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Brittany Murphy's Husband Returns Home

12/20/2009 3:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Monjack, Brittany Murphy's husband, was spotted returning home from the hospital this afternoon.



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brandon and schoen are idiots
this guy is/was ultra wealthy, get it?

1769 days ago


People don't always marry for looks. It's about a connection you have with a person. Look at Christina and her husband. Would you all say the same mean things about her husband should she die suddenly?

BTW, young people DO have heart attacks. One of my best friends died at 16 from one, it was in the family genes, nothing could be done to stop it.

Whatever caused the heart attack will be revealed. In the meantime, people should stop making mean remarks about her husband. No matter what he looks like or what happened, he just lost his wife today. Her mother lost her daughter. The world lost another actress. Let's just remember her for her great movie roles and the great characters she brought to life on the screen.

1769 days ago


Maybe he fell on her and crushed her?

1769 days ago


I feel sorry for this guy he will never find a girl this hot again.

1769 days ago


I'd believe anorexia over drugs any day, and as for her husband, lots of women really like big men. To whomever is dogging the poor guy, i doubt he took the time to find his best fittin shirt this morning while his wife was being put in the ambulance. Have some heart. It's people like you who are ruining this world. Go praise Paris Hilton and shut your pieholes. That's hot. F*ckbags.

1769 days ago


She had a couple of decent films, big deal
There are lots of very wealthy people out there you've never heard of Brandon,and guess what? a lot of them didn't work for it. It's called "old" money and they earn it the old fashion way- inheriting it.

1769 days ago


why is the other guy in the photo fondling Monjack's moobs? why?

1769 days ago


It's one thing to report her death. But this? Cold. Heartless. Leave him alone for crying out loud. His wife just died this morning.

1769 days ago


It looks like he's just let himself go recently. If you look at this link there are some pics of them together and he looks kind of hot -

1769 days ago


Didn't he recently have a health problem? What happened and could it be related to her death?

1769 days ago


That guy looks like a CON ARTIST!!!

If you looked at the picture, better check that you still have your wallet!!!

1769 days ago


*IF* this is anorexia I hope it gets Posh Beckhams attention. She is rail thin and I noticed lately if her kids have food she just sits and stares at the food. There is also a pic of her staring longingly at food in a vending machine. It's like she is in a trance when ever she spots food. She will be next if she doesn't snap out of it soon.

1769 days ago


it doesnt matter what anyone look like, but somebody lost their lives. So Leave the husband alone and let him grieve. She was an amazing girl. I'll totally miss her. Maybe her husband isn't the best looking guy, but we shouldn't judge.
Rest in Peace, Brittany Murphy.
Its horrible to hear this type of news especially during the Christmas and holiday time.

1769 days ago


wasnt tmz ragging on her last week for being married to this guy? all because he is fat and doesent dress well? Maybe that is to blame for her untimely death.

1769 days ago


He has recently gained some weight. Previous pics reminded me of a young Orson Wells (hubba hubba)

I also read somewhere that they had been friends since she was young. 17 I think? That is why the actual courtship was so short. They already knew each other.

I've heard the rumors about him, though, and that kinda scares me.

1769 days ago
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