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Brittany Murphy's Husband Returns Home

12/20/2009 3:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Monjack, Brittany Murphy's husband, was spotted returning home from the hospital this afternoon.



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john dow    


1731 days ago


Please, Please!!! This is not the time to judge on his physical appearance and why did Brittany marry this man. He just LOST his wife, he is grieving!
My deepest condolences to Brittany's family and husband.

"Although it's difficult today to see beyond the sorrow,
May looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow. "

1731 days ago


Almost more disturbing than this young woman dying suddenly at such a young age from what may be drug abuse are the deplorable, nasty, hateful and vile comments I am reading here.

A young woman has died and her family is grief stricken. Is this how you would treat someone you actually knew who just lost a family member? Would you go up to their face and the first thing you would say would be "you're a big, fat slob--nice outfit! Your wife was an anorexic drug fiend too"

If you wouldn't do that to someone you actually know, then why are you doing it here? It is just as hurtful to her friends and family and downright sickening.

1730 days ago


I cant belive people are making fun of her husband are you all heartless souls? He just lost his wife!! Who the hell are you all to make fun of the man this wonderful women loved you guys are sad!!!

1730 days ago


I KNEW this would happen to her. Her husband is a con-man and I always suspected she would end up dead in this relationship. Just a hunch kind of feeling...

He probably poisened her with something that caused the flu like symptoms (there are many different ways to do that) and HELLOOO???

WHY would he request they NOTT DO an autopsy? Because he has something to hide DUH!!!

1730 days ago


You people ae sick... You see one pic and becuase he's not as pretty as her you assume the worst! Get over it... He's a dude grieving.... that's all we know. Fak U... attacking him when you know nothing!

1730 days ago


Firefighter: "Sir, we've lost your wife"

Monjack: "OM NOM NOM. Food goes in here (points to stomach)!!!

1730 days ago


Some of you people should be ashamed of your comments. It is disappointing how people judge in this world based one's appearance. Out of respect for Brittany and her family keep ALL derogatory comments to yourself. The personality is most important than looks. If the cause of her death was due to drugs all I can honestly say is just because you are of a particular status in life it does not make you immune to being human and including making horrible irreversible mistakes. We who are not celebrities need to never lose sight of that.

1730 days ago


Richie comment 252.... damb people can be shallow... you're about as shallow as they come.... People like you make the world a sad sad place to exist.... Frankly... We would be better of without you.

1730 days ago


OMG... Your wife (just 32 yrs old) dies suddenly and you don't want an autopsy? Are you kidding? What are you hiding? Sorry, but this guy's appearance has slid downhill rather quickly in the 2 yrs they were married. He must have a really great personality and lots of money??? From Ashton to this? RIP Brittany.

1730 days ago


Tragic news.......but did you see the dancing bear?

1730 days ago


Hey Simon I'm sorry for your lost and I'm gonna let you finish, BUT BEYONCE HAD ONE OF THE BEST ACCIDENTAL HEART ATTACKS OF THE YEAR!!!!

1730 days ago


Ashton Kutchner. Simon Monjack. Ashton Kutchner. Simon Monjack. That must have been a real hard choice for her.

1730 days ago


BMGhost thanks for making my day! Seriously you made me LOL!

263. Firefighter: "Sir, we've lost your wife"

Monjack: "OM NOM NOM. Food goes in here (points to stomach)!!!

Posted at 3:29AM on Dec 21st 2009 by BMGhost

1730 days ago


Wow...some people are so shallow. No he is not someone I would expect her to be with. But she was and hopefully happy. But I do not see why you all are bashing him so much especially during a time like this. All I can say is wow! RIP Brittany. You're family and friends are in my prayers.

1730 days ago
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