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Brittany Murphy Leaves Will

12/21/2009 8:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brittany MurphyTMZ has learned Brittany Murphy had a will when she died -- a will she executed before she met husband Simon Monjack.

Sources say the will left her estate to her mother, Sharon Murphy.

The house Brittany owned and died in was held in trust -- a trust created several years before she met Monjack. He is not listed on the title.

We do not know if Murphy amended her will after she was married. So far we have no evidence Murphy drafted a codicil (amendment) to the will.


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I THINK TMZ , can play a great role in this , they can actually help come to the bottom of this but i think they do not realize how much power they have . if they ask all the right questions and get involved in this , and by the way i dont trust these dam doctors , it seems like all the celebrities they treat they dont make it , and ofcourse we need to know if their was a life insurance on her and about her will , also if their can be in any way possible ,, any thing that can cause this and not show up in certain time in her body ,

and was he allowed to go in the home after this happened if so why ,
she was pronounced dead
so their for they should have treated this as any other crime

i thnk its too late but the doctors should be asked questions and if the autopsy is done , they need to exaust all posibilities ,

this is unfortunate
by the way i would follow this a=hole cause this is just not right
if indeed he had something to do with this he should be convixted ,,

we love you brittany , man this sucks ,, she was so talented and alive adn funny , i could always tell when it was her by her unique voice we watched king of the hill just for her ,, man ,,,, we love u brittany ,, so much u will be missed ,,

1765 days ago


Condolences to her family and friends.

1765 days ago


You people are down right scary. You don't know this guy at all and yet from the moment you saw him you had him poisoning her. You post random comments from an IMDB page were one name posters talk bad about the guy while completely ignoring all the good things Brittany has said about the guy. I'm wondering if he was young and hot if you would be saying the same things or saying 'oh poor guy'. I really hope none of you are ever called to be on a jury, I would be frightened that whoever had the misfortune of getting some of you as jurors would never get a fair trial. You'd have decided guilt or innocence on rumors and looks alone. Nice.

1765 days ago


Yessie you are a moron! Woman who is sick and vomiting goes into cardiac arrest and dies and you think the HUSBAND shouldn't be allowed in his own house? He wasn't a guest idiot. NO SIGNS OF FOUL PLAY, .. what part of that do you not get. How about her mother, should she too have been kept out of the house? No crime means no crime scene. Stop trying to make this into something it's not. The girl did drugs, drugs were found in the home just Anna Nichole and Heath Ledger. No one murdered her. Jesus..........

1765 days ago

oh yeah    

i am 140 lbs. my collar bone stick out. my cheeks are sunken in. my upper bdy look very boly whenever i loose weight. some people look like that naturaly tht don't mean they have an eating disorder.

1765 days ago


I wonder if the doctor she saw recently had done an electrolyte panel on her, because it should have been done. Anyone that skinny (regardless of the reason) should be watched closely because a vomiting (or diarrhea) episode can wipe them out. I know, this happened to the mother of one of my childhood friends and the doctor glossed over the potential that her lytes were off and she died in bed.

1765 days ago


In many places, by law, the spouse automatically gets half of the estate.

1765 days ago

oh yeah    

what is the situaation was reversed. a rich man suddenly dies leaving nothing for his wife. i bet many individuals would eel sorry for her, theywould be saying that she should have at leat goten a share of the wealth.

1765 days ago


Dec 21st 2009 by Seriously?? ah u must have not read the whole thing u dum ass ,, what im saying is they need to exaust all posibilities now im sure ur tiny little brain cant comprehend and ur an idiot ,, seriously , drugs , or u mean liek the duma ass u are ,, pills , prescription drugs ,, totally diffrent story ,,, wow ,, im guessing ud rather say she is druggy than to assume anything other , go eat ur donut seriously ,, and next time atleast write ur real name ,, ho and to answer ur little question no , her mother should not have been kept out ha ha ,, god ,,,

1765 days ago


good for britney, let him go back to where he came from.

