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Tiger Woods' Mom Goes Loco

12/19/2009 12:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kultida Woods, mother of Tiger Woods, took time out from trying to avoid stories about her son yesterday to hit up a local El Pollo Loco.


Clearly Tiger's mom also enjoys side dishes.

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I agree with #5 I totally thought that was a dude.

1767 days ago


Elin should dump Tiger, and let him join Amway, along with his "girlfriends", as Amway also screws anything that moves. Amway is a scam, and here's why: Amway pays out as little money as they can get away with, so they support the higher level IBOs ripping off their downline via the tool scam. As a result, about 99% of IBOs operate at a net loss, while the top 1% make several TIMES more from their Amway tool scam than from the Amway products. Read about it on my blog, I suggest you start here: http://tiny.cc/D5oJh and forward the information to everyone you know, so they don't get scammed.

1767 days ago


OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! Leave his mother out of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's the celebrity skirt-chaser, not her! Let the woman eat in PEACE! You friggin' paps are bottom feeders, starting to rank right up there with Priests and Politicians on the useless-people-who-noone-would-miss list.

1767 days ago

Bobo Frog    

That's not Tiger's Mom....that's Harvey Levin!! LOL!

1767 days ago


She must be so proud of her Son about now!

1767 days ago


Aside from Elin and the kids, I feel sorry for his Mom as well. She only found out Tiger was a jerk when Elin did! It's not his Mom's fault Tiger's a complete @ss.

1767 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

TMZ, your "side dishes" comment was unnecessary. Tiger's mother didn't disrespect you. Keep it professional.

1767 days ago


Leave the mother alone... Tiger must be responsible for his transgressionsssssss.....

1767 days ago


The paps should leave this woman alone, stop following her!

1767 days ago


She's a man, baby!!

1767 days ago


Leave her alone.

1767 days ago


A new low for even you guys. Leave Mom alone.

1767 days ago

R.I.P. K.O.P.    

OK. No. I really don't want to see Tiger's mama on this website. Puh-lease leave the woman alone!

1767 days ago


The face of a parent who failed...................miserably. She should have taught her son more about morals and less about money and greed. It was his downfall. The Bible says that it's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to inherit the kingdom of heaven. Tiger is evidence of this corruption. Look what money, access and power did to him.

1767 days ago


Someone asked how Tiger could behave like this, with a Buddhist background. Tiger Woods is not a Buddhist no matter what he claims. Buddhism has never been some slacker religion like Christianity, Judaism or the Muslim hissy fit that you can claim to be a part of. Buddhism is not an in-group, a believe group, a faith group, a worship group, a mask or something you can hide behind. The goal of Buddhism has never been to worship Buddha, to have faith in Buddha or otherwise focus on Buddha. Your own relationship with the universe around you is the concern. Essentially Buddhism is not a "religion", it is more a wise, experienced, highly practical and compassionate mind training and spiritual enlightenment practice. Buddhism has no use for "interpreters" such as televangelists or preachers. You yourself have to do the work, you yourself are to experience life directly and completely and to live it responsible for your own actions. Tiger Woods shows nothing in his behavior that indicates spiritual discipline; quite the opposite, he appears to be primitive, random and unconscious. No matter what he can do with a golf club, that's not due to Buddhist training. No matter what he has done with Elin or his mistresses, that is not due to Buddhism in any way. Tiger's spiritual training looks more likely to have been guided by ignorance and sporadic bodily urges. That's almost typical of those who have a need to claim they "belong" to such and such a "religion"; no enlightenment, no discipline, no responsibility, no compassion.

1767 days ago
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