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Brittany Murphy's Husband Returns Home

12/20/2009 3:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Monjack, Brittany Murphy's husband, was spotted returning home from the hospital this afternoon.



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This guy must have had one hell of a good personality to get someone as good looking as Brittany...I think its weird he don't want them to perform a autopsy something just isn't right there if that is really the truth...It will be even more sad if she was killed...She was good in 8mile and she was pretty...My brother had a seizure in the shower like 3 years ago when he was 22 from doing to many Xanax and he hit his head bad luckily he didn't drown but maybe that is what happen hear them Xanax are bad if you start taking to many you just can't stop cold turkey cause you brain well shut down and you well have seizures...Anyway RIP she made her mark in a lot of peoples life just from her movies and she well be remembered I hope she went peacefully with no pain and didn't suffer.

1775 days ago

Michele Reed    

This fat bastard doesn't want an autopsy.

1775 days ago


Read the comments to the above post closely. Her husband had cheated multiple former girlfriends and ex wife. Stealing money, ruining their credit. He defrauded numerous 'business' associates and investors in Europe.

I smell a suspicious death. He should not be entitled to her estate if he enabled her. It should go to her mother.

RIP Brittany

1775 days ago

hey Cheryl Shuman    

you know you commenting isnt helping Brittany with all the drug related talk...

1775 days ago

hey Cheryl Shuman    

I just cant see why shed marry THAT guy, she was a major hottie, cute as a button, and this guy is just flat down gross, besides having a shady no good past serving prison time

its like te beauty and the beast, only ths beast is apparently no good, and id not be suprised if he was her enabler...

if was, he ought to be put in jail for ruining and ending such a pretty young life...

1775 days ago


I don't think you're suppose to care about what you look like when your spouse has just died. Obviously the individuals making such heartless comments on this man's psychical appearance have never loved someone for longer than a week or two.

1775 days ago

Better Than You    

Posted at 8:13PM on Dec 20th 2009 by Jessica

I don't think you're suppose to care about what you look like when your spouse has just died.

Yes, that's true. I'm sure as soon as he heard the news this morning, he quickly ran out, and packed on 100 extra pounds. And his facial hair decided to sprout out 4 unshaven days worth, in just a few hours.

1775 days ago


My understanding is that Brittany was the subject of an industry "blind item" a little while back that suggested that she was forced to marry this guy because he was blackmailing her with some video footage of her doing drugs and in a compromising position. And though it's not polite to comment negatively on people during times of mourning, I don't want anyone feeling sorry for this guy. He blackmailed her, was possibly drugging her (why else decline an autopsy) or contributing to her drug problems, was a con artist and crook. I'm sure it will all come out eventually. But don't feel sorry for this glutunous fat cow. He took advantage of a sweet girl in an industry where image is everything.

1775 days ago


WTF!!!! What the hell is the matter with you morons. Calling her husband a fat slob and surprised by what he looks like???!!! He just lost his wife! Enough talk about drug overdose and he killing her because he's "fat and ugly".

You are the worst bunch of ignorant morans I have ever come across. Grow up and stop with the stupidity

1775 days ago


Melissa: Read the comments. Absorb it. Written right around the time of Brittany's marriage to him:

I assure you...this man has some responsibility in her death...

1775 days ago

I'm actually better than you    

He is ugly and fat. He is a fat slob.

It baffles me as to why Brittany Murphy married him.

1775 days ago


oh yeah... he did it

1775 days ago


So sad. Condolences to him. It must be a hard thing to go thru. To all those idiots writting stupid things have some respect. What if it would happen to one of your loved ones and everyone made comments like this to you??

1775 days ago


i am cutting off her tits and feverishly azz-raping her corpse at this very minute (i work in the coroner's office)

1775 days ago


NO WAY!!! She married HIM??? He looks dirty.

1775 days ago
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