1765 days ago


Yessie you are even more of a moron than I thought. Go back and read my post slowly. Here let me repeat 'no foul play'.. non criminal .. hence no CRIME, so nothing criminal to 'exhaust'. You prove my point perfectly there is nothing to suggest that this guy did a damn thing, he just lost his wife and you want him investigated, kicked out of his own home (*but it's ok for Mom to stay?..duh)? Shame on you! And YES fool, pills, even those prescribed are DRUGS.. they can be ABUSED just like crack or heroin. There is NO difference except the legal ones are easier to get as we keep seeing in the news. You'd rather suspect her husband, that she loved and considered a soul mate, that she said she'd been friends with since she was 17yrs old, of murdering her than the idea that she might have taken too many of the pills that she HAD in her home. Idiot.

1765 days ago


This is in response to the idiot aka "kidneydonor"

1. The article stated she left a will; thus intestacy laws will not apply unless there are residuary items that the will did not address. If there is partial intestacy then her community property and separate property would be divided pursuant to CPC 6401. BM's one half interest of her community property goes to her husband; now SM will have a whole interest in all community property since her half and his half equal a whole. As far as BM's separate property, since BM has a surviving parent(s), SM will receive one half of BM's separate property and her parents will equally divide the remaining one half. Not sure whether or not they had a prenup...if that is the case well then they obviously contracted around the community property default which is completely legit.

2. The article states that BM did leave a will; however, it was created prior to the marriage of her husband. As a result CPC 21610 handles this dilemma. And unless it can be proven that leaving SM out of the will was intentional or that SM waived his rights to inherit under the will then basically he will receive the one half of her community and quasicommunity property; and will receive a share in the separate property equal to the share she would have received if BM was to have died intestate. As a result SM will receive one half of Bm's separate property.

3. Life insurance is considered non probate property and passes through an instrument other than the will.

5. CA is a community property state, however you can change this to tenancy in common or joint tenancy. Tax wise this doesnt make too much sense; however if your spouse is a deadbeat with a lot of creditors then joint tenancy might not be a bad idea after all.

1765 days ago


Here is an exerpt from an interview Brittany and her husband did in March. Sounds like you people damning her husband are the very people she couldn't stand and wanted to avoid.


Brittany Murphy and her writer-director husband Simon Monjack are just weeks away from celebrating their April 12 first anniversary. Now the couple have set their sights on reaching another milestone: Starting a family.

At a W Magazine-Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art gala over the weekend, Monjack, 38, told PEOPLE: "Please God, next year [we're] having a family!"

"Yes! Yes!" chimed in Murphy, 30. "In about a year" they plan to have children. But, joked Monjack, "apparently, according to the Internet, I already have several!"

Murphy and her British writer-director husband already have endured their share of public scrutiny – via, as they put it, "the blogs" – over their sudden marriage

"All these ridiculous people came out and said all this nonsense when we got married, [but] thank god we had the substance and the history within that to [say], 'Yeah, whatever!'" says Monjack, who's been friends with Murphy since she was 17. "We still don't understand what happened. It's made us laugh, it's made us cry, but it's made us stronger."

So, according to Murphy, the final solution for dealing with all the negativity: "We did stop using the Internet lately," she said. "No blogs. We're a blog-free couple!"

1765 days ago


whats with all the husband bashing? How stupid and insensitive to bash someone because of how he chooses to look. His looks have nothing to do with how she died.

Obviously she saw something in him that you didn't.

Why? Because she knew him and you didn't!

Besides, she was married to him and by her words was looking forward to having children.

Does that sound like someone who is having problems or being forced to do things she didn't want to do or happen?

Leave the guy alone, already. He hasn't done anything to you, and it seems to her either.

1765 days ago


Lets be real here, 10s hook up with 10s, and 7s hook up with 7s. There is some room for guys to move up if they got money or power. Now, as for her husband, i have seen pictures where he looks ok, and some where he looks not too good. But lets face it, ever since she got married, her career was on a major down swing... and for a beautiful woman who actually had a ton of talent, something must have been going on for her career to take such a major downswing. Seems like her family was enabling big time, whether it was drugs, prescription drugs, or eating disorder, or some kind of combination. Rich 32 year old women don't just drop dead.

1765 days ago
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