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Shane Sparks Out of Jail, Claims Extortion

12/20/2009 1:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shane Sparks Out of Jail, Claims ExtortionShane Sparks posted bail last night and now that he's out of jail, his lawyer says he is ready to fight what he calls "extortion, Hollywood style."

Sparks, a judge on the MTV show "America's Best Dance Crew," was arrested on Friday and charged with eight counts of child molestation. But his attorney, Steve Meister, tells TMZ the whole thing "stinks to high heaven" since Sparks' accuser waited 15 years (until Sparks became famous) before she came forward.

Meister says the charges "are completely without merit" and that Sparks "knows he is innocent and will fight to clear his name."


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I too danced at Millenium for years and always thought Shane was a little off or strange. There was always rumors about him being a creeper and always flirting/liking the younger students. Who knows? Only time will tell. To the comment about him being "GAY". I highly doubt that.

1733 days ago


Like the girl that came out with these charges, I too was a CHILD. I took class from him for years, he saw me grow up, I thought he was this great nice guy as well as an amazing dance teacher. This is how these type of perverts work. They create a relationship with you where you trust them, look up to them and then they(Shane)preys on girls and sees how far he could go with them. I'm sure the girl(s) was scared no one would believe them, felt they were doing something wrong( thats how they make you feel), and confused on what was going. I am now an ADULT and dealing with the past. I've been dealing with this for years, abuse/molestation takes a long time to deal with, and the comments on this page and many others are reasons why abuse victims dont come forward. They assume these girls are slutty or now just coming forward for money or to extort Shane Sparks. I do not want ANY MONEY, I WANT JUSTICE, so this doesnt continue to other CHILDREN. Shane always lied about his age too and was super nice with parents so they trusted their kids around them! He was born in 1969, he is 40! The charges make him around 25-26 and the girl 14! That is sick. He needs to be put away. I hope the Truth does come out and Shane gets what he deserves

1733 days ago

The Retro Pet Rock    

14 Years ago??? Let's examine the "evidence"

1733 days ago



1733 days ago

The Retro Pet Rock    

I'm sure she was a virgin and he forced himself on her!!!!

1733 days ago

melvin polatnick    

Millions of degenerates that urinate on public streets should be arrested and severely punished. It is impossible to breathe fresh air. They should not be excused because there are enough mens rooms available to satisfy their needs. Urine sniffing robots should be placed in strategic locations. A quick response from police will lead to the arrest of those who have no concern for a clean environment.

1733 days ago


I don't know how to feel about this anymore after reading all tha comments...Why are people putting him in prison at first citing of this story. I just refuse to believe that simple everyday people would say another human being is sick because a gossip website says so. Ugh tha lawyer said it right this stinks bcuz his life is ruined either way guilty or innocent, just look at these excellent comments saying how people know its true or hope its true, and by default saying we gotta protect our children. LOOK I agree dude got talent but if guilty punishment should follow, but if not she needs to do jail time and websites and news stations owe him an apology for stirring interest and defamation of character. Its BS he gets raped by tha media but if its found she was jus trying to get back at him for whatever or extort him there's one "guess it wasn't true" story which still won't help cuz people are sheep, and like this website fuel off drama, plus tha news already said it so it has to be true...right? Look at Dwight Howard he fighting to keep his good name, he sues his baby mama everyday bcuz he knows she a pissed off woman and if he "ignores" her BS it will cost him his image; look how TMZ post every detail thas cuz they waiting on one credible BS story cuz it smells close. Damn shame...a Damn shame RIP Michael Jackson but we've learned nothing, tha kid came forth and admitted lying and how his father was telling him to lie, what would he have to gain by doing that now, but where was all those stories covering that. THEN RIP to tha boys father (bcuz I hate no one) but he commits suicide after Michael's death, and that wasn't blasted all over CNN, come on man tha media abuses its power and someday those people who knowingly contributed to being career killers and life enders all for ratings or hits on a page will have to answer to someone someday; why not take that power to search to clear Mikes name and if he was found guilty ok, but instead we took our biggest talent and crucified him wit no proof, damn shame...all I'm really saying is stop thinking people aren't right for wanting truth or facts first, people are robots these days all about whats programmably right NOT human at all

1733 days ago


The story is true. I worked at Millenium/Moro Landis with the victim. She was one of many!!!!!! Everyone who works there knows it is true, including the owners that deny having knowledge of it. I am pretty sure that there will be others coming forward. It has only been a day and half since he was arrested. Not to mention that it is hard to come out and talk about it even 15 years later. Who the hell wants to go public as a victim and open themselves up to scrutiny from, friends and family, the media and all the haters on the websites. Who wants to be the center of attention at the Christmas party for being one of many, many, many, girls raped over the years by this man?

1733 days ago


in response to shelly--

If your primary point is about protecting children, then put it out there as a general post, not as a response to a specific post.

You still completely fail to actually engage the points I made. It's like you don't possess critical thinking skills or something. You are arguing about apples and oranges. My comment about it being 15 years ago related to the way the public will perceive the information and respond, not to whether or not it should be investigated, or whether it is true or not.

Use your brain. I was responding in a very specific way to a specific post. My comments should be read that way (if you possess the aforementioned critical thinking skills).

Another thing--yes, your definition of "deviant" is quite debatable. Additionally, even if we were to grant you your definition, there is still a huge difference between rapists/pedophiles and people who engage in consensual sex with other adults, regardless of their marital status.

Final comment--the fact that you refer to Kobe Bryant as a rapist even though the case was dropped and he was never convicted of anything says more about you than anything else you have posted. While you claim so many people here are trying to give Sparks "an instant pass" on all this, you are quite happy to label a man even though he did undergo an investigation and was still not convicted. (and try doing a little reading about the consistently changing witness testimony of the accuser).

That's all from me to you. Have a nice day.

1733 days ago


(Direct comment)
That is right boo!!!! Fight this mess I thought it smelled of extortion . This is some bull ish I am not even going to believe the accusations on this one. I am sorry that this has to happen to you but hopefully this will be a wake up call to be careful of those you keep around you .

1733 days ago


This is garbage!!! Tarishing an innocent man's name. 15years come on. This can happen to anybody who makes money.

1733 days ago


Um, exactly how much money do you think he has? Just because someone's on tv doesn't make them rich. He's not exactly a judge on American Idol. I have to ask...unless you actually know him, why would you be so adamantly defending him? Where there's smoke there's almost always fire. I agree that there are some slutty teenagers out there, but I know for a fact that he knows the ages of the girls that take his classes. Everybody that goes to Millennium knows of his classes reputation...

1733 days ago


The LA PD needs to investigate post #57-shanevictim,#70 by #59 and #79-johnny,for what seems to be crucial information on this case.If any of their stories are false in anyway,they should be held responsible,and subject to arrest,or sued.People have their opinions on these post,and when you slander someone by fabricating a so called experience you should pay the consequences.

1733 days ago


Also,the skanks that came out of the woodwork claiming they slept with Tiger should be arrested asap for prostitution and extortion.Instead of 15 minutes of fame.Give them 6 months in jail,and see if they b/s again.

1733 days ago


"Victims are innocent until proven guilty too, you know!!!

Posted at 11:48AM on Dec 20th 2009 by SURVIVOR"

Let's analyze this for a second. You said she is also innocent until proven guilty, but yet you insist she is the Victim which means she is innocent which labels Sparks as the Guilty one in your mind you buffoon. Wow, you are an idiot

1733 days ago
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