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Shane Sparks Out of Jail, Claims Extortion

12/20/2009 1:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shane Sparks Out of Jail, Claims ExtortionShane Sparks posted bail last night and now that he's out of jail, his lawyer says he is ready to fight what he calls "extortion, Hollywood style."

Sparks, a judge on the MTV show "America's Best Dance Crew," was arrested on Friday and charged with eight counts of child molestation. But his attorney, Steve Meister, tells TMZ the whole thing "stinks to high heaven" since Sparks' accuser waited 15 years (until Sparks became famous) before she came forward.

Meister says the charges "are completely without merit" and that Sparks "knows he is innocent and will fight to clear his name."


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@#88 Canadian, I did not "insist" she was a victim, if you will read
my comments I CLEARLY stated that IF SHE LIED SHE NEEDS TO BE
PUNISHED FOR IT - I agree with everyone else that falsely reporting a
crime is a TERRIBLE thing to do.

Apologies if I was so upset that I did not make myself clear. what I
am trying to say is that many, many victims do not come forward with
their experiences until YEARS later because they are afraid they will
be crucified by the public/their own family/friends of the perp, etc.

Having been a victim and waiting 20 years to report what happened to
me as a child gives me a different perspective on this whole thing.

If she made it up she deserves to be vilified and jailed and fined...
and HE deserves to be apologized to by the media, which would never
happen I'm sure. It's a sad situation either way. IF THE GIRL IS
TELLING THE TRUTH she's getting raped all over again by the media,
which IF THE ALLEGATIONS ARE TRUE, she does not deserve. If SHE IS
LYING, he is getting raped by the media, which HE does not deserve.

I read somewhere today that a famous comedian in New Zealand was
accused of molesting a 4-yr-old child. A judge granted a request to
have the comedian's name removed from reports of the incident.
Sometimes I wonder if we in America should have the same policy,
because our society and our fame-hungry tendencies are what cause
this ridiculousness in the first place.

1770 days ago


"The LA PD needs to investigate post #57-shanevictim,#70 by #59 and #79-johnny,for what seems to be crucial information on this case.If any of their stories are false in anyway,they should be held responsible,and subject to arrest,or sued.People have their opinions on these post,and when you slander someone by fabricating a so called experience you should pay the consequences."

@#84 ronzo, you are absolutely correct on that!

1770 days ago


*** And what I meant to say in paragraph 2 of post #89 is: Apologies if I was so upset that I did not make myself clear in the specific post you are referring to.

Obviously I need to refrain from posting comments on days I have migraines. They do tend to cause me to miss (and sometimes lose) words when trying to communicate.

On second thought, go for it. I am a buffoon today. Blah. You win.

1770 days ago


WTH is up with all the numbers changing on the comment posts? Did somebody slip me a mickey when I wasn't looking? I frickin' give up, dude. I'm outta this convo. lol

1770 days ago


I wonder if Shane is proven right if he gets his $590,000 back...

1770 days ago


I think Shane Sparks is full of ish and now he is learning what is done in the dark shall come out in the light. I feel this should be a lesson for all choreographers that you need to check out the age of these kids cause alot of them seem older but it doesnt give the right to mess around with them. 24 is too old to be messing with a 14 yr old. No matter how long ago it was, it's wrong and hopefully he's learned his lesson. However I feel he's a great person and hopefully he's learned from his mistake and others as well.

1770 days ago


Um, to Shelley, and your numerous posts. You seem to have a fairly wide range of qualifications for deviant. I suspect that in your little world, deviants would include anyone who indulges in any sexual practices, or has a sexual orientation, that you don't understand, and therefore don't approve of at all. Also, "deviant" is a very dated term. I don't think I've heard it for literally decades.

I have a friend who has a "convicted child molester" who is in the sexual offenders data base living on her block. His heinous crime? He had sex with a sixteen year old girl he met in a club. She needed an ID proving her age to eighteen or older to enter the establishment, and he did see said very clever, but o-so-fabricated ID. When her parents found out where she'd been, and what she'd been doing, she claimed she'd been raped...completely ruining the life of a normal, perfectly nice 25 year old man. He said, she said. Sucks, doesn't it?

On the flip side, I was sexually assaulted, quite brutally, for a period of three weeks by a 65 year old "family friend" that I couldn't escape. I told no one for years, and it definitely was NOT consensual. This was no feeble little old man, trust me. I took care of him, but the damage was done.

So, we don't know the story. The sex could easily have been completely consensual...even in the '90's girls that young could quite easily attract a senseless 25 year old man (and having sex with a 14 year old is NOT pedophilia, it's hebephilia, and is completely different, if totally stupid). Or he could have enticed, cajoled, convinced or threatened...making it non-consensual. We also don't know why she waited...fear, embarrassment, told not to tell. Or maybe it was no big deal at the time (I've known girls for whom it just wasn't), but later on people convinced her it WAS (you know how it goes, "he violated you honey, you didn't deserve it, he ruined your youth and innocence", and no matter what the truth actually was, suddenly the past is reinvented...with very negative results for him. I've known people like that, too). Or maybe she is after money. Only the two participants know.

