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Brittany Murphy's Husband Returns Home

12/20/2009 3:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Monjack, Brittany Murphy's husband, was spotted returning home from the hospital this afternoon.



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pretty young girl    

I dont have a good feeling about this guy but I could and hope Im wrong.

1704 days ago


To those of you that are so rude about someone because of their appearance, you make me ashamed to be Australian. If you're not Australian then you're shaming your country. The poor guy looks devastated at the loss of his wife. :-(

1704 days ago


That is just a bad pic of him... I Googled him and he is not "THAT" bad..... plus remember guys and gals... "love is blind"

1704 days ago


The guy she married is disgusting, he probably hooked her on drugs a long time ago, she is bone thin and he is overweight Hello, he looks shady

1704 days ago

Eva Norton    

What we know: Brittany Murphy died. What we've heard: full cardiac arrest. End of story - we don't know anything more so how can anyone comment? Please give her the respect to wait until definitive answers are available to comment on how or why she died. Please give her family the respect of silence as they come to grips with her death. I am surprised that such vile comments are posted by people who don't even know her and that they are kept by the site administrators. I would hope both would reconsider.

1704 days ago


Her death has a "Karen Carpenter" feel to it, if you ask me.
The poor girl always looked hungry, and she made typical comments that anorexics make to cover up their behavior...

1704 days ago


you would be surprised of what people are attracted to when they are on drugs. they would think a donkey covered in thier own crap was a unicorn swimming in pixie dust.. that man looks strung out. I dont give sympathy for stupidity. yes it is sad she died young, but if she died because she was using... oh well. stupid is as stupid does. there is no positive end to being on drugs. geez, look at Marilyn Monroe

1704 days ago


Am I the only one here whose first thought was to suspect this guy of foul play? The cops will surely check him out, but he's widely thought to be a con artist.

1704 days ago


He is so disgusting. I will never understand why she married him. R.I.P. Brittany.

1704 days ago


Come on guys - stop attacking this man. It will come out shortly that she died from cardiac arrest due to anorexia and bulimia. Lets hope that the family will bring public awareness to this issue and maybe set up a fund to help others with the similar condition. I have never heard of Britney involved in the drugs and party sceene. This is a huge tragedy and please let the family mourn. I am sure this is a good man so have some respect.

1704 days ago


POOR GUY MY ASS!He should be a person of interest.You dont die of cardiac arrest @ 32.Im sure he was partying with her.His blood should be taken and I guarantee he is loaded with opiates like her.Roxys and oxys.He is more responsible than just looking like a dirtbag.Someone should demand that he gives bllos.It will match toxicology with what killed her....Its sad but she rolled the dice.He should be prosecuted.

1704 days ago


2. What did Brittany see in this fat slob? I just dont get it...

Posted at 4:33PM on Dec 20th 2009 by Brandon

Neither do I, but I see lots of women with men who I wouldn't pay any attention to.

1704 days ago


Regardless of how he looks, Brittany married him for HER right reasons. There was obviously something that attracted a beautiful girl like her to this guy. For those that don't know, the 911 call from the airport described this man as being ill from diabetes. If he had something to do with her death in the name of $$, then he will certainly get what's due him... Karma.. what goes round always comes back around.

I loved her in every movie I saw with have a role in. Her smile & bubbly, giggly self always had me joyous and smiling right back at her. I'm really going to miss her beautiful spirit!!!

Some recent pics of her have her looking really skinny. Anorexia is possible, not just a possible overdose on drugs.

God Bless your heart Sharon... you were and are an absolutely wonderful mother to have been so supportive of Brittany and her career.

♥Love U Brittany Murphy♥RIP♥

1704 days ago


oh, poor guy. he looks lost.

1704 days ago


Umm so I'm pretty sure he didn't have time to get spruced up this morning before calling 911 and going to the hospital with his wife. Give him a break y'all.

1704 days ago
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