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FBI Delays Release of MJ Extortion Documents

12/21/2009 3:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

MIchael JacksonThe FBI will not release Michael Jackson documents relating to the molestation investigations as well as extortion attempts -- at least not today.

The 333 pages of formerly-classified documents were supposed to be released today but the snow in Washington D.C. has caused a delay of at least one day.

As for what's in the documents ... sources tell TMZ during the 1993 Michael Jackson child molestation investigation, the late great Johnnie Cochran contacted the FBI, claiming the accuser's family was trying to extort money from Jackson with false allegations. It's likely Cochran's contact with the agency will show up when the documents are released.


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the peoples court    

Ya know, you better watch yourself. Sh!t like this has already been reported to the LAPD as well as any all youtube videos supporting this nonsense. Goggle it, investigations starting all over the place about this slander, defamation of character BS.

You don't know what youre talking about. a uesless kid trying to get his kicks. and, if this is one of the GAVIN clan, rot in hell, tell your ma ma to get a job, losers!

Posted at 1:54PM on Dec 21st 2009 by gavin sucks

Hey wanna be cop now what the hell are then going to do to us? Not a f^^king thing. Ain't nobody scared here dumbazz crazy wanna be a cop or your terms po po

1732 days ago


To all those bashing the haters, let me tell you a story......

All haters have a motive to be here. While last in LA, I was around some dear friends and this time they had others friends with them. Those friends continued to bash MJ, you know, the looks, the charges and what a freak he was, etc. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, they only embarass themselves.

Well to make a long story short, it was interesting when at the last minute I was asked to go by and pick up one of these haters to go to an event, since their vehicle had just been damaged Imagine my surprise when I walked in since there were MJ articles everywhere, books, CDs etc. Too much to clean up in such a hurry to coincide with what she had said in public!

Why are the haters here? Secretly they do not want anyone to know that they can not help themselves! Pretty sad that they can not be their own person and speak their true feelings. Move on, haters only hate themselves.

1732 days ago


What difference does it make anyway? Will it bring him back from the dead? The damage has been done. Even if he never molested one boy, there are still people out there who choose to believe Jordan Chandler's father. Even though Mr. Chandler proved to be a dishonorable and manipulative scheming, greedy liar. No amount of proof will change their minds.

As far as people commenting about his looks, so what? It was his face. It's still a free country and you can do whatever you want to your own face. MJ had many emotional problems and he dealt with them the best way he knew how. It doesn't take away from his amazing talent, his sense of humanity and the millions of dollars he gave away to charity.

He was basically a good human being and died too young.

1732 days ago

the peoples court    

You know so people here talk about others needing a job where what about you here posting dumbazz.

1732 days ago


hello board-- hasnt anyone thought of that these files are being released as apart of this death investigation to finally bring justice for michael, that there were more people involved in his death other than dr just seems after all these yrs of having this information that now and only now are they releasing this to the public right along with the fact that they have said there will be information on the death investigation after the holidays are over. i truly believe that the death of michael and the fake charges of molestion tie altogether with extortion and a whole lot of good evidence waiting to be brought forward. thats my opinion !!!! justice for michael on all counts of life and death!!! sue from tampa

1732 days ago


please sign the petition:


1732 days ago


1732 days ago

the peoples court    

He was basically a good human being and died too young.

Posted at 2:19PM on Dec 21st 2009 by Winifred

Crotch grabing freak is what he was.

1732 days ago


Janala welcome back from rehab.
Girl your getting too old for this.
Crack is wack.
Hopefully this time you would stay clean.

1732 days ago


We haters Just Love To Piss Off All You Wacko Lovers

1732 days ago


Wow,if you look at a picture of him from back in day side by side with that pic that's up now, you would not believe it's the same person.

1732 days ago

the peoples court    

43. Janala welcome back from rehab.
Girl your getting too old for this.
Crack is wack.
Hopefully this time you would stay clean.

Posted at 2:27PM on Dec 21st 2009 by Welcome Back Janala

What she fall off the wagon again?

1732 days ago

so wrong    

GAME ON GAVIN, you think this is over, every one in that court room laughin at you and your mama, every attoreny, even the judge!

Game on, it's just begun. You and yo mama better change your names again. You sh@t's gonna hit the fan now, game on!

Did yo mama find her way out yet with that 'hot air balloon', maybe she can go help out the 'balloon boy'.

game on!

1732 days ago


"The late great Johnnie Cochran." That's a joke! He helped set the Butcher of Brentwood
free from charges of slaughtering his wife and Ron Goldman!!

1732 days ago

the peoples court    

44. We haters Just Love To Piss Off All You Wacko Lovers

Posted at 2:28PM on Dec 21st 2009 by OhWell

Ain't that the truth. Game on

1732 days ago
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