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Brittany Murphy's Husband Doesn't Want Autopsy

12/20/2009 7:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brittany Murphy's husband, Simon Monjack, told hospital staff at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center he did not want an autopsy performed on his deceased wife, multiple sources tell TMZ.

Simon Monjack, Brittany Murphy

We're told, however, despite Monjack's wishes, the L.A. County Coroner's office will perform an autopsy on Murphy. As we first reported, Murphy went into cardiac arrest this morning and could not be revived.

TMZ has also learned Brittany Murphy's mother, who found Murphy unconscious in the shower and called 911, told paramedics her daughter had a history of diabetes. We have not been able to confirm if Murphy did indeed have diabetes, and if so, whether it contributed to her death.

-- Ed Winter from the L.A. County Coroner's Office tells TMZ foul play is not suspected at this time. Some prescriptions were found in the house, but he wouldn't say what kind, and they will be examined as well. Toxicology tests will be performed, which could take up to six weeks.


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Come on.. the fact that's he doesn't want an autopsy doesn't mean he played a hand in her death, for god's sake. He probably knows it will be drug-related and doesn't want her name smeared in the press.
Regardless, what he wants is irrelevant and there will an autopsy.

1777 days ago


No Autopsy, huh, Simon?

Maybe because you don't want the cops to know you killed her.

Bastard!!! LAPD, do your job and arrest this P.O.S.

If she had a history of diabetes - then this could've been a diabetic shock - but I sincerely doubt it.

It's too suspicious.

Anyway, Brittany's too young & too talented to die like that.

Ever since this P.O.S. bastard came into her life, she's been in a downward spiral.

He has a history of being a con man in England and in the USA.

LAPD, do your job and arrest this P.O.S. - and arrest MURRAY too!!!

1777 days ago


Lookit that fat, ugly slob. This was obviously a drug (coke) dependent relationship and he was her supplier. He doesn't want the drug trail to come back to him. Duh!

1777 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

How tragic that her mother found her dead ......

One of the worst things in life is for a parent to lose their child.

Wishing her mother and family comfort and healing from here on out.

1777 days ago


Ok, now it's suspicious

1777 days ago


Howard K. Stern much?

1777 days ago


Why would you not want an autopsy on your loved one, especially if they'd died so young?! This guy is beginning to sound more and more suspect.
RIP Brittany; you seemed a sweet, talented girl who left too soon.

1777 days ago


I think that Jewish people bury their dead within 24 hours.

1777 days ago


Oh, man, for all those people on the last post telling us to leave this guy alone, what say you now? This is so very suspicious. Next we're going to hear how this guy left town and can't be found.

1777 days ago


I will get to read two Coroner reports for 2009. One was from a dance an old woman had with a big moving truck. The next one is basically an old age situation, so perhaps it will have something helpful to the living, but it's not been released yet. It's only reassuring to know that such reports are available.

1777 days ago


Your 32-year-old wife has a heart attack and you don't want to find out what may have caused it??? I understand he may be grieving, but that's usually what happens when someone doesn't want something untoward discovered.

1777 days ago


29. Excuse me! Britney's husband is Jewish and they do not believe in autopsies - its an indignity to the human body


Posted at 6:00PM on Dec 20th 2009 by Don


I wondered about that, thank you for clarifying.

1777 days ago


All you "close, personal friends of the deceased" will know her husband is Jewish. Jewish law forbids the despoliation of the body. So read into his request as you will but keep in mind none of YOU know squat so get your active imaginations focusing on something constructive. Came upon this site by chance. Good Gawd! Never read so many dissertations from imaginary authorities in my life. You'd think some of you were on speed dial for every celebrity out there.

1777 days ago


Forget the fact he's Jewish and doesn't want an autopsy.

Brittany's death is HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS.

And I can bet you he has a lot to d with it.

1777 days ago


Gone to soon

1777 days ago
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