with the passing of this force. It's fascinating that as someone stated, there are 4, maybe even 5 generations of people who are in love with this man. Can Elvis or John Lennon claim this? Yes, I know they have many fans and I happen to be one of them (who doesn't love Lennon's "Imagine"--genius!) but I don't think they can claim that 4-9 yr. olds are into their music--which has now even infiltrated the top of Billboard's Hot 200!

With all of that said, Let's Plow:
Thing 1: "All about Julie"--#639, et al.: Please. Ch'mon guys! Of course you know this is thinly veiled sarcasm at it's worst targetted at MJ Fans. It's redundant to say it's completely false because it's so ridiculous to begin with. However, I am sorry that this is the impression fans give off--you just have to understand how much we love our Michael...but not to the point that we don't realize he's human. He has made mistakes in his lifetime just like you and I. I just don't choose to magnify those mistakes and kick a man who's already down...

Thing 2: Land of the Free--#561/569/571/583,etc.-- My 2 cents: Like it or not, this country who once reveled in the fact that it produced the biggest megastar in the world--Michael Jackson--turned it's back on him as soon as the 1st allegations occurred. Yes, the media did their share of the damage, but I find it so interesting that other countries were presented with the same tripe and chose to take it with a grain of salt--in favor of Michael, a star who was NOT from their country. Now, I don't mean that we should've overlooked any wrongdoing simply because he was from the USA, but he WAS found NOT GUILTY of the 2nd allegations, and the in the case of the 1st, the so-called victim and his family decided to take the money and run--even when they could've STILL pressed criminal charges AND had the money to boot. Makes you wonder why. I love this country but I've made some strong statements (they probably have a file on me!) about this because I'm deeply saddened that MY country would do this to one of it's own sons who worked so hard and became the American dream our forefathers based the principals of this country on. Remember, WE WERE NOT THERE TO SEE WHAT HAPPENED WITH JORDY NOR GAVIN or any other so-called boy victim so how can we condemn? Do you realize that a charge such as child molestation is worst than Murder to most people? Murder can be committed in the heat of passion, but molestation is considered predatory in nature and downright sick. If I thought Michael or anyone else guilty of such a heinous crime, I'd be the first to push him to justice, but the fact is, I know he didn't do it because I believe in him as a person who was committed to humanitarian efforts and elevating life not death. You can list the merits of this country till kingdom come but if it doesn't learn to accept it's Heroes/Prophets and squash the hate that's killing them, they will probably become extinct.
-Kudos to AB for your words of wisdom on this one. Especially this:
"And if you grow up eleven people in a two bedroom house, a bed is not a symbol of sex."--That was priceless!
-Brigha--you were my favorite: thanks for your truth from "across the pond". One thing: I don't think Michael would lie about the bed sharing thing because in his mind, it was not wrong, period. In this way, Michael showed the youthfulness of his maturity level--he was almost like a child who was determined to have the last word on the subject. I remember even laughing a bit at that segment of Bashir's after the "Blanket incident" where he was sitting there preparing to be interviewed for the last time. He looked like a frustrated, bored child--but adorable! I think he was finally beginning to tire of Bashir's fa

1733 days ago


Nobody cared about this freak till he died.

1732 days ago


Cher, thank you for your profound posting. I agree with every single point that you make.

Especially "Thing 5"- NOT going to see This Is It is the sin of omission. The film is powerful and allows the world to see, up close, the beauty of MJ. A truly uplifting experience. I pity all those who deprived themselves of the chance to see Michael up close and personal.

Do the research: Sony were very generous in their negotiations for the rights to the film: 90% of the proceeds go to the MJ estate!!!
The film is dedicated to MJ's children.

A MUST READ for MJ lovers and haters: a very insightful analysis, written by a minster, of the man and film!

Best wishes for a healthy, happy and peaceful holiday season to everyone here.

1732 days ago


please sign the petition:


1731 days ago


Don't you know that TINI(tis is not it) is doing a petition? It's only for J.U.S.T.I.C.E.

1731 days ago


“To be great is to be misunderstood.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson


(( LOVE HUG ))

1730 days ago



I just wanted to log on & wish everybody a blessed holiday. I also wanted to share something that happened in our house tonite. My 15y/o daughter has a tradition of either singing to us or writing her father & I a story or poem on Christmas Eve. I know it sounds silly & corny but it's just a little tradition that she started when she was really tiny(and thought she might like to become 'Britney Spears' one day when she grew up). This year she poured out her thoughts on paper, expressing her admiration & appreciation for her father & I. I can't tell you what that meant to us & how we sat there stunned listening to her beautiful words flowing out of her little 'teenage mouth'. These moments are RARE for teenagers you know(wink).Her father & I just looked at each other speechless. She was in tears by the time she had finished. If that is all I ever received for every Christmas to come, I can tell you it would be MORE THAN ENOUGH (a little tear on mama's cheak here)!

