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Brittany Murphy Leaves Will

12/21/2009 8:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brittany MurphyTMZ has learned Brittany Murphy had a will when she died -- a will she executed before she met husband Simon Monjack.

Sources say the will left her estate to her mother, Sharon Murphy.

The house Brittany owned and died in was held in trust -- a trust created several years before she met Monjack. He is not listed on the title.

We do not know if Murphy amended her will after she was married. So far we have no evidence Murphy drafted a codicil (amendment) to the will.


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Kim Borden    

But CA has the pretermitted spouse rule so he'll get half anyways

1765 days ago


A series of unidentified friends of Murphy meanwhile told People magazine that the actress had spent years wrestling "insane self-image issues."

"Her weight, her hair, her clothes, her skin, her teeth, everything. She was always so self-conscious," one friend said.

"A lot of her problems were due to poor self image," added another. "She wore extraordinary amounts of makeup, tons of fake eyelashes, got her teeth capped, dyed her hair blonde, lost weight -- she wanted to be a beauty."

I just read this in an article... Am i the only one who wishes i could have grabbed her and shook her and said, "YOU ARE GORGEOUS, NO... FRICKEN HOTTTT! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WOULD YOU STOP WORRYING ABOUT HOW YOU LOOK."

1765 days ago

stella bristol    

What a tragic story. May she RIP. Wishing her family the deepest of condolences and hoping that the media really gives them the privacy they deserve. really happened though? Why on earth won't her husband allow for an autopsy? What is

he hiding? Just another Hollywood tragedy... hopefully we'll all find out soon what the truth was – a fluke heart attack at age 32 seems just too unlikely.

Anyone else skeptical???

1765 days ago


Words cannot express how I feel at this moment. I wish I could have been a part of her life just so I could have always told her how wonderful she was. To wake up everyday and tell her how her just being there was like sunshine on a rainy day. I hope who ever was there did just that. Brit was just taken too early. Whatever has caused this angel to be taken from us I hate you. I miss you rest in peace.

1765 days ago


Damn right i'm skeptical. Rich 32 year old women don't die of a heart attack.

My money would be on a combo of too many prescription drugs and eating disorder.

damn she was my number 1 celebrity crush.

1765 days ago

sicko Lambert    

so Ashton Kutcher said "see you on the other side kid", I don't know, but from his perspective, he calls her a kid, does that mean he considers himself as an older person or a kid...might have something to do with him being with an older person (don't know)...

1765 days ago



1765 days ago


Damn you, Kim, you curve-inducer. j/k, nice observation.

1765 days ago

Martin Bormann    

Wondering given the media meltdown when Britney Spears had her crisis (helicopters hovering over the gurney and ambulance), that the family hestitated to take Brit Murphy to the ER for fear of all the negative media attention. I mean two days of vomiting I sure as heck would take the girl to the doctor. Unless maybe the vomiting was due to OD and they knew it and it wasn't two days it was two hours. And fearing TMZ and Perez Hilton---they decided to wait it out instead of going to ER.
My guess is these movie stars are afraid to get help for addiction issues given the news will leak to the media and hurt their careers.

1765 days ago


Thank goodness.

I hope he get's Zilch. He was bad news for enabler.

Smart girl Brittany.

1765 days ago


I dont know US laws but in Canada your will becomes null and void once you get married so I hope she had another one... otherwise the estate will go to him... damn

1765 days ago


59. Did anyone the way Britney looked a while back on TMZ? She was arriving at an airport with her somewhat fat looking husband and it appeared to me she looked unhappy. I just thought it looked odd that a bright young starlet with so much to live for appeared to be upset. Just an observation. We all lost a talent here.

Posted at 9:11PM on Dec 21st 2009 by husky400wr

She was probably depressed because she lost her role on the caller because of her husband.

"He split from his ex-wife just months before marrying Murphy.

He also had felony warrants out for his arrest, as well as a massive lawsuit from a British investment firm demanding he pay them more than $500,000. In Virginia, Monjack was wanted for credit card theft and fraud, Us reported.

Responding to the report, Monjack denied any wrongdoing, saying: "It is a real tragedy that success, greed, envy and celebrity are the motivation for attacking my family and character."

Monjack is also now being linked to Murphy's latest departure from the movie 'The Caller,' which Brittany was let go from just two weeks before her death. According to Showbiz411's Roger Friedman, it wasn't Murphy's behavior that pushed the actress out of the film set -- it was Monjack's.

