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Brittany Murphy's Husband Returns Home

12/20/2009 3:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Monjack, Brittany Murphy's husband, was spotted returning home from the hospital this afternoon.



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he is a vulture who preyed on Brittany. He has known her since she was 17...and he's a bit older than reminds me of the movie Casino where the character Sharon Stone played was with the HUGE loser/pimp that she had known since she was a kid who kept sucking the life & money out of her. This guy obviously was taking Brittany to the cleaners. And what's up with not wanting an autopsy? That's the first thing I'd want done to see what the hell happened to my loved one!

1765 days ago


comment 277 & 280, come on, get serious! this guy was a leach with NO MONEY or SUCCESS to speak of. He was a LEACH on Brittany who literally sucked the life out of her! let's see what you say when it goes public that he had something to do with her death!

1765 days ago


But not part of the British-born Monjack's biography was his history of financial issues, including several evictions, prior to marrying his famous spouse
In 2006, Monjack was sued by mortgage and banking company Coutts and Co. for $470,132, which he finished paying off in 2008, AFTER marrying Murphy

1765 days ago


Seriously!!!!! Are all you people really that SHALLOW!!!!

1765 days ago


so sorry for her husband, i so much like and i would have married her if she asked me to. Rest in peace love.

1765 days ago


I really feel like this guy has something to dow with her death. He was arrested for his visa running out and pushed her to marry him. He is a con artist. He doesn't have his own money. Now he gets to live off of her forever. They both did a lot of prescription drugs.

1765 days ago

2 cents    

This man just lost his wife and some of you are talking about how fat he is?? how he may have killed her?? his past financial woes?? It is creepy to think some of you are actual human beings walking about looking normal but with this type of hallowness of heart. I wish the entire family well especially her husband - what a way to end an already tough year!

1765 days ago


I dont see how her death has anything to do with her husbands appearance. Wish her well and respect that regardless of whether you would ever marry someone who looked like him, Brittnay Murphy did and he has lost a life-long partner. Focus people, FOCUS

RIP Brittnay, may you rest in peace.

1765 days ago

Sean G in the D    


1765 days ago


Hes just gross. I saw him the other day when they rushed him to the hospital and I was like REALLY? She is with him? He doesnt even brush his hair half the time or wear clothes that fit. She is way to good for this guy. And I hear he has a hell of a past from what I have read. Very bad company. Stole millions from family. He is a money hungry fat slob and the truth is gonna come out. You watch. RIP Britney. We all loved everything you did.

1765 days ago


WOW!! You ppl blow me away.

1765 days ago


You people are unbelievable! Lets see how you would look if your spouse had just died. As for his weight, I seriously doubt most of you have any room to talk. Your parents should be ashamed for raising such trash.

1765 days ago


I think its obvious drugs were involved! Look at who she married, you cant tell me she was a sober person. I see her and him and it reminds me of Larry Flynt and his wife. She kept his old ugly ass around cause he kept her wasted all day. Never sobered up long enough to realize what she married.

1765 days ago


so a famous person found a regular joe and looked beyond the model looks of all those around her and feel in love with the guy for whats in his heart, and that makes him a slob hope none of you wake up and have and injury or gain weight and have to deal with jerks like you. Brit was kewl she saw past the bs that most people cant, when it comes to love in the end. Guess all you are married to studs and princess's, yea right.

1765 days ago


I don't get what she was doing with him yet that was his wife and I feel bad for the guy. It might not have been drugs she was very skinny and dealing with weigh issues sometimes taking weight loss meds or having an eating disorder has a toll on the heart. Esp the meds they make your heart race some people have said they felt like they were having a heart attack. Either way it's really sad. Right before the holidays too. RIP BM

1765 days ago
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