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Murphy Sick and Vomiting Just Before She Died

12/21/2009 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brittany MurphyBrittany Murphy was very ill in the hours before she went into cardiac arrest and died, sources tell TMZ.

We're told Murphy was taking prescription meds for flu-like symptoms she had been experiencing for several days. We're told Murphy began vomiting early Sunday morning and told family members she was feeling very ill.

Sources say various prescriptions were found in the home -- written for Brittany Murphy, husband Simon Monjack, and Brittany's mom. One source says, "There were a lot ... a lot of prescriptions in the house."

Law enforcement sources tell us Murphy collapsed in the bathroom and somehow ended up in the shower ... there was, we're told, a significant amount of vomit in the immediate area.

We're also told authorities did not find illegal drugs in the house, but Murphy was definitely taking various prescription meds.

Sources say her condition and the meds could have triggered a heart attack, but it's too early to know. An autopsy will be performed Monday or Tuesday. We reported earlier Monjack did not want an autopsy but ultimately it's the Coroner's call.

Brittany MurphyAs we first reported, Brittany Murphy's mother told paramedics her daughter suffered from diabetes. We're told it was type 2 diabetes and people involved in the case doubt her condition caused her death.


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Maybe her husband killed her. Read some of these comments posted after she married him -

Simon was married before has a daughter who lives in the UK with her mother.

SIMON (no relation) writes:
Simon is a con artist. He conned his last girlfriend out of her car and money. Left her with awful credit. Frequently uses different SS #'s. He left his other girlfriend in London with a $20,000 credit card bill she was unaware of until he was long gone. He is a master at lying. Brittany BEWARE!!!

SARA writes:
Simon Monjack has been married before and has taken women for every penny they had. He is a con man and bought his last finacee a fake diamond ring! He is bad news. Good luck Britney [sic].

EBERTO writes:
i can't belive brittany doesn't know any better! i have first hand knowledge of this guys grifter ways. everyhting that's being said above is %100 [sic] true!!

CHARLES writes:
Simon Monjack is a tremendous con artist, sociopath and thief. It is amazing that he is still on the loose and not in jail! He has conned women into giving him money, changed his phone number all the time (pretending he was important), he somehow lost his family's money on the truly horrific film "Two Days Nine Lives" and has been scrambling to catch a wealthy or at least connected women to open doors for him.

KATE writes:
The world is an unfortunate place because Simon Monjack is in it. He stalks J DATE (Jewish online dating service) for unsuspecting women and fools them with his charismatic personality, British accent, and pseudo wealth, in order to live off of their money. Simon's evil knows no bounds.

K writes:
Simon Monjack, still pulling a fast one. Now he has the money he has always desired. Brittany's. Didn't her people check him out? Poor thing, she is the next victim and he is smiling his usual manipulative smile. I hope she has very good attorneys. She will need them. Tragic.

1769 days ago


Jenny, get a grip. Type 2 diabetes often occurs in overweight ppl but it is certainly not entirely caused by being overweight. There is a large genetic component and many skinny ppl are diagnosed. Where do you get your info?

1769 days ago


Why is TMZ trying to sensationalize this story? There have been several news reports on local and other major sites saying she died of natural causes. There doesn't seem to be any drugs involved. TMZ are tacky lowlife losers. Karma is a mutha TMZ

1769 days ago


I can't believe that they are going to do an autopsy with no real reason, she was sick vomiting and is jewish religion should play a part if there is no crime.. there is a lot of talk about her having anorexia and bulimia because of her weight loss and friendship with pro ana people sucks that they are going to do an autopsy

1769 days ago


it's possible that miss murphy was having a m.i. women present differently than men, tending to have flu-like symptoms (including copious vomiting) and pain in the shoulder, arm and jaw. as a 5 time m.i. survivor who experienced her first mi at 40, i can say that i thought i had the 'flu from hell, but it was a heart attack. i do not and did not look like your typical mi candidate; a lot has to do with genetics, cholesterol and potential damage to the heart from illness, stress and/or physical damage. amazing, the rush to judgement and nastiness from the great unwashed. my sympathies to her husband, mother and the rest of her friends and family as they cope with the sudden death of the woman they loved.

1769 days ago


I have a friend who has type 2 diabetes and she is as thin as Brittany was. You can have type 2 and not be overweight.

1769 days ago

Long-time Type 1    

"Type 2 diabetes is caused from being overweight. Type 1 an autoimmune disease. So I doubt she had diabetes. Just sad story. I'm sure the ugly details will come out soon!"
"Jenny, Type 2 is NOT always associated with body weight. I'm sure of that."

Danny, you are absolutely correct. Type 2 diabetes can be made worse and be harder to control if the patient is overweight, but it is not caused by being overweight. It's caused by the amount of insulin the body makes being inadequate to process the food (in particular, carbohydrates) that one eats. There are several reasons why a Type 2 might not be making enough insulin.

Whatever the cause, this is a very sad loss. Her loved ones are most certainly in shock. My thoughts are with them.

1769 days ago


So sad, I wonder if she had h1n1...those are the symptoms arn't they?

1769 days ago

Charles Jolliff    

Such a shock reading about the death of such
a vivacious and beautiful young woman.
I feel soo sorry for all those that loved her.
I went thru this period a year ago with the
loss of my daughter at a young age. I know the
heartbreak, and the heartache to come for all those

1769 days ago



1769 days ago

love her!    

I was very ill when I had appendicitis and the dr said if i hadnt gone to the er when i did it would have killed me. I am so sad to hear of her suffering. Love you Britney RIP sweetest angel

1769 days ago


With all that vomiting sounds like she was poisoned...hmmm....

1769 days ago


Brittany was not Jewish according to Wikipedia. She was raised Baptist and then became a non-denominational Christian. Therefore, religion does not play a part in autopsy in her case. Her husband's religion was not HER religion.

1769 days ago


I wonder if she had the swine flu.... poor girl

1769 days ago


I'm sure her being stick thin didn't help matters either ....RIP :o(

1769 days ago
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