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FBI Delays Release of MJ Extortion Documents

12/21/2009 3:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

MIchael JacksonThe FBI will not release Michael Jackson documents relating to the molestation investigations as well as extortion attempts -- at least not today.

The 333 pages of formerly-classified documents were supposed to be released today but the snow in Washington D.C. has caused a delay of at least one day.

As for what's in the documents ... sources tell TMZ during the 1993 Michael Jackson child molestation investigation, the late great Johnnie Cochran contacted the FBI, claiming the accuser's family was trying to extort money from Jackson with false allegations. It's likely Cochran's contact with the agency will show up when the documents are released.


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irene- thankyou for including me in the grannys mj fan club, i have plenty to share if anyone might need one!!!LOL-- girl i still have kids at home 3 teens, two 14 yr old twin girls and a boy 12, my house is full of kids 24/7 it seems. my oldest is 31 and has the 4 girls, and my daughter is 29 with 2 boys and one girl, and have the most wonderful daughter-inlaw and son in law a mother could ask for. i am very blessed and get this they all adore michael, we all listen to his music when we are together, and between you and me i think everything they got me for xmas is mj related i am so excited..i most of the time dont want any gifts it should be for the kids, but this yr i made my list of mj items i would like..i got his calendar for 2010 but i havent opened it yet, waiting for new yrs day!!! hoping for justice in 2010 for michael that would be the greatest gift.--sue from tampa

1768 days ago


Ladies and Gentlemen, Inma of Granny's MJ Fanclub says goodbye until tomorrow ;) God Bless You all

Thank you Michael!

1768 days ago


415. Excerpts from a Gerald Posner article about Deepak Chopra and Michael Jackson from the summer.

Jackson lived a “holistic” life when Chopra met him, and the wellness guru taught him how to meditate. Over time, they spent long hours in overnight conversations, and Jackson opened up to Chopra as if he were a therapist. It was in those talks that Chopra learned about what a tortured soul Jackson was.

Jackson shared with him intimate details about the violent household in which he grew up. “He was very damaged from his childhood,” Deepak told me. His father had been physically abusive and also verbally taunted him for having too big a nose and being weak and ugly. When Jackson had gone to “witness” for his religion—where Jehovah's Witnesses go door to door to proselytize about their faith—he had hated it, he told Chopra, and sometimes strangers would chase Jackson away screaming obscenities and insults. A patchiness to his skin made him feel odd, and he refused ever to put on a bathing suit and go swimming, no matter how many times friends urged him to do so.

“What became his compulsion with cosmetic surgery,” Chopra told me, “was an expression of self-mutilation, a total lack of respect for himself. He was so ashamed of his body image, he had no self-esteem. It was only on stage, when performing, that he became someone comfortable in his own skin. It was there that he was no longer a person in emotional distress, but instead someone dancing in the world of the Spirit.”

There was no one then, not even his mother, who could get through to him,” Deepak told me. “That is because although he trusted me, he could not eventually reveal all of himself to me. He could not do that to anyone. He did not know how to trust anyone with his soul.”

Posted at 10:08AM on Dec 22nd 2009 by an mj fan

Thank you for this article.
Michael Jackson trusted Deepak Chopra and was talking about very personal things to him.
He shouldn't had.
Now Deepak Chopra is using this trust for his own and tell it to the media.. how sad !

1768 days ago


Sue, wow, you're a very busy lady but those kids will keep you feel young I think!
Very good of you to make a list of MJ items for Christmas, you absolutely deserve it being there for those kids and grandkids all the time.
Let them spoil you!!

1768 days ago


See you tomorrow Inma, have a nice day!!

1768 days ago


Dearest MJ Fans,

It's been quite a journey over the 6 months, we have all spoken about the sudden death of MJ and grieved for MJ together on the board. At first I was angry with MJ for being so reckless with his life. However, I must say it's been liberating and invigorating corresponding on the Board with most of YOU, genuine MJ fans. You helped to heal my heart. Thank you Sue from Tampa, Tellitlikeitis, Janalal, pm miller, Lanka, Truth, Della, fan, astabasta, puppi, stranger from Moscow. Also, I believe Oh Well is one of MJ's biggest fan, no need to be embarassed, you are among friends here. As for haters, seek counselling!

Wishing ALL MJ FANS, Jackson 3 & Omar and all your families a peaceful Christmas and Happy & Successful 2010!

1768 days ago



1768 days ago


I used to agree with the things Chopra said about Michael until I started reading about him. This is where the dual personality comes in. First of all, he knew that most women in the world thought he was really handsome and he knew he could have any woman he wanted. Except for the things about him that they wouldn't be able to live with, this is probably true. So, I don't totally buy the poor self-image theory. What I do believe, especially with the full facial lift around 2000, is his quest to stay young-looking. And, it is not true that he never put on a bathing suit, as those who have seen the pictures know. I'm not sure that I buy the chasing story, either, as Michael always maintained that he put on disguises in order to canvas. But, he did say that the Indiana neighborhood kids might try to beat them up because of their talent and drive, and I believe that. I think that Chopra heard these stories when Michael was young and maybe he thought those things then, but he did grow up some and I believe his attitude did change about alot of things.

1768 days ago


Eve -

Thanks for the shout out!

Well said.. I am in agreement with what you said. This helped with the healing process. I think it helped me from sitting home and going insane.

1768 days ago

Pink Daisy    

32. Nothing will be fixed ask anyone who has had to spend time at Santa Barbara or dowtown L.A. on Hill Street court system, it's big business. Attorneys are the only winners with fee starting $900.00+ per hour and tax payers lose.

Posted at 1:57PM on Dec 21st 2009 by pia

Ahh, downtown L.A. What ever happened with that rat problem? They were in the ivy
all around the court house, no?

Shout out to the City of the Angels.

1767 days ago


Do anyone on what this artciles is all about it's say it is the untold story about Michael Jackson and how he was framed,
Where are three part to it.

1764 days ago
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