And an arrest isn't proof of guilt. Nor is his denial proof of innocence, or her accusation proof of anything. So, lighten up, people, and start making a little sense.

1770 days ago

JoJo Dancer    

Can anyone just come forward and make charges against you and you go to jail? What evidence did she provide that this actually happened? He might be guilty but I think it's scary that anyone could come back after 15 years and accuse you of a crime and you get arrested.

1770 days ago

Kim in Houston    

Many times when things like this happen, the victim is too ashamed to come forward. Shane has had money for years now, so if she is "only coming forward for his money" or is a "gold-digger" she could have came forward when he first became judge on SYTYCD. I hope this isn't true, but if it is, I hope he gets the maximum penalty!

1769 days ago


I always thought something was off about him. I also remember being at the Hip Hop International and parents complaining about him being overly touchy feel with the girls and trying to spit game at girls half his age:( They need to come forward. Wasnt he also "dating" Francia Raisa the actress from Secret Life of a Teenager? She was a student of his at Millenium too and she was born in 1988 so that would make her 21 but guess they broke up last year when she was 20 and had started a relationship with her when she was 17!!!He is 40 so that would have made him 37 dating a 17 year old. Hello! There seems to be a pattern here. Ya he seems like a nice guy, but you just never what kind of double life he really is living.

1769 days ago


Here is the deal, she was freaken 12 years old when he started banging her and 14 when he quit. He was 25-27 during that time. Yes, she is now a golddigger, but, if he was banging a 12 year old, then, well, he must be held accountable. We must protect our children people.

1769 days ago


As per California State Law in regards to Child Molestation, the law that was in effect when the alleged crime was committed is the law that must be followed. There really doesn't need to be 'proof' of a crime, just reasonable belief that one occurred to be arrested. With such a serious accusation, of course the authorities would be arresting the alleged attacker. If Shane is guilty, let a jury of his peers convict him. If Shane is innocent, as he states he is, then, again, let a jury of his peers aquit him. California may be broke, but its citizens are NOT broken minded!

1769 days ago


Girls come forward! You can remain anonymous! Anyone with info is urged to call Detective John Eum @ (818)374-0052

1769 days ago

Detective Eum    

I am the investigator assigned to this case. The lady who posted #57, please call me at (818) 374-0052. Your name will be kept confidential.

It is true that we had several other women come forward within days when Alex DeSilva was arrested. The difference is that we had more media coverage to included coverage from Argentina. This story has been drowned out by Tiger, Michael and all the other things that are happening right now. I need all of you to help me get the word out. I want to talk to any woman who believes they had inappropriate sexual contact with Shane when they were a teenager. Please call me as soon as possible.

It is sad that many of you are attacking the victim. She has NEVER made any monitary demands of Shane. I received a call from a professional person due to the Mandatory Child Abuse reporting laws (I can't tell you what kind of professional due to LAPD and State policies, but it was not a lawyer). That professional then had to encourage the victim to come forward and talk to me.

It is hard for any sexual assault victim to come forward and face the scrutiny that YOU the public put them. Then they have to face a jury and cross examination of a defense attorney and tell them about the sexual act. Who really wants to do that in front of strangers, let alone to the victim's own family members?

That's why many sexual assault victims bury the secret and keep them inside until they can't deal with pain anymore or find the courage to come forward. I have spent years working as a sexual assault investigator and know how hard it is for a victim to go through the criminal justice system. However, I encourage any woman who has been victimized by Shane to talk to me.

Many of you have asked about the statue of limitations. Know that this case was filed under California Penal Code 803(f)(1) PC. This was the law that was passed when everyone got mad that we could not prosecute the Catholic priests who admitted to molesting boys years later due to the then 6 year statue of limitations. We had to meet this criteria in 803,

(C) There is independent evidence that corroborates the victim's
allegation. If the victim was 21 years of age or older at the time of
the report, the independent evidence shall clearly and convincingly
corroborate the victim's allegation. (excerpt from the California Penal Code 803).

That evidence will be presented in court and Shane will be judged accordingly.

1768 days ago


Gold digger???? He has no "real" money to speak of. He's a psuedo celeb and is stroking his own ego. Criminal charges do not yield monetary damages....duh! There are hundreds of people at minimum that have been molested and the molester is out and about because the victim has kept quiet. I was molested by a cousin and I never went public because I didn't want scrutiny from family, much less, the public. These events are traumatic for a lifetime.

1627 days ago
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