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Ashton to Brittany: 'See You on the Other Side'

12/20/2009 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ashton Kutcher is already opening up about the death of his ex girlfriend Brittany Murphy, insisting the world "lost a little piece of sunshine."

Ashton kutcher and brittany murphy

Kutcher -- who famously dated Murphy in 2002 when they starred in "Just Married" together -- tweeted, "2day the world lost a little piece of sunshine. My deepest condolences go out to Brittany's family, her husband, and her amazing mother Sharon."

Kutcher added, "See you on the other side kid."

Brittany Murphy & Ashton Kutcher


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it is intersting that Demi Moore was born Nov 11 and Brittany Nov 10

1733 days ago




Ashton - You're Insensitive for that writing.

Ashton - You would've been better off saying "No Comment" -or- better yet, just not making any comment !!


1733 days ago


Ashton Kutchner in: JUST WIDOWED.

1733 days ago


This is so sad... I loved Brittany's movies. She will be missed.

Wow... Some of you people are so rude! Just because he twittered his feelings about Brittany, doesn't make him a bad guy! Celebrities did the SAME EXACT thing when Michael Jackson died. So you guys need to STFU about this. Let Ashton tweet whatever he wants. Blah.. you stupid people need a life.

1733 days ago


They broke up at least a few months before Demi.

1733 days ago


there is nothing wrong with Ashton commenting on her death. Geeze people

1732 days ago

sicko Lambert    

WOW!!! Did Ashton and Brittany ever make a Beautiful couple!!! ...too bad, my condolences to Brittany's family.

1732 days ago


Let him express his feelings. You guys act like ex's are just thrown in the trash can. Ex's are never mentioned in Obituaries, either. These 2 were very close and what Ashton said was very touching. Of course, if one of my ex-girlfriends or rex-wife was dead.I would be deeply affected. I guess it depends on what feelings we have. Give Ashton some slack. Ex's do have feelings and yes some or all are affected by an ex's death. I was always against just getting rid of them emotionally just because you broke up.Ashton and Bruce Willis remain great friends. Ashton is cool. I am not great friends with my ex-wife's husband. Don't even like him. Give Ashton some slack.

1732 days ago


Who cares what any actress/actor has to say about anything off screen. In all fairness however, Ashton has never publicly said a bad thing about anyone ever, so why criticize the twitter, I don't get it.

1732 days ago


Gods. The mindless hatred that spews forth from some of you people. So what if he Twittered about her? He probably isn't the only one close to her that did; maybe he's only the most well known.

People express their grief in different ways; who are you to judge him so harshly? Is it what he said that has prompted so many of you to label him a douche? Was it too "casual" for your delicate sensibilites? Maybe that's the kind of relationship they had. Yeah, they dated but I don't think they were exactly the love of each others lives or anything.

Calm the eff down, people. Stop taking this kinda stuff so effing seriously. Please.

1732 days ago


Kutcher, come'on, man! You're 31 years old, an ex-fiance has died: Use fully-spelled-out words to express your "grief", jerk.

1732 days ago


Ashton is very good and smart man ............South Beach Brite

1732 days ago


I think we are losing sight of the fact that someone very young and gifted has - once again - been tragically taken before their time. It's heartbreaking news and she will sadly be missed.

My deepest condolences to Brittany's family and the tremendous heartache they must be experiencing right now.

1732 days ago

John Edwards the scumbag    

See you on the other side? WTF? That's something you hear in a horrible B movie. Oh wait, B movies are the only movies this douchebag can get. My bad.

1732 days ago


Wow, I can't believe how many people are bashing Ashton for posting to twitter. Do any of you remember how many 'celebrities' went to twitter the second MJ died. No one sat around calling them media whores or insensitive losers.

1732 days ago
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