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James Cameron Terminates Photog's Dreams

12/20/2009 8:54 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A brief encounter with James Cameron, the biggest director on the planet, on the weekend "Avatar" comes out in theaters. A chance to get advice from the master. It did not go well ...


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Cameron would have done far better keeping his wise assed mouth shut instead of opening it and proving what a jerk he REALLY is. His wings are in serious need of clipping.......

1738 days ago

someone somewhere    

this looks to me to have been cut from a larger clip, one that probably had them chatting for a bit... notice he wasnt rushing up to him and saying his name, like they had already been talking.... i call this TMZ trying to make something out of nothing.. d-bags

1738 days ago


It's my opinion that when you've made as much money as James Cameron and practically built your own film making empire from the ground up, you reserve the right to be a bit of a jerk to people who really just want to profit off your image (as the paparazzi does). I have a gut feeling, however, that we're not seeing the total footage, and it seems more than likely to me that TMZ (or maybe just the pap that Cameron bitchslapped) is trying to spark controversy by portraying him as the jerk we already knew he had the capacity of being. That having been said, I love Cameron's work and I have lots of respect for the man. Is he a tactless old grinch? Perhaps. But a wealthy, tactless old grinch.

1734 days ago


What an arrogant prick. Don't waste your time and money on his latest 3 hour snoozefest, with the ugly annoying characters and the distracting 3D crap effects. Go see a movie that is made by people who appreciate their fans. This guy is as much of tool as George Lucas.

1734 days ago


They love you when they want you to pay to see those long drawn out ass movies, but ask THEM for something and you get your butt handed to you. He's too damn old to be such an ass. Probably misplaced his Viagra.

1734 days ago

JACK arnet    

James Cameron is the A$$hole here everyone should boycott that nasty son of a bitch till he goes broke.

1734 days ago


Must say, I'm a bit disappointed with Avatar...lotta hype, not much substance. That aside, Cameron has done some great work, none that justifies his attitude, but great work nonetheless. Sort of a Madoff of the silver screen or maybe a Polanski with out the pedophilia.

1734 days ago


I don't know if James Cameron is a jerk or not, but I DO know that the paparazzi certainly are and those supposed "fans" who seek autographs are autograph-hounds who sell the autographs in shops in Hollywood (and online, of course). I would probably NOT give autographs either....I used to live in Hollywood and had friends who were on both sides (paparazzie and celebs), so I know how it works and it STINKS to be the celeb who's CONSTANTLY being harassed for another photo or autograph. Just because someone chose to do something they love for a living doesn't entitle the world to a piece of them. Doesn't mean they have to be jerks either, but the paparazzi sure know how to provoke a person to get the right photo too.

1733 days ago

david piper    

we have see you flims was "avatar"
we have see never like that same other flims
you best ever has my life look wow
mmm when come out avatar part 2 ?? pls let me know mm

1687 days ago


Cameron acted like a real jerko, no doubt about it, but what about that autograph seeker??? Where does he come off speaking like that and creating a scene? Both are to blame and BOTH are part of the autograph problem instead of the solution. Much like Timothy B. Schmit is as posted in the attached link: ~~~ There is a better way for both FANS and CELBS to stop this madness with respect to autographs. Please see the following link:

1731 days ago
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