Michael Z. Gordon, producer of another Murphy's film 'Shrinking Charlotte,' tells Friedman that "Monjack came on the set inebriated ... The producers wanted to keep him away. Brittany of course defended him. And so she was let go."

Friedman continues, saying that "Monjack is not beloved in Hollywood," adding that two other movie producers "described him as a 'con man,'" with one saying he is "a dangerous guy."

1765 days ago


the mother should get it all

1765 days ago


Just to be clear, marriages do NOT "revoke" prior wills, nor do they necessarily invalidate them. The only thing that can "revoke" a prior will (or part of it) is an indication from the decedent that he or she wished to do so prior to death, such as if he or she had drafted a new will or a codicil that contradicts a previous portion of the will for example. Will can be invalid for a number of reasons, but it doesn't look like that is something to consider at this time.

Also, in many states there is a provision for what's called "the pretermitted spouse" (a spouse who was not included or otherwise disinherited in the will) which gives the un-included spouse either 1) the intestate share - what they would have received if their spouse had died intestate or 2)the elective share - some other amount as provided by law, usually 1/3 of the decedent's estate. I am not sure whether CA is one of these states, or how/if community property interplays with this concept. It will be interesting to see.

1765 days ago


Here is my theory and perhaps it is not an original one. I don't have the time or energy to read all the comments on BM's death to see if anyone else had pointed this out.

Based on the reports we've all heard, there was a lot of vomit in the bathroom. She wasn't well at all but she didn't have the flu, just flu-like symptoms. When a person who is physically dependent on an opiate, such as heroin or any narcotic painkiller, abruptly stops taking that opiate, discontinuation syndrome ensues. In other words, one goes into withdrawal or is "kicking". Flu-like symptoms are present for all people in that situation. Actually, you'd rather have a bad flu than withdrawal symptoms. Trust me, I know. Vomiting is present for most people who are kicking along with a host of other unpleasant and torturous symptoms. I think it is possible BM was in withdrawal from an opiate...probably of the pharmacuetical type since that is rampant in Hollywood and many scripts were found in her room. She decided she couldn't handle one more minute of withdrawal (this is common) and took her usual dose of whatever she took, in order to stop kicking. Problem is that if enough time has gone by, her tolerance may have decreased enough where her usual dose is now an overdose. Opiate overdose results in respiratory depression and eventually arrest which leads to cardiac arrest. An alternate scenario is that she was taking heroin and stopped cold-turkey. She decided to take some Percocet (or other narcotic painkiller) to lessen the withdrawals and took too much. Her husband's incident on the plane last month also sounds to me like an overdose but not enough to kill him. He was just seriously nodding out and to others it seemed like he was unconscious and not breathing. They said his respiration was labored and he was incoherent but he did rouse a little when a fuss was being made about him. It was Brittany who insisted he was fine and there was no need for him to go to the hospital. She knew what was going on and didn't want to involve any dr's or authorities. This is how it goes with opiates. Your usual dose no longer gets you high, it only gets you to normal. In order to get high, you must constantly push the limit and take a little more. With heroin you are never 100% sure of the purity or strength of your current batch and it is so easy to take a little (or a lot) too much. This is how most overdoses happen. Pharms are consistent but OD"s still happen in the same way, mostly because once you are high and your judgement is scewed you just want to get higher. It is easy to cross the line. Any opiate addict worth their salt has experienced an incident where they took a little too much and was nodding out, which freaks everyone else out. Most wives would want their husband to get medical attention when they are out of it and not breathing well, as was the case in BM's situation on the plane last month, but she insisted he was fine. I can't think of any other explanation for that.

I saw the photos last month, from her last public appearance at the "Across the Hall" premiere. I was struck by how she looked and in order to not mince words I'll say she looked like a junkie. The pupils of her eyes were pinpoints and her skin a grayish white, both major clues to opiate use and abuse. BTW, her husband is always a greyish white color. She was unsteady on her feet, skeletal and manic acting. For many, opiate addiction leads to weight loss because you are just too wasted to bother eating and for others, you gain weight because you drink more booze and get a serious bloat. I told my husband that this girl will be dead soon and that she is an advanced opiate addict. At the time, I had no knowledge of any of the past rumors about her drug use.

My theory is just that, a theory. I did not know her or anyone close to her. I am not stating that any of this is fact. It is just my guess based on what I have seen.

1765 days ago
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