After we had our 'kodak moment' & all hugged each other, wiping our eyes like silly fools, we ended up watching Youtube & talking about all our favorite videos of the moment. My daughter has taken a recent liking to country music(which my husband loves, ME? Not so much:( ) & as they chatted about some of their favorites, my husband ended up showing her Garth Brooks 'The Dance'. He once made a video of her as a baby and added audio of this particular song. As I listened to the words, I thought it was REALLY weird but they reminded me of Michael Jackson. Yeah I know, a country song?? Later, I checked on Youtube & sure enough, someone else apparently had the same thought as some point & had done a video using the song.

I wanted to share this video with you all, as well as my little sentimental Christmas story. I am a grateful woman. I cannot help but think that had I never gotten sober, I would have missed such a precious moment & my daughter undoubtedly would be a very different & most likely incredibly sad little girl today. Not the eloquent young lady with a heart as big as an ocean that I had the priviledge of listening to tonight. Every Christmas I think how very different my life & all those who love me would be had my life not changed for the better. I thank God for it EVERY DAY but especially at Christmas.

I don't know the depths of Michael Jacksons problems or why he ended up leaving this world the way he did but I wish that he had not had to fight the demons that pursued him all of his life. I do believe though that we're meant to walk the paths that we do in life and I HAVE TO BELIEVE that it is all part of some greater purpose and that maybe one day we'll understand it all.

That's why I think this video is so appropriate and why it reminded me of MJ......

Thank you all for your friendship, your kind words, & your support this year! I'm so glad I had this board to come to:) God Bless YOU ALL & your families at this special time & may you prosper & find all the peace & happiness your hearts can hold in 2010!

Merry Christmas Guys!



"The Dance"

Looking back on the memory of
The dance we shared 'neath the stars above
For a moment all the world was right
How could I have known that you'd ever say goodbye

And now I'm glad I didn't know
The way it all would end the way it all would go
Our lives are better left to chance I could have missed the pain
But I'd have had to miss the dance

Holding you I held everything
For a moment wasn't I a king
But if I'd only known how the king would fall
Hey who's to say you know I might have changed it all

And now I'm glad I didn't know
The way it all would end the way it all would go
Our lives are better left to chance I could have missed the pain
But I'd have had to miss the dance

Yes my life is better left to chance
I could have missed the pain but I'd have had to miss the dance

Posted at 12:08AM on Dec 25th 2009 by janalal4

1730 days ago

just came with the files. so we can see how he was

1730 days ago


Tom Sneddon was a racist man and he made sure that there were no black people at the jurors stand in Michael Jackson's trial.He taught that all white people hated Michael Jackson and that the singer was going to be found guilty of raping Gavin Arvizo even though there was no proof of that.This is a violation of the justice system and Tom Sneddon should go to jail.

1727 days ago


all i can say is may GOD have mercy on all those that are passing judgment on michael jackson.all the stories that came out about the molestation, if you really think about it, it comes from the mine of a sick person. this man has children of his own, he helped children,and all because he cares so much for them, how could anyone think he could harm them? this man (michael jackson) had a heart filled with love.he wanted kids and he got three, now where these other unmention kids coming from? they are coming out of the pockets of their mothers who wants something. why didn't they get it while he was alive?he would never turn his back on a child that he fathered. he's a good person and people can't accept dr murray, well he admitted that he gave him the leathal dose, which took michael's life, well dr murray, your judgement day is coming and only GOD knows what your punishment will be. LET MICHEAL NOW REST WITH THE ANGELS IN HEAVEN.THANK YOU MICHAEL FOR THE LOVE AND THE MUSIC YOU LEFT FOR US.I WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH.

1726 days ago


I'll never in this lifetime ever believe Micheal molested any child in any shape or form. Micheal, he was so childlike himself. He knew that buddying up with children, would be a safe place for him. Not to mention, he could be himself with them without the fear of the insane gossip people tend to babble! Micheal devoted his entire life entertaining us with his music, words of inspiration & positive ways to look at things we see. For anybody to believe for any minute, even a moment...that Micheal would ever do such horrible things, Well, you'd just plum be crazy, out of your mind. Most likely a trouble maker, or a queen/king of GOSSIP... I say. So for all of you who pointed the finger....SHAME ON YOU, you should be discusted with yourself about now. It is pretty obvious the parents hit Mike up for money. They wanted to get rich. So they slandered poor Micheal, the most innocent of innocent. Its so pathedic. Rest in peace Micheal. I'll listen to you always.

1349 days ago
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