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Brittany Murphy Leaves Will

12/21/2009 8:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brittany MurphyTMZ has learned Brittany Murphy had a will when she died -- a will she executed before she met husband Simon Monjack.

Sources say the will left her estate to her mother, Sharon Murphy.

The house Brittany owned and died in was held in trust -- a trust created several years before she met Monjack. He is not listed on the title.

We do not know if Murphy amended her will after she was married. So far we have no evidence Murphy drafted a codicil (amendment) to the will.


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Him being fat really has nothing to do with why most have been negative about him.

He apparently had a shady past.

Seems like he was a ENABLER and maybe that is what BM was attracted to and married him.

It was said HE was a distraction and disruptive on some of her recent movie sets and that is why she got axed from a recent production.

1730 days ago

carol martin    

i just think that it is a big loss that brittnay murphy is dead. She's great or should i say was... She will be missed and i hope that her family will get through it all.

1730 days ago

Real People    

Could she have had the H1N1 Viris? Alot of Vomit? Flu medication? Poor thing may of had a bad flu?

1730 days ago

Real People    

Iam Glad that weird looking hubby of 2 years isnt in her will.

1730 days ago


it seems odd that a child would write a will leaving everything to a parent- most people would expect their parents to die before them (at least, i know i do, and i have young parents!).

perhaps she knew she would have a short life? i think there is a lot about Ms. Murphy that we didn't know (for good reason, i'm sure) and may not ever know. all i do know is i don't think her (albeit creepy) husband is behind this- i have a feeling she had other medical issues that weren't publicized.

i thought she was an amazing actress, and i am very saddened by her passing. but i have to admit i am thrown off by the will...

1730 days ago


Harvey, This sounds so familiar. Remember how Anna Nicole Smith was "suffering from flu symptoms" in the days leading up to her death? She also had a creepy guy that objected to an autopsy...strange how its reported that Brittany's husband was home at the time and yet her mother found her. What's even more disturbing is that the neighbors report her husband wandering around the property rather than being fended off by the Paramedics. My husband recently had a heart attack and there was no one or any thing that could have kept me from being at his side. I am no expert, but there's a lot more to this story.

1730 days ago


I'm from Argentina,my English is not good,but the most important tingh to say:I love her,She was exceeding beauty and youth.I'm so sad.My condolences to her family.There's no exist another equal woman. Forever in my heart.

1730 days ago


#56 - I don't find it strange at all that she would write a will and leave everything to her mother. We never know what will happen. She came into money. She wasn't married, no children... Her mom was the logical choice. She had to protect what she had.

1730 days ago


seriosuly ,, get a life ,,, !!!!
never did i say he did it ,, and again anything is possible , but man ur like really into this , serisouly like whats ur problem dude
you entitled to you, stalker opinion and since u love him so much go be with him man relax ,,, and im entitled to my opinion as bad as u hate it ha ha
so keep it shut and go on with the stalking lmao

its not that big of a deal ,, u must not have anything to do ,,, beotchhhhhhhh ha ha ,,,,

1730 days ago


4.1 Autopsies and organ donation - The practice of routine autopsies is contrary to Jewish law, since autopsies are viewed as a desecration of the body. In most cases, when an autopsy is recommended, the family can refuse. In cases where the law requires an autopsy, it should be carried out under the supervision of a Rabbi who is familiar with the procedures. Organ donation may be viewed as an example of K'vod Ha-met (respect for the deceased) which brings healing to the living. Thus, willing certain organs or tissues is permissible and can be considered a mitzvah. The Rabbi should be consulted in all cases.

1730 days ago


It's not unusual to leave your estate to your parent(s) if you're
single.They are the next of kin.After my folks,my next of kin is my
sister...But,I wonder why Brittany M. didn't update it after she
got married?

1730 days ago



I just don't understand.. this is so sad, I wish it wasn't true =[

1730 days ago


I didn't know who she was, but going by pictures on the internet she could look real pretty. A loss in that respect.

1730 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

Why isn't anyone screaming for her brain to be given back like Jacko fans did? They were livid that Jacko's brain was removed from his gorgeous head.

1729 days ago


Dear #2, you must be a law student.. though not a particularly good one; if you're not, you should be with questions that good. When a person gets married, most times it legally revokes any prior will. And, you should know, Cali is a community property state, meaning he gets 50% of any and all assets acquired in the marriage. But, as the house was held in trust, it is possibly untouchable. And, her mom would almost certainly take half under laws of intestacy because there are no minor children. Lastly, if he doesn't contest this will in probate, he's crazy (or he apparently respects his wife's wishes, but judging by the posts on this blog, unlikely). Thx. (and no offense meant whatsoever)

1729 days